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[VN] [Ren'Py] Tilden Hall [v0.1] [Sueet Monn]

Aug 14, 2018
cool start (aaaaah derek's mom) :)
one thing though, not sure I would confide super secret I was just told to two strangers I met less than 24h ago (but maybe I have trust issue)
Likes: SueetMonn
May 7, 2017
Oh, I just see Sueet Monn finished a beta version for v0.2. Hope testing goes well, and I get to play the stable version sometime next week. ^_^
That's right! Going through some test runs as I type this. I have encountered a couple bugs that I'm patching up as I go - thank goodness for the beta period haha. Unless I encounter something catastrophic, we should definitely be good to go next week :)

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