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Jun 2, 2017

Relax and immerse yourself in the unfolding tale of the Priestess of the Swords;
discover another world as rich as Aesop's Fables, with more intense eroticism than you'll find in
any Western folklore, enriched by lavish and beautiful "hanafuda" Japanese artwork
overflowing with picturebook atmosphere.
[A Heart Gripping Story]
Classic fantasy told with dramatic flair:
One tease of a cursed d*ck and somehow she becomes a magic caster.

* Features:
Hanafuda (Japanese cards) base game (with auto play)
Creative atmospheric story with player choice in English
The ability to make love with many girls in your harem
Animated sex scenes
The ability to create your own animated character mods from 1 CG image
Idle romance, fruitful and plentiful childbirth game
Various other features

* Guests who provided sample character mods:
Rustle (MIEOW)
Mr.lostman (Doronuma Kyoudai)
Yamatodanuki (Hegurimurayakuba)
niwacho (TRIP SPIDER)
Takanon Ikuta (hinaprin)
SHUKO (systemES)

* This software uses Alice Soft System 4.0.

Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: Final (1.60)
OS: Windows
Language: English
2dcg, Censored, Japanese Game, Character Creation, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Monster, Turn Based Combat, Ahegao, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Pregnancy, Big Ass, Big Tits, Oral Sex, Virgin

Extra information:
Before you start and complain about the game not being completely in English, let me tell you something about it: the whole game (main story, dialogue, choices, tutorial and such) is totally in english and there's no doubt about it. Even if you see the whole window of the game composed by.. gibberish things/strange words (supposedly that happens when a game was packed in a bad way), don't worry about it. The game is still in English. I'm pretty positive that when they made a translation, they messed up something somewhere along the line (and never fixed such a thing, seems), but again, everything is fine.
The only thing that sadly it's not translated and it's a part of the whole game... it's the "Mod" part. Yes, because like the Features says, you are able to create your own female char (I believe even male.. but I still don't understand how) and then have her inside the game like one of your partners. Anyway, if you want to know more about this, there's a folder called "HELP_en" and inside there's a file called "index.html". Just click that and will open you the whole instructions/tutorial & such for the game that you need to know, even those that don't know how to play Hanafuda.
For the rest, unfortunately other things are not completely translated - but they don't concern the game, are just technical things like .txt file and such. Again, the game is completely english from head to toe.

1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on "executable_name.exe" to start playing.

Part 1: - - -
Part 2: - - -
Part 3: - - -

RE138710_img_smp1.jpg RE138710_img_smp2.jpg RE138710_img_smp3.jpg

/First, again, worship my wallet because this game was a pain in the ass to buy - 24$ doesn't grow up on trees unfortunately :FeelsBadMan:
Second, I apologize for making three parts but I couldn't do otherwise. If someone can make one single link, feel free to do so./


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Sep 25, 2017
Really good game. I bought this one a few years ago for half the money :). But nowadays I need to use a Japanese vpn to open the webshop normally. So really appreciated for uploading the game.


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May 5, 2017
i know its irrelevant but...........

waiting for miconisomi insult order

also i did remember i found a web host a afterschool gangbang with full eng patch... but i just forgot where i dl it... i would share my file but my internet is shit....


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Jun 2, 2017
I'm definitely looking forward to playing this. BTW, does anybody have the first Way? I really loved it.
Maybe, and it's a huge maybe, I've found something on the internet without buying it - hope that it's the game as well as the english version.
Aug 15, 2016
Can someone add the note that the links are not inter-changable. At-least not between Mega and the other links. I tried downloading them and the file names are different. And it gives error when trying to extract


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Aug 25, 2017
Can someone add the note that the links are not inter-changable. At-least not between Mega and the other links. I tried downloading them and the file names are different. And it gives error when trying to extract
Looks like the MEGA links have a different name, the file sizes seem to be similar though.
Have you tried naming them all the same (xxx.part1, xxx.part2, xxx.part3) and extracting then?


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Jun 2, 2017
All Mega links are down atm, can't download any of them.
Seems that ponidog probably reported the links. I'll upload them again and change the name in a couple of hours, not now. If I can't manage to keep up the MEGA links, then sadly all of you will have to download from the other hosts. I can't risk the ban for my account.


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Jul 5, 2017
Is this a new version or something of the sort? I remember it requiring an account in order to play, which was the reason people didn't share it before. Anyway, thanks for the share, thats an awesome game.


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Aug 5, 2016
The game is behaving a bit weirdly. A window opens up and only half of it shows any content. And the options are all over the place.
this, also seems translation is incomplete - after starting first quest a lot of content (including selections) appeared in Japanese. I give up.


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Aug 25, 2016
I think I have this on my computer as a card game from YEARS this what that is? It looks more fleshed out, hopefully the rules are more fleshed out...I kind of half assed my way through what I could figure of that version, probably missed a ton. It's been at least 5 years. Lets see how it's changed...different card art it seems.
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