Things You'd Like to See in Adult Games

May 15, 2017
Is anyone else here like me and sometimes when your playing an adult game and you come across a scene where because of it's content, be it a particular interest or fetish of yours or because it's something different for that type of game, you want more like that either in that game or others like it? To start of I'll give a couple of my own.

The scene in the father/daughter route of Dual Family where she's trying on dresses and brings the father into the dressing room while she's just in her bra and panties to ask him which dress looks best. You really can't choose a dress for her, but it made me think about future possibilities. Maybe later on after you've made some progress along your seduction of the daughter the father can make suggestions or comments that affect how she dresses. I really think that would be great for games like this or other seduction/corruption/trainer games. It doesn't have to be something obviously sluty especially right off the bat if you want a drawn out at least somewhat realistic game like Dual Family.

There are a lot of thing related to clothing and personal appearance that can play to kinks or fetishes without being super obvious. Plus in something like the Dual Family father/daughter route where an older male is going after a more naive/innocent younger woman it would be interesting to see his comments and opinions shape how she dress or behaves. Tell her that she looks cute in a shirt that shows off her midriff or that there's nothing wrong with her wearing a shorter that normal skirt. Convince her for the beach vacation to get a skimpy bikini instead of her old conservative one piece swimsuit. A party late in the game where you can decided her look from head to toe, get her to wear shoes with heels several inches taller than she ever would have worn at the start of the game, a slinky dress that shows off lots of leg and cleavage, and under that sexy lingerie that again is something the old her never would have worn if you hadn't coxed her along to by the end game.

Another game that really got me thinking about things like this is Seeds of Chaos. I like the idea of lots of different types of sexual content that's up to the player to decide if they want to see it or not. Another part I like in Seeds of Chaos are the castle management segments. Every since the days of Sim City I've been a fan of games that put you in charge of running a city or managing a business of some kind in the game. Combining that with something like the sexual corruption and fantasy adventure aspects of a game Seeds of Chaos opens all kinds of interesting possibilities for me.

Also the possibility in later editions of Seeds of Chaos of being able to restore Rowan and Alexia's destroyed home village, especially since unless something changes later it's up to you to do it your self without money or input from the demon twins. I think this aspect of the game and how you progress in it is something that should be affected by what you have done up to that point in other parts of the game and how corrupted it has made Rowan and possibly Alexia as well. Your corruption level will affect what kinds of decisions you can make in regards to what kinds of people will be citizens of your village, what businesses they open there, and what is the state of law and order within it's bounds.


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Oct 16, 2016
I'd kinda like to see more games focus on your seduction of and/or relationship with just one character. Too many games just have you trying to fuck everyone in the house/town/country/etc. and expand along that line rather than adding more and more depth to each character you encounter.
Mar 28, 2017
Honestly I'd just like to see a bit more story and depth to the characters. Even if there's few new animations added, it rather bugs me when there's next to no difference between the major NPCs beyond hair color and body type. The more context they can give the encounters, the more fleshed out the motivations of characters and the consequences of actions, would go a great deal towards keeping me interested in several titles, particularly when many Patreon projects are fairly sparse on content, erotic or otherwise.


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May 12, 2017
well, if i have to quick about it an not make a poem, i'll make a top 5 list

1_ good story, with a depth not a story like "you want some fuck? ok let's fuck"
2_ things out of the ordinary that are not normal in real life
3_ challenge, i'm not a big fan of click click fuck click click fuck
4_ good visual aid, even if it's a good written game, i get turn off if it's drawn like a 5 year old would
5_ corruption/ntr are my main genre and everything that spin around it (voyeur, incest and such)


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Aug 11, 2016
I love to be surprised in a game.

Pandora, when i fell in love to the girl
Abakur, when i surprised myself playing for hours just because i wanted to see everything
Teeching feeling : get disturbed by the art, then aroused by the art
Big Brother : have a great villain, hate him, then like him, to finish by using him
The Twist : damn we can rotate caméra !
Summertime : i can laught and get aroused at the same time
Simply mindy : pixel art can be great ? Nice !
Likes: darlic


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Dec 22, 2016
One of the biggest things for me are facial expressions. Too often 3D models just look dead inside, or the expressions have been way overdone and it looks more comical than sexual.

The issue Seeds of Chaos for me is lack of vanilla content. If you don't like NTR/Gay/Futa there isn't anything left. Whilst a scatter gun approach can work, in general creators need to ensure there is enough content for the majority before delving into more niche fetishes.


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Mar 29, 2017
1- Story
I'm tired of games that revolve around fucking everything that moves with no good reason other than just because. I get that most people play these games to fap at and then move on with their lives but I feel like at this point that has become more of an excuse to justify bad quality than anything else. Its extremely unfair to see shitty, money-milking Patreons (and scammers) getting all the support in the world yet good developers that pour heart and soul into their work getting almost fuck all for their effort.

2- Strong female protagonists
I'm not here to kink shame anyone or spew feminist propaganda but it has to be said - for christ sakes, we really need more diversity and equality in sex games when it comes to gender roles. I've played several of titles throughout the years and its all the same - women are always being degraded into sexual objects for the amusement of men. Why is it that every female protagonist ever has to be a spineless, submissive slut that always end up corrupted, enslaved, raped and abused by everything?

I'm not asking for developers to stop making such games, all I ask for is some variety where women kick ass and can become the top dog for once. I don't mind submissive content but I don't want to be forced to trudge through it non-stop either. The truth is girls enjoy these games as much as you do but its kind of hard to join the troupe when the entire genre is heavily leaned towards your tastes only. If women are somewhat shy and repulsed by porn or sex games, this is partially why.
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Aug 5, 2016
1. Story
2. Reality (I mean... you suddenly pick up a book and can enchant all the girls in the world... fuck off)
3. Art.
4. Genre.
5. Good working devs


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Feb 3, 2017
I want a story!!!!!
Heart strings tugged.
I don't mind the grind if its realistic. ( Going to te gym to work out and it shows)
Choices have meaning. ( I decide to wait and not have sex on the first date which leads to better things not a missed opportunity)
If I play a chick ( I am not some stupid mindless chick that gets duped to raise coruption)

Don't get me wrong I love a good Harem as any hot blooded male, but if I could get a good one on one story of seduction and love " I would buy that for a dollar"


May 8, 2017
Decent writing (as in consistency, character development, non-cringy/wooden dialogue and proper characters with goals and motivations, not just empty stereotypes) and solid game mechanics.

In fact I'd like to see some more good management games with smut elements or VN style games that go beyond the regular linear (corruption/seduction/affinity/whatever) progression that we've seen hundreds of times already.


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Aug 5, 2016
I'll keep it short:

1. Everything related to female exhibitionism. Be it walking around with no underwear, flashing or whatever. The only restriction I'd have about it, is that the woman should feel some kind of embarrassment. If she just doesn't care about it, then I don't either. It can be voluntarily (Like out of curiosity) or forced by blackmail, or whatever you can think of. There are quite a few japanese games that implement this.

2. More drawn stuff. Right now we have a flood of similar looking 3D stuff, and most of those games suck. I'm not saying that those two things are neccessarily related, but everytime a drawn/2D game comes around it's breath of fresh air and most of them are better in terms of overall quality as well.

And about all this "good story/graphics/etc" stuff: I agree. But that kind of goes without saying... Or should, at least.
May 30, 2017
1: Good belivable story, well written with characters I can get attached to and care about rather than them just being a fuck bag till another comes along. None of that crystal ball or mystic book shite too....stick that magic crap up ya ass, real world goodness only.

2: Nice art, good lighting, attention to details, I'm a sucker for the dev that goes the extra (though almost none of them do) just silly stuff that wont matter to most people..... like gravity on hair, jewelry, atleast some fuckin earrings christ every game out there pretty much is just a fuckin base Genesis 3 female with hair.

Good poses with some weight in them most shit I've seen the girl or guy would have to be on a fuckin wire to be held up the way they are posed. Some titty gravity too, I mean jesus some of these guys make 10-20k a month they can afford a fuckin breast control addon for their figures get some hang or sink in them titties. Facial expessions, eye contact all silly stuff that most don't care for but a great pose lit well with feeling and emotion in the face certainly makes for a better pull in the end.

Realistic body types too, yeah BIG titties are out there in the real world but not the space hoppers we see alot in these games same goes for the cocks like baseball bats as well, keep it real

Really like too see more use of clothes too, yeah mostly we want them naked but before hand I wanna feel that the characters changing her panties daily and not wearing the same shorts and t-shirt for months on end. Yeah its more rendering but for the $$$ these guys pull in they can easily be having two to three artists knocking out renders or have a slave PC rendering out side by side

3: Themes, I don't really mind what themes/genres the games about as long as the above points are looking good and its focused on one or two characters three at the most. I do sway towards incest :heartcoveredeyes: so I'd like to see more focused incest just mom/sister being the prize...not mom, sister, other sister, visiting relatives....her friend, their friends, random girl it just gets stupid with too many characters then leads too just looping reused scenes when going back and forth between your army of fuck dolls.


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May 23, 2017
open to all sorts

Love a good RPG where you have to quest to get your reward
puzzles bring em on if theirs reward for your brainstorming

A great story line if it has a great story line can forgive the absence of above eliments
Apr 12, 2017
Guys, I can honestly say that I am doing my best to deliver on many of the points raised here. A recurring theme I see in discussions like this is that you folks want stories and characters with depth. You want to be hit emotionally. You want an experience that is believable enough as to be "immersive" - at least in how your main character relates with the other characters. It's these very values that lie at the foundation of what I'm doing.


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Sep 29, 2017
I can't answer OP question because @Nottravis gave me everything I wanted to see in a game... Heavy Five is what I was looking for; realism even in a sci-fi setting, believable characters, witty dialogue, good renders and a fun user interface, immersion, choices that matter. In one word "perfection"'. There might be other games I'll rave about like a lunatic but Heavy Five will forever stay in my heart. Even on my dying bed I'll wish for one last play through.


Oct 26, 2017
I'd have a whole list, but many of them would come down to one point and that's some more maturity and common sense. I know it's all fantasy and not all artists are equally gifted, but still make an effort to create something fun, but ffs.. many games or characters are so cringy like it's all made by a 13 year old. (Yes yes, the nice lady has big tits and you want to fuck her, we know already.) *sigh*

What I also want to see more are cute and petite female characters, small tits and tight butts. Now I'm really talking Daz3D models here, but most of them look like freaking mutants with their rockhard massive tits, anorexia waist and strangely shaped butts that needs a "wide load" sign attached to it.
Clothing choices are also often godawful, strangely skintight under the breasts, an excess of tight, short "sexy" dresses and high heels.
It can work at times, but browse the website of a women's clothing section to get some idea how a normal woman looks and dresses to get ideas, and not american porn.
The homely looking girl next door that's nicely dressed is a lot more fun and relatable to conquer or corrupt than the plastic hooker looking secretary.

I also really wish to see more, especially with corruption or 'bad luck in life' themes from a female MC perspective is prostitution with a more in-depth story and events and not just some repetitive feature to garner some cash. Maybe in the case of a male MC, push your sister or friend into selling her body. That'd be pretty dark, but I guess a good writer could work some magic with it. Corruption stories need some more depth, instead of the " he has embarrassing pictures, so now I need to submit" trope. It's too easy..

I also agree with Oiz, Exhibitionism needs a more fleshed out approach in western games, I love that theme. :D
Jul 25, 2017
For me its if a girl DO you it wont go like its ok we will keep doing XD it like after 1st sex scene she will go nuts for you dick its just boooooo
for me is the main thing like put some red head with good lighting "Reincarnotica" its just awsome more diffrent girls are from main stream girls the better
i think the story with incest can go with most fetishes jewelry is my kind of thing but most if not all dev just ignore it and pegnent too its always at the end and Corrupting with some good piercing will do good and LAST but main thing NEED TRAP girl there is almost none game with sissy interact its always about BEING one but not DOING one hoping to see some incest with sissy brother :)


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Jun 3, 2017
I can't answer OP question because @Nottravis gave me everything I wanted to see in a game... Heavy Five is what I was looking for; realism even in a sci-fi setting, believable characters, witty dialogue, good renders and a fun user interface, immersion, choices that matter. In one word "perfection"'. There might be other games I'll rave about like a lunatic but Heavy Five will forever stay in my heart. Even on my dying bed I'll wish for one last play through.
Bloody hell...