[VN] - [Ren'Py] Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. 7] [monkeyposter_7]

  1. 5.00 star(s)


    Love this game.
    Pros :
    - Harem game
    - All girls are really sexy with nice curves and their own personalities
    - Lot of content so far

    Cons :
    - Pretty straight forward
    - Kind of easy to get laid

    Still, really recommend this game.
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    (Version Reviewed: Episode 6)

    Let's be real here, this is simply a FUN game. I am not usually attracted to 'vanilla' themed games (I am a fetishist), but this one caught my eye and I am glad I broke out of my usual mold and played it.

    The girls are hot - for the most part. To me Aubrey is probably the outlier, she is more of a 'normal' beauty - not unattractive but not a movie star or model type.

    Tammy has porn starlet looks and personality. She is amazing - Lil' Doobie got hard every scene she was in.

    Goldy is a really fun and unique character - she plays like her personality. Nice touch by the dev.

    Jenna is simply Miss World. She reminds me of Liv Tyler in Armeggadon...the perfect princess, an all American beauty. Playing the dating game with her is very well done - it really seems you are romancing a high school virgin who is trying to become a sophisticated woman - but has a long way to go. She is the perfect combo of sexy, sweet, naive trying to be a cool kid and dealing with her 'raging hormones'. If anything, she is a bit too much of an ice princess - but in this game that is okay as you get a lot - and I mean A LOT of sex from the other girls in the story.

    A walkthrough is not really needed, but for me it was worth it to go and support the dev's patreon page to get one. After the first playthrough of any game I like to use a guide so I can see how different actions affect the game.

    And there are some choices that shut down interactions with some of the NPC's - without a walkthrough they are not always clear.

    Gameplay is pretty straight forward - mostly linear but with so many NPC's you can choose not to try and fuck them, and there is still a TON of good wanking material.

    The dialogue is a bit over long - but it is funny, and the dev makes a lot of allusions to pop culture and pops some sacred balloons on the way. It reads like a hard core Romance novel at times - but that is not a bad thing. Just a bit wordy. However again - there is so much sex available to the MC I really didn't mind.

    Great renders, neat animations - but perhaps too many NPC path's for early in a game, and the dialogue is a bit too snarky and over-winded at times. But those are nitpicks.

    Incest is not present yet in V6 - except in hints. The dev is keeping this a big surprise. I have suspicions but will keep them to myself. No patch needed .

    Play this one and support the dev on Patreon - it is a worthy effort.

    Will give this one 4 boners.
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    This review is after Ep.6

    I started playing this game after the good reviews, so it maybe my fault for expecting more. I'm not saying i'm disappointed, but i was expecting more quality than quantity.

    Nice renders and the few animations seemed also good.
    Jenna is one of the most beautiful characters i've seen in games.
    A lot of content for only 3 days play-game.
    Choices do affect the outcome of the scene and there's a game over if you cross the line.
    Girls have more than one set of clothes and change outfits (not a lot but at least it's something)

    MC is an arsehole. Period. All he does is manipulate to get laid. I don't know this Vicki character, but good for her for cheating on him.
    Girls have zero personality. It's only about sex for them.
    All the girls are immediately attracted to the mc and are ready to fuck him after a minute.
    The first night Jenna visits you can actually rape her! WTF was that?
    Too many characters. Like we started with Jenna and after 3 days there's already 8 women that want to sleep with the mc!!!
    The introduction of the waitress was so silly. This expensive fancy restaurant has a waitress/future neurosurgeon (lol) serivng with denim mini shorts and a crop top? I mean seriously?

    Overall, it's not a bad game. It's an indifferent one and for me that's worse. There's no effort for the mc. All the girls are ready for him.
    Now, maybe the future updates will fix some of the issues and make the game better, but i think i'm gonna wait a few updates to review the game again.
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    As of ep 6 it's a blue balls game if you are considering the coworker ugly
    + good renders
    + good texts
    - for my taste only 2 good looking girls (Jenna and the waitress - size of boobs could be more realistic on them, I mean I like em big but natural)
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    An odd game.

    The renders are fine, and the story and plot is a bit clumsy but inoffensive. Yet.. somehow it got under my skin. The plot line starts off fine but slowly slides into a more and more pandering tone, which semi-meta NTR jokes and setups. This isn't quite 4th wall breaking stuff and doesn't really break character that bad.


    The further I got into this game the more I came to dislike all the characters. The women seemed to cheapen with every additional scene, every word out of their mouths increasingly pointless. The more you learn about them, the more you realize their only value is their sex. Nothing else about them has any worth in the slightest.

    By the time I was done with the game, I truly just wanted to see all the women in this game suffer. It's what they deserve. I kept on looking for ways to hurt them, but the game doesn't present any malicious options. It's not really that kind of game in the first place.

    This game is truly weirdly misogynistic, and in a way that even the literal rape simulation games are not. That kind of thing doesn't usually bother me (at all), but it did here.

    An odd game.
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    Jake Masters

    I'm not a fan of the "choose your own adventure" storytelling kind of games...that said, THIS GAME ROCKS!!! The characters have rich, riveting stories that are generally a blast to play. Plus the ladies are just plain hot! Bonus points for all the sex puns that Goldy rightly called the city out on.
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    first..it is hard to look unique using Daz3D assets..but these dev's have injected some personal touches to make them their own..so thats cool..the dames all have a personality all their own..the humour is awesome in this game..the writing skills lean towards humour..i am wondering how they will handle romance without us giggling :p the story itself is clearly written understandable and it immerses you into the MC and story..in the end though..i find no fault in this game and its biggest strength is personality..thats very important to my enjoyment of a game it makes them come alive...so play this game..have fun and Kitty loves milkies!!!!
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    I love this game. Story seems to be good. Let's see what happens. And I'm writing this after playing Ep 4. Renders are very good. Haven't found any bugs yet. So this is a plus point. No Grammar mistakes yet. Hell! I just love playing this game.
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    This VN has been a very enjoyable ride so far (up to end of episode 4.2b).
    The dev does a good job of releasing content for this game at a fair rate. there was a decent amount of gameplay from start to finish of this episode.

    Sex Scenes:
    This is what most people are here for so first things first.
    This is a story of romantic development between the MC and his ex-partner's daughter, so that's going to take time and patience. She's super sexy so hopefully it's worth the wait. In the mean time there's some sex scenes with a secondary character to... ease the pressure.

    My one and only criticism for this VN is the animation for the sex scenes so far. The scenes are basic looped few seconds animation only, and in a real WTF moment, the woman's boobs move the wrong direction when she's riding the MC. Like, gravity malfunction or something?
    This is a bit of a shame since the renders are such high quality.

    Also, one small request to the dev for the sex scenes - zoom out a bit please?
    I'm a leg lover. You've given your girls great legs but the sex scenes so far only show their torsos. Give us leg lovers something to get off on too.

    Yes, it's been done before, but where other games with this basic storyline could put a die-hard Mills & Boon reader to sleep, this one kept my attention. I think the pacing of this VN is spot on, and there are enough different things happening to keep it interesting. The MC and main love interest progress their relationship steadily and not too fast, and we as the audience are not left 'thirsty' thanks to some good sex scenes early in the piece with a (hot) secondary character.

    The characters are well written. They all have their own personalities which comes through well in the dialogue. The MC and love interest are naturally going to be hesitant, but in a refreshing change, the MC isn't constantly beating himself up, and boring us to death, overanalysing some moral dilemma.

    The MC has a lot of dialogue choices available throughout, all of which have some level of impact from just getting a dirty look, to Game Over - you should have STFU!

    Major kudos to the dev for the character renders!
    These girls are among the best out there! Their graphics resolution and quality is very high. Unique facial features - whether you like the look of these girls or not, you haven't seen their faces in every second Renpy game. And importantly, the girls' bodies are hot. Smokin hot!
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    King Monkey Mon

    the game is really good attractive models and good renders nice animation for a beginner at making games

    the writing in the beginning of the game was pretty bad but it improved as the updates came out as with the humor improved as well

    the story isnt that new as in sorta has been done before in alot of games
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    Enjoyed it a lot.

    It starts off okay, but gets better and better as you go on. You can tell that the dev's improving.

    There's a good variety of women with interesting personalities. They're mostly great looking, especially as the game goes on.

    Protag is cool. Ineresting personality and a good size cock. Better than most on this site. It's refreshing that he's not an 18+ year old midget that looks like a kid. xD
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    This game is ...deceptive to say the least.
    The MC isn't a standard pair of 'trousers' for you as the player to fill, the guy has some issues to say the least (and you can add to them, which is a nice touch IMO)
    The writing is hit and miss really, it starts of really bad but it does get a bit better later, you can even tell the 'main girl' honestly that you don't like certain things about her or be a bit forceful with her without running into 'game over' screens or such roadblocks. Makes it all a bit more believable for me since relationships are not about being perfect together, just about being together and making it work for both of you.
    Somehow the dialog gets a lot better later on, while the characters start showing flaws/discrepancies and overall weirdness later on, maybe that is a story thing that needs to get explained, but somehow I doubt that.

    The characters all have exaggerated Duck face lips, which is somewhat of putting in some scenes and super hot in others, so make of that what you will.

    technically the game is good, no errors, the Dev seems to know what they are doing, it all looks well but story wise it is just missing something to make it truly good.
    My main gripe with this game is that 'Jenna', the main girl is written like this poor, innocent girl with absolutely no experience with the other gender all the while she also smokes and looks like she has been around the block a few times already. It just doesn't gel.....good enough to crack one off though so (y)
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    i really wished to give it at least 4/5 but the writing is way too bad. most notable between MC and Jenna. She is supposed to be the naive and innocent type/trope but the dev handled her horribly. dialogues are so bad i was actually laughing. few examples:
    1 minute after she meets MC she takes out a cigarette, MC tells her that its stupid to smoke and she quit cigarettes in an instant.
    MC comes home and sees her vacuuming. He decides to be a perv and take a picture of her for no reason
    MC constantly shifts between niceguy™ and a molesting creep.
    other characters are decently written but Jenna is kinda the "main" girl so she plays way too big of a role to be ignored.
    it has few strong sides, the humour for example. the diss on NTR fans was funny.
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    Characters/stories are not believable, and lips look strange. Renders and sexual situations are still good.

    The start of the game did not do it for me.

    The young daughter of your ex (Jenna) talks like a 14 year old. She's 18, but most of the school drama and the way she talks about it is too childish. She's never had an orgasm, but wears quite slutty underwear and no bra.

    Grammar is still pretty bad in places. "Such as an attractive junk" says one of the characters when looking at your penis.
    There's multiple places in the game where the continuity is off. It assumes you made the other choice, talking about things that never happened.

    Echoing another review: the lips do not look good. The renders of the "sad" faces of Jenna almost looks like she's having a stroke.

    However, I did manage to enjoy the game overall. The situations can be quite sexy, and the renders are quite good considering.
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    Wow. I expected one of those copy paste games. But I like the pace, good story (not really original), freaking great models! and I keep playing it. Keep up the pace, cause I didnt get bored clicking. That is rare ;)

    Models 8/10
    Story 7/10
    Teasing 9/10
    Potential 9/10

    It just needs a bit more 18+ now, instead of just teasing.
  16. 4.00 star(s)


    So far the game is good, the characters are good and the story is fine, one minor issue are models since i'm not into big breast and other issue was a couple grammar errors.

    Ratings can change after new updates.
    Art/renders 7.5/10
    characters 8/10
    Story 7/10
    sex 7/10 not much in the game yet.
  17. 4.00 star(s)


    story: good

    draws (cg): very good.

    characters: good.

    gameplay: good.

    scenes (erotic ones): hot.

    conclussion: the story is simple and well writed, without wierd things hapening around.
    the relationship between father and daughters feels autentic, and the story is easy
    to read (maybe too easy, i find myself skiping dialogues more that once)

    this game deserve your time and money.
  18. 3.00 star(s)

    Korben Dallas

    Review of Episode 2

    A decent and largely forgettable VN. Some of the dialogue is hot, but also head-scratching at times. For instance, Tammy is slagging the MC for his age, but then asking a few sentences later if she has Jenna's permission to fuck him. The "grown-ups" also come across as extra preachy.

    The story can be confusing at times. The MC and Vicki have history, but it's difficult to pinpoint the relationship. Was he around for a few weeks/months/years? Was he a father figure to Jenna? Also, if the MC hasn't seen her in so long, how does Audrey know anything about her, other than she is visiting the MC? This might be cleared up in later episodes, but it's a somewhat confusing introduction to the characters.

    The models are decent, but the facial expressions are very off-putting at times. They don't look very natural.

    There are only a couple animations but they don't look natural due to the physics of movements (breasts typically move opposite of the body's motion, especially when a woman is on top.)

    So far, this is an exceedingly average story that could use some work. None of the criticisms I mentioned are deal breakers for me, however. Unless you are looking for something groundbreaking, this is worth a download.

  19. 2.00 star(s)


    Review of Chapter 1

    Well, I really tried to find something to enjoy, but I failed. It's an uninspired game that just repeats the tropes we've seen over and over again. There is absolutely nothing that would make this game stand out.

    - Nothing is forced on the player.
    - There are flavor dialogue options.

    THE BAD:
    - Story is not interesting in any way.
    - Most choices are superficial - whether you're nice or an asshole the story proceedes mostly the same
    - Thoughts of other characters
    - Bra doesn't appear to have been invented yet
    - Sleep molestation
    - Audrey seems rather slutty
    - Jenna seems rather dumb

    - Jenna's mouth - I don't know if it was the lipstick or not, but her mouth looks really weird. Or she had a nasty operation, but that seems unlikely for an eighteen year old. Actually her entire makeup is a disaster.
  20. 5.00 star(s)


    My Rating of Ep.4 is:

    +Long Playing time
    +Lots of different scenes
    +Nice Dialogs
    +Great Renders


    Total Ratings is:
    I really enjoyed Ep.4, with alot of stuff happening in the Game compared to the first release,it also had some nice action in it,never got boring,even though there was alot of text to read,not in one minute did I think about skipping the text.
    Worth the Download
    Cant wait for the Next version.