[Others] Warlock of Lust [v0.3] [Mike Velesk]

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May 2, 2017

You play a role of a young prince who was ousted by his mother and is now in exile. It is up to you to seduce your allies, corrupt your enemies and regain control of your throne. You will take a role as a champion of the Goddess of Lust to take control of the kingdom.
Game has an RPG and management elements - you gain skills while you must also develop your castle as a base of operations. Game includes a real time combat system where you must summon minions to tank your foes while you cast spells to either kill, or enslave them.

Updated: 2019-3-10
Thread Updated: 2019-3-13
Developer: Mike Velesk - -
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Win
Language: English
Premium Code: 50620339
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MILF, virgin, BDSM, corruption, uniforms (maid, warrior, mage), group sex, public sex, breeding, slave training, gore

1. Extract and run.

New content starts when you raid a monastery. This time, you will bring home also someone else other than Pyia. It will start a new quest line, which will bring you back to court and on a hunt for a powerful relic.
In this version, there are two new characters, more scenes for court handmaiden, one more dungeon to conquer and many other small tweaks, such as slight lighting change during day periods, etc.

It focuses on the seduction of your maid Ella and corruption of your first captive Pyia. There are quite a lot of new scenes, so check it out. There was also a large overhaul of the gameplay. Day is now divided into four periods (morning, midday, afternoon, evening) and you progress through them by performing some action (sex scene, learning new skill, sleeping...). You must, for example, train your skill in poetry to impress Ella to progress with her seduction.
There have been a lot of new tweaks. I'm experimenting with x-ray vision - it now show rotation of a body during a scene and is now also available during pussy fingering scenes.

During conversation with a person, you can display their info and attitude by clicking info button next to the conversation window. Some sound effect has also been added.

Premium tab in main menu is now open and you can insert our premium code to initiate cheats.


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thanks @Flecc



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Jul 17, 2017
A solo dev, building in house engines, programming, models, et cetera.
He has a fairly strong following on patreon for what looks like a very simple game, with minimalist level graphics.
Might give this a go, sounds interesting.


Jun 12, 2017
the art really looks terrible but the description got me interested, I'll try it ^^


Aug 8, 2017
Pretty impressive amount of content considering its only 34mb, Also the story seems very interesting. The art could be better sure, but despite that this doesnt seem that bad... Looking forward to seeing more. :)


May 17, 2017
As others have pointed out, if you're a fan of Total Seduction (his other game) and others, then you know the arts not necessarily the selling point but the way he can fill out a game with a decent story, different fetishes and scenes, and tons of other things to do in his own minimalistic kind of way is definitely unique and is why people like his games

This one seems interesting and completely different story-wise compared to his last few games, but he seems to deliver so give it a few updates and this one will probably be good too.


Sep 6, 2016
Glad to finally see it here, when i made the request i really wanted to spread the word about it cuz i think its a really cool idea, the graphics are unique and animations are quite hot + fantasy settings. Total Seduction is really good but i think this one can be much better as fantasy go only the creator imagination is the limit !


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Aug 23, 2017
I hope I can like this game more than Total Seduction and it's mods. As for this game it's sink or swim with raiding the monastery.
4.00 star(s) 1 Vote