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Jun 29, 2017

I made this because I loved the story concept and wanted more content. I also wanted to differentiate the paths you can choose even more.

The goal of this mod is to add more story content (mainly via Dialogue and reusing original assets in new ways) for many different tastes.

The NTR content has been seperated into four "Darker Paths" for this mod. Voyeur, NTR, Revenge and Sadist. It is avoidable by either keeping the MC's relationships with the girls above 5 or but turning it off either when you start the game or by turning it off later in the added cheat menu options. Additionally many of the "Darker Paths" scenes have an option to avoid them built into the choices.​

  • Voyeur - The MC enjoys the things being done to the girls and frankly so do the girls, they just need to admit it to themselves.
  • NTR - This and the Voyeur path are the closest to the the original story. In this path, the MC hates what is happening around here, despite the girls secretly, or not so secretly, being into it. (Most like the original NTR story by Saddog)
  • Revenge - In this path, the girls do not like what is being done to them. They are doing their best in a shitty situation, but often coming up short. The MC wants to help them but can't yet. But when he can, he's going to help them get back at them. Hard.
  • Sadist - This path, like the Revenge path, follows the girls being forced to do things against their will. But in path, the MC is into it and he's willing to the same to the girls if he gets the chance.
Due to the nature of their stories, both the Revenge and the Sadist paths have aspects of rape/blackmail/threats of violence. I just wanted to give you a heads up just in case.

The Love/Corruption paths have been extended to help make them more robust. There are added scenes using the Love assets to create Corruption events and vise versa. These are called Twisted scenes. Additionally there are completely new scenes added from Fan-Art and my own renders.

While it may seem that the "Darker Paths" are the primary focus of the mod because their explanation is so long, I assure you that is not the case. I have added plenty of content for all sides so that hopefully anyone that likes something about The Tyrant already will have even more to enjoy.

I'm sure there are typos or oddly worded sentences still in the game as this is a work in progress. I hope they are not too jarring. In the end, this is just for fun. I'm not a professional. Don't hate me if it sucks! :) But if you do happen to enjoy it, then I'm glad.

Both spot1000 and Lady Aspen are going to be guest animators for the S A Z Mod. They have each been creating their own style of animations for the game and I'll be creating optional animation packs using their animations for the mod. They will be simple to add and offer some great alternative options for the mod.

spot1000 animations are great still frame animations created in flash and don't take up a ton of new space. I have a system worked up for adding those animations already and will update that animation pack as I receive more.

Lady Aspen has been working on not only high resolution/frame-rate animations, but has also been working on a few systems to enhance and expand the game even more. Many of those are still in progress, but Lady Aspen has been kind enough to share much of that with me and we'll be working on a good way to share these with you in a number of options for her animation pack.

What I'm hoping for is a base S A Z mod, that I release first, then additional packs that add value to the experience. That way you, the player, can choose what you like and don't like and can play/download/use what you want easily to make it the best experience for you. If you have a system that can handle Lady Aspen animations and add-ons then you can enjoy those, but for those that don't I want something equally as enjoyable to add to their experience as well.

I'm sure there will be some back and forth in figuring this all out, but I think it will be a blast see what those two are able to bring to the table. :D

Please search this thread for their posts to see some previews and discussion on what they are doing. I think you'll really like.

Main Post Updated: 06/16/2019
Mod Updated: 05/03/2019
Game/Creator: sadddoggames - |
Modder: @S A Z
Mod Version: 0.7.1 Mod B
Game Version: 0.7.1
Language: English
Fan Art Thread:

  • Story additions for nearly all encounters
    • Love and Corruptions paths extended and flipped script scenes
      • Flipped Script scenes are Love events written as Corruption events and vise versa
    • NTR Path updated with new Darker Paths Dialogue
      • Voyeur path - MC (y) Girls (y) - Sexy times with Strangers
      • NTR path - MC (n) Girls (y) - Sexy times with Strangers
      • Revenge path - MC(n)Girls(n) - Sexy times with Strangers
      • Sadist path - MC (y) Girls (n) - Sexy times with Strangers
    • As in the original game there are three options for NTR content:
      • NTR ON - NTR scenes will happen if the MC's relationship points with a girl is 5 or less, but can be avoided
      • NTR OFF - NTR scenes are locked and will not happen
      • NTR HARD MODE (Turn on in MC Room) - Forces NTR scenes to happen regardless of the MC's relationship points with the girls
    • Some edited pictures for path variation
  • Added scenes from fan-art and my own renders
  • Cheats in the phone menu which can be accessed with the Chats button
    • Change Love and Corruption point values
    • Reset stats for the girls
    • Select path preferences for Voyeur, NTR, Revenge or Sadist
    • Turn Incest off or on
    • Add money or items
    • Unlock all dates
    • Reset SMS text progress to view them again
  • Wallpaper menu added which can be accessed with the Fotos button
    • Choose between new wallpapers or the original blank wallpaper
    • Move icons to the top or bottom of the phone as desired
  • Updated UI - Work in Progress

How to install the mod:

Step 01. Download the Mod and a copy of UnRen
  • of UnRen
  • of UnRen
Step 02. Unzip UnRen and place UnRen.bat into the same folder as The Tyrant launcher

Step 03. Run the UnRen.bat file and press 9

Step 04. Wait for it to finish running UnRen

Step 05. Launch The Tyrant

Step 06. Close the game

Step 07. Unzip the mod folder

Step 08. Copy all of the files from the game folder in the mod and paste them into the game folder of The Tyrant

Step 09. Replace all when prompted for the files

Step 10. Launch The Tyrant

Step 11. Start a new game and you're good to go

NOTE: You may want to back up the game folder in The Tyrant before installing this Mod, just in case.

Mac Version - Thanks @IceKream
Ok, so here's the mac version short and sweet.

(I did this all in my downloads folder btw. easy to keep track of things.)

1.Download the mac Unren and un zip it
2. open the bat and it should bring up a terminal like box.
3. Bring the vanilla tyrant.app file and drop it in the box. hit enter.
4. now hit 99, instead of 9. let it work.
5. after its finished, open tyrant, then close it.
6. unzip the mod, and copy the files in the game folder, don't just copy the game folder
7. paste the files in the game folder within the tyrant game folder.
Its found in show contents option of tyrant.app (contents/resources/autorun/game)
8. replace all when prompted

IF YOU DID IT CORRECTLY the Tyrant.app should be bigger than what you unzipped, meaning the modded version is bigger than the vanilla

9. start the game. If it crashes, that's fine, mine did too. I just restarted the app and it worked the second time.

I hoped this helped!

If you are using the compressed version and things are not displaying correctly try this.
Compressed version notes :

Compressed by bossapplesauce @ f95zone.com

If images won't display correctly outside of game, download and install the webp codec for your OS here:

If videos won't play correctly outside of the game, download and install the webm directshow filters here:

0.7.1 Mod B - Hot Fixes
  • Fixed missing icon in Irina Date Rewards options
  • Fixed issue with Nicole Outing not showing under certain circumstances
  • Added option to choose to view original Irina Temple Date or Repeat Date option.
  • Various minor improvements in coding
0.7.1 Mod A - Initial Release
  • 0.7.0 Content
    • Love options for Irina's Date
      • Twisted Version Added
    • 2nd Lesbian Event
      • Show Alexis Lesbian Porn 4 times to unlock 1st event (Must meet Alexis and Nicole at 1pm and choose corruption option. Then at 5pm meet Alexis in MC's room to start 1st Lesbian Event. Afterwards Irina will invite MC to 2nd Lesbian event via the message app on the phone.)
      • Love, Corruption and Extra Path (Roleplaying) Added
    • Messenger App updated
      • Irina now starts her date via this app.
      • Darker Paths Events for the weekend and the Lesbian Darker Path Event start with the app as well.
        • Have relationships 5 or less with Nicole and complete the Darker Paths Event for her first date to unlock the Weekend Subway Darker Paths Event.
        • Have relationships 5 or less with Alexis and complete the Darker Paths Event for the Secret Place (2pm) to unlock the Weekend Darker Paths Event.
        • Have relationships 5 or less with Alexis and complete the First Lesbian Event in MC's Room (5pm) to unlock the Lesbian Darker Paths Event (4pm).
      • Updated Nicole's messages to MC (restored unused picture)
    • Added an option to reset Nicole's Messages so the player can go through the sequence again. Click on her picture in the Cheat Menu.

  • 0.7.1Content
    • Nicole's Basement Outing Love Event
      • Twisted Version Added
    • Extended Shower Scenes
      • Unlocked after Outing Event with Nicole
    • Various Bug fixes
    • Updated Help Files
0.6.5 Mod D - Bonus Scene and Help Section
  • Custom Scene
    • Added Bonus Love and Corruption Scene with Nicole at 3pm in Downstairs Bathroom - My Renders
      • Need Love or Corruption with Nicole to be greater than or equal to 100
      • For the Love path the Second Date (Love path) with Nicole needs to be completed
      • For the Corruption path the Second Date (Corruption path) with Nicole needs to be completed
      • Both paths require the purchase of Nicole's Robe
  • Updated and Added more content to the Help section in the Phone Menu
    • Click on the "What's in the Box?!" icon in the lower right hand side to open up a detailed list of events in the game and mod
  • Some minor UI changes
0.6.5 Mod C - Little Things
  • Fixed Outing Icons so that Cassandra's Fail/Normal event icons display when they should.
    • Also added repeat options for those scenes once they are completed.
  • Added Dialogue changes for the 7pm - Parent's Room event after outing Nicole.
    • Love > Corruption points for Nicole - Love Dialogue
    • Corruption > Love points for Nicole - Corruption Dialogue (Originally released in Mod B)
    • Love = Corruption points for Nicole - Neutral Dialogue
  • Issue with Unlock All Dates button in the Cheat Menu
    • Needs to change the Love stat for Cassandra to the be the higher stat so that her 2nd Date unlocks properly
    • Will be added to the next update.

0.6.5 Mod B - Big UI Update
  • Updated nearly all of the interactions with the cleaner UI design
    • Choices will be in the upper middle part of the page
    • No more blank black boxes
  • Edited images to make Gift Reactions for Alexis that show Nicole in her proper clothing
  • Added what was available for Nicole's Gift Reactions, not a lot there I'm afraid.
  • Fixed Nicoles 8am reactions so that the proper Love/Corruption options show up like they should.
    • Corruption > Love
      • Red Dress - Corruption
      • Babydoll - Corruption
      • Sweater and Jean Shorts - Love to Corruption
      • Robe - Love to Corruption
    • Love > Corruption
      • Red Dress - Corruption to Love
      • Babydoll - Corruption to Love
      • Sweater and Jean Shorts - Love
      • Robe - Love
0.6.5 Mod A - Initial Release
  • Updated 0.6.5 Content
    • Nicole Outing Scene - Corruption to Love Scene added
    • Cassandra Outing Scene - Corruption to Love Scene added
    • Cassandra Outing Fail Scene - Corruption to Love Scene added
    • Irina Date - Corruption to Love Scene added for sex options at the end of date
  • Custom Scenes
    • Added Bonus Love and Corruption Scene with Nicole on the Weekend - My Renders
      • Need to have done all three of Nicole's dates first
      • Need to 100 Love or Corruption points
    • Added alternate Parent's Room Scene at 7pm after you've completed Nicole's Outing event.
      • No More Sex for Bruce! :)
  • Continued to clean the UI - On going
  • Gang Member flag not triggering properly
    • Fixed - Updated Main Download
  • After choosing the paddle to spank Nicole, it doesn't reset the choice so you're stuck using the paddle not mater what
    • Fixed - Updated Main Download

0.6.0 Mod B - Bug Fixes/Typo Fixes
  • Bug Fixes
    • Phone not displaying Sadist Path when chosen.
    • Added a variable switch to hug option in Living Room 8am Nicole event to unlock clothing options later
  • Typo Fixes
    • Missing proper Sadist Path description
    • Spelling errors in Intro
0.6.0 Mod A - Mod Version Name Simplified
  • Updated 0.6.0 content updates
    • Converted NTR paths to Darker Paths (Voyeur, NTR, Revenge, Sadist) for the Alexis weekend NTR event
    • Flipped Script scenes added:
      • Cassandra's Weekend Second Date Love to Corruption scene
      • Cassandra's Basement 10am Corruption to Love scene
      • Alexis's Corruption to Love Scene at 4am
  • Changes UI for MC's Room
    • Clicking on the Picture opens the Date Menu
      • You can go on the Girl's 1st Dates here at anytime
      • You can access Alexis's Basement scene here
      • You can Skip to the Weekend here
    • Clicking on the Laptop Screen opens the Cheat Menu
    • Clicking on the Bag under the desk opens the Options Menu
      • You can turn the Music on and off here
      • You can turn HardNTR on and off here
      • You can go to Sleep here
      • You can access the Setup Laptop with Porn option here for Alexi's 5pm MC Room event
      • You can access the Talk options here to when Alexis in your room
        • It uses different buttons in the center of the screen for this to account for Alexis covering the other menu buttons
    • Clicking on the Top Drawer in the lower left hand of the screen will open the Clothing Menu
      • You can change Nicole's clothing options here as you buy new outfits
  • Added a Bruce and Cassandra Darker Paths scene at 8pm in the Basement - Fan Art Scene
    • Need 5 or less relationship with Cassandra and have the Basement Key
  • Added 4 new wallpapers from personally created fan art renders - Wallpapers 17 to 20
  • Moved the access to Nicole's 11pm Basement scenes into the Living Room
    • You need to view the scene in the Living Room at 10pm with Nicole, Bruce and Davide otherwise Nicole won't be waiting to see you at 11pm
    • As well as be a gang member and have Love >= 30 or Corruption >= 50
  • Various Menu UI updates - An ongoing project
Alpha 3.0b - bug fixes
  • Minor coding errors fixed in 0.3.rpy, 0.4.1.rpy, and 0.5.5.rpy
Alpha 3.0a - bug fixes
  • Fixed issue where Nicole NTR weekend scene triggered when it shouldn't be
  • Fixed issue where there was a missing Hate NTR link for the Alexis First Date NTR event
  • Fixed issue where during the Secret Place Alexis NTR scene the MC defaulted to non Hate NTR dialogue when it shouldn't
  • Minor coding improvements
Alpha 3.0 - version 0.5.5 update content, phone wallpaper, music fixes, enable music option, new Hate NTR path
  • Nicole 2nd Dates
    • Love Path and a flipped Corruption version
    • Corruption Path and and a flipped Love version
  • Alexis 2nd Date
    • Love Path and a flipped Corruption version
  • Nicole Weekend NTR Event
    • Love NTR path
    • Hate NTR path
    • Revenge path
    • Interfere option
  • Hate NTR path added to all NTR scenes
    • Old Hate NTR path converted to the Revenge path
  • Added an option to "enable music" in the MC's room so you can restart the music if it stops playing or are using an old save
  • Added buttons in the phone cheat menu (Chat button) to change the darker paths for Nicole, Alexis and Cassandra
  • Added an option to "enable all dates" in the phone cheat menu (Chat button) in case you're having troubles unlocking dates
    • I fixed the coding error where people were not unlocking dates when they met the requirements
  • Fixed the Music Buttons in the upper left hand side so that they will correctly stop the normal background music when you are playing custom music (You will need to follow Saddog's instructions on adding custom music the game first to have this work fully
  • Added a wallpaper selection menu (Fotos button)
    • You can move the icons to the top or bottom of the phone
    • You can choose from 16 different wallpaper options or back to the original black wallpaper in this menu
Alpha 2.3 - Added 6 edited scenes
  • Added 4 Nicole 10pm basement scenes
  • Took Corruption path outfits, Red Dress and School Girl, and wrote Love path scenes with them. Did the same with the Love path outfits, Angel and Bunny, and wrote Corruption Path scenes. So both Love and Corruption paths have 4 options now after you unlock the original two outfit choices in each path.
  • Added 2 Cassandra 4pm basement scenes
  • Took her Corruption outfit, Fishnet Dress, and wrote a Love path scene. Did the same with her Love outfit, Low-cut Jeans, and wrote a Corruption path scene. So she now has 2 Love outfit scenes and 2 Corruption outfit scenes, after you're played through either path at least once.
Alpha 2.2 - Bug Fix (Updated 10/06/2018)
  • Dialog and scene error in the 10pm Davide/Nicole NTR scene
  • Variable check fixed in 2pm Alexis/Davide 2pm scene
Alpha 2.1 - Bug fixes
  • Fix for issues with 2am events not playing due to error in code
  • Fix for typos and menu navigation in phone contacts and phone cheats
  • Re-uploaded in basic .zip format to hopefully help prevent corrupted files when unzipping mod
Alpha 2.0 - Update for version 0.5.0
  • Updated overall mod content to work with 0.5.0
  • Inserted the new animations into their corresponding scenes.
  • Updated dialog paths for all new scenes as well as added a repeat version for Cassandra's basement scenes. Available after the first time you see her basement scene, the option shows up at her 9am kitchen appearance.
  • Delivery error fix applied so you can deliver multiple packages. Only 2 are needed to open up the basement.
  • Fixed night sequence so it checks for the 2am Alexis NTR scene and then the 2am kitchen scene and then the 4am Alexis Love/Corruption scene. Playing all of the scene available in that order.
  • Dialog fixes to reflect that you are a member of the gang and have access to the basement.
  • Fixed location conditional statement to allow for Hard NTR mode to force NTR scenes properly.
  • Fixed Cassandra's new NTR scene so it shows up when it should and not every time after visiting the basement with her.
  • Updated Cheat Menu in Phone, accessible through the Chat button, with Incest On/Off options.
Alpha 1.4 - Credit Correction
  • I accidentally mixed up the Render Artist for the Extended Nicole sequence and I have corrected it to give @cheesespread proper credit.
Alpha 1.3 - Bug fixes
  • Fixed error when viewing extended living room fondle scene when both love and corruption stats for Nicole are equal to each other.
Alpha 1.2 - Bug fixes - New Scene
  • Fixed the night sequence so it can play the 2am Alexis Event, the 2am Kitchen Event and the 4am Alexis Events all in one night if you meet their criteria.
  • Added scene with Irina and Alexis from unused assets. If you have Alexis watch lesbian porn 4 or more times, then on the 4th time or anytime after that, Irina will visit the MC during the 5pm MC room event where he is showing Alexis lesbian porn. (Both of them need a love or corruption stat over 30 to trigger scene as well)
Alpha 1.1 - Bug fixes
  • added two scenes to the gym from unused Irina assets - 5pm Gym 30 corruption or 40 love needed for shower scene. Nothing heavy.
Alpha 1 - Initial release
  • Bug fix applied for the cheat menu in the phone. It should work now.
  • Added scene when you play with Nicole in the living room when she's napping at 2pm. Play with her kitty to start event. Needs relationship above 5, and love or corruption above 75. (Fan Art.)
  • There are 3 dialog paths for the event above.
  • One for Love > Corruption.
  • One for Corruption > Love.
  • One for Love = Corruption.

Fan Signature for The Tyrant and Mod:
The Tyrant.gif The Tyrant Story Mod.gif 298839

Download (0.7.1 Mod B) - Size 134.3 MB :
Mod B RPY Files Only - Upgrade Mod A version to Mod B :

SAZ Render Sample 01.png SAZ Render Sample 02.png SAZ Render Sample 03.png SAZ Render Sample 04.png Will be added in 0.75 Part 1 and 2 Update Will be added in 0.75 Part 1 and 2 Update
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May 6, 2017
@Sazriel - Thanks for sharing your mod! I updated your link to an approved file host, so please be sure to user one from this list when you update:

And enjoy your nice shiny new modder badge! ;)


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Jun 29, 2017
@Sazriel - Thanks for sharing your mod! I updated your link to an approved file host, so please be sure to user one from this list when you update:

And enjoy your nice shiny new modder badge! ;)
Thank you very much! I'll bookmark that list so I do it by the book next time! :)
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Jul 16, 2017
looks good I will test it out tonight, love this game and you mod sound like a good additon
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dick bullcock

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Aug 11, 2018
Nice mod, @Sazriel , good work!
I have some bugs, but I play on Mac: the install is only "Step 08", so I don't know if I am missing something, so I don't know if I would report them.
Good work!!
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Jun 29, 2017
Nice mod, @Sazriel , good work!
I have some bugs, but I play on Mac: the install is only "Step 08", so I don't know if I am missing something, so I don't know if I would report them.
Good work!!
Thanks! I don't have a Mac, but I might be able to borrow one for some testing. If you want to let me know about the bugs I'd be happy to at least try to fix them. Hopefully it wasn't something game ending. I'm also working on a proper features list and change log so people will know if they've seen all the changes and alternate or new scenes. But that might take a little while still. Thanks again for trying it out.


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Jul 16, 2017
Bug in lilsisroom file you have lilsiscorruptions remove s
Bug upload_2018-9-20_19-22-30.png in file not sure what you wanted to jump to

I am loving what you have done so far with story
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Jun 29, 2017
Bug in lilsisroom file you have lilsiscorruptions remove s
Bug View attachment 152241in file not sure what you wanted to jump to

I am loving what you have done so far with story
Thank you! I have fixed these two errors and updated the MEGA link in the first post. The location jump was just to showerdown. I think the s and c were times I was trying to copy or quick save in Atom but I wasn't in the right screen and ended up just adding the s and c to the end of the line I was currently on.

Anyway, thanks for trying it and hopefully you can get further in it this time before another of my bugs comes crawling out to play! :)


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Jul 16, 2017
Sorry another one
Bug line 65 of v0.4.5 if ntrloveale = True: all of this variable has a syntax error it seems
The writting is great and only seem the odd mis type for bugs great work


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Jul 16, 2017
@Sazriel last one
Awesome work I have tested most of what events I could think of except gamma, spell checking as I suck at those.

Only need to do older sister love/corruption path stuff.

Gamma, Grammar Knight2416 you moron DOH, see why I do not correct typing lol


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Jun 29, 2017
@Knight2416 thank you so much for finding all those bugs! I squashed 'em! I hope anyways. I've updated the Overview post with a new Mega link to the updated version. And I updated the version and change log. I've added two scenes as well, using some of the unused Irina assets (No new pictures to download, they were in the original game, just not used.) Nothing real heavy. Again, thank you for trying it out and I'm glad you're liking the mod. :)


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May 26, 2018
Thank you.
I played one session mixing NTR, love and corruptions events, no script error at all :)
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Jun 29, 2017
awesome mod , btw is this scene available in your mod ? it is the 2 am scene in the kitchen
Yes, I added it back in. You need to have Nicole's relationship at less than 6 points and NTR enabled. Then when you go to sleep you should see that scene. There is the original NTR scene, under the Love NTR choice. And then another modified dialog scene under the Hate NTR choice.

Also thank you for trying it out! I'm glad you're liking it.


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May 26, 2018
One small thing to report about the the 2 AM Nicole NTR kitchen event which might be why it was removed from the official release.
If you are on low relationship with both Nicole and Alexis, the Alexis basement event with Davide at night will be "overwritten" by Davide/Nicole. If you want Alexis/Davide NTR scene in the basement you need good relationship with Nicole.
5.00 star(s) 3 Votes