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    Rico Caramba

    Contains mild spoilers.

    Now that version 0.2 has leaked, I feel there is enough content for me to write a review. Of course, this game is in its early stages. There are no real hardcore scenes yet, but the tension in building up rapidly. Man, those girls are hot! And this story is hilariously funny.

    The dev stated that he wanted to play with our expectations of the stereotypical visual novel. Well, so far he succeeded in this. The story seems pretty cliché at first. Through circumstances, a young male is bound to live with a family, consisting of only women. We have seen this many times before. It starts feeling a bit odd when you are asked to rename virtually the entire cast. And when you do, there is a bug that changes all names back to default. But why would you rename them when their names are so beautiful and appropriate?

    Olivia Kelly is the hot milf. She is a real estate agent by profession, and goes beyond showing her clients the master bedroom. As a mother, she might have preferred to have a son as well, instead of just two daughters.

    Shannon is the redhead, younger daughter. Handle her with care or she might scare the bejesus out of you. Or don’t, she will do it anyway. She may appear violent, but she is easy to distract.

    Maeve is the strawberry blonde, oldest daughter. She is weird and geeky and feels she doesn’t fit in. Personally, I would know a few spots to fit in. Does she even know she has a hot body? Of course she does, otherwise she wouldn’t be showing so much of it.

    Angel is the young friend of the family. She may look trashy and she may not be the brightest star in the sky, but hidden underneath the fishnets and the tattoos you’ll find a surprisingly kind and sensitive personality. And some gorgeous tits, obviously.

    The MC is living with this family because he is a freshman in college and there was a fire in the dorm. Olivia feels sorry that the MC can’t experience real college life, and wants to give him a good time with her family. What they have in store for him may make the initiation rites of an average fraternity look bleak. The first two days with the Kelly family are a hilarious rollercoaster ride. It is funny, it is crazy, it is hot. I am looking forward to what this Dev has in store for us in the future. Definitely one of the best debuts I have seen. Highly recommended.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Unleashed [v0.2] [CarbonBlue]
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    The cancer part was a bummer but somehow made the game more meaningful. Also I choose Melissa because I kinda felt like she deserved a second chance after everything she faced. Overall a great game with a amazing storyline. I would definitely recommend playing this game.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Completed] Acting Lessons [v1.0.2] [DrPinkCake]
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    So, where to start. Well, the renders, character design and animation may not be the best out there, there is something charming about them. You’re not going to be blown away, but it’s likable.

    The sheer number of romanceable characters is far greater than any other game I’ve seen and grows by the update. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it’s definitely interesting. There is also a large selection of kinks incorporated in the game. Some are a bit extreme for my tastes, but all of them are easily avoidable and you’re given warning just in case.

    There are plenty of choices to make and the outcomes are usually straight forward, not like some other games where you have no hope getting scenes without a walkthrough.

    But, the thing that sets Ecchi Sensei apart from all other games is the updates. Updates are released in a monthly cycle, the exception being the week 1 compilation remake which took a few months, however bluecat assures us that this was a one-off thing and based on his previous track record I believe him. Now, there are games that release using monthly cycle, but you’ll be lucky to get even a third the amount of content per update as this one. There are also games that have updates as satisfyingly long as this one, but you’ll be waiting several months between updates.

    When playing this game, I get the sense that the developers really enjoy what they’re doing. I feel that they are having fun making this game and as such it makes it fun for me to play.

    In conclusion, great storyline, great characters, plenty of content. Something that I believe most of us would enjoy, a must try if you haven’t already.

    Keep up the good work dev. I look forward to seeing what in store for us. (y)
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Ecchi Sensei [Day 7 v2] [BlueCat]
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    The art is okayish but inconsistent. The story is too convoluted for its own good. A good point of this game is that the creator added cheats to see everything the game can offer more easily. But overall the only cool nudity is with Ino (the one with Sakura sucks; Tenten has just 1 teasing scene, Hinata just recently got 2-3 tease scenes as well). If the creator decides to redraw every girl in the same style the game could be a lot better. Also the story mode is short but it just requires specific actions that are not always obvious so by wasting time on searching for the right action the game feels longer
    [Ren'Py] Kunoichi Trainer [v0.10.1] [Dinaki]
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    Still an early version so this review will probably be updated later.
    The art is great, although a bit too ... ¿hand-drawn? at some points. You have limited actions per day and then you have a few sex-related actions per night. All the girls are lolis although from reading the comments that is about to change soon. The characters express their emotions visually while communicating or being fucked which is a big plus. In short, at night and during story progression the game is great. But the limited daily actions, the bad battle system and the forced grind reduce the game's appeal. But the night time activities with the girls compensate for it for now. Will stick around to see where things go
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Jikage Rising [v0.3d] [Smiling dog]
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    You will fall in love with this game. The characters look like in the comics. The sex scenes look fantastic. At the beginning until you get used to things you'll do a bit of a grind but once you know how things work you could max out a girl in 5 mins. There is a bit of story telling but it's not the main focus of the game. But during all the sex scenes the girl's dirty talk will advance and relate to the situation and I really like that the focus is on this part of the game's dialogue. Girls can interact with each other during threesomes as well
    [Ren'Py] Rogue-like: Evolution [v0.983f] [Oni]
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    I don't watch Rick and Morty but this game is great. The art looks just like in the show. On every update you have a button to continue from the last update so if there is incompatibility between save game files you can still continue from where things left off. Lots of girls. The story is fine. Some times a few too many bugs but with the "continue from last patch button" you won't care about them. The one attempt at adding minigames failed so I'm glad the creator stopped creating new ones afterwards and just stuck to dialogues
    [Unity] Rick And Morty - A Way Back Home [v2.1] [Ferdafs]
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    High quality art, great mysterious story, no spelling mistakes, branching paths, provides easy and clean screenshots of at moment, tons of minigames, no day limit (can stay in one place as long as you like and progress whenever you feel like it), hours worth of content (days even), diverse situations and fetishes, boob size customization at times,on the rare occasions that a bug occurs if you click ignore the game continues playing normally without crashing
    [Ren'Py] Four Elements Trainer [v0.8.3c] [Mity]
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    Actually good stuff here.

    The story is good stuff, standard harem scenario and good for a short episodic game like this.

    I preferred the femsub content I got in the beginning, even though it sadly drifted away.

    It needs more content as of the .2.3 release though. Also it's a bit weird that he names members of his family but we never see them.

    The writing is good and not a google translate and the characters are interesting, not cutouts rehashed a dozen times. Little grinding, but not painful.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] A House In The Rift [v0.2.3 Public] [Zanith]
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    The writing is the meat of the game, and I have to say that it makes for some fine dining.
    The game is very much unfinished, but don't let that deter you if you're considering checking it out.
    The finished content is of excellent quality, and I spent my entire evening playing and still haven't seen everything yet.
    Artwork is a matter of taste, but I like it and wouldn't mind seeing more of it.
    Audio can be muted easily enough, but it's unobtrusive while it's enabled.
    The UI is serviceable and I didn't encounter any bugs while playing.

    TL;DR: Decent amount of high quality content. Absolutely worth playing.
    [Others] Kobold Adventure [v2.55] [TinkeringTurian]
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    This game helps validate why it's wise to try a game on F95, and read forum comments, before shelling out money elsewhere. What I would like to have given this game is 5 stars. What I realistically have to give it since it ended up as just a demo and possible cash grab is 3.

    The art style is amazing. The game play had some solid ideas. The way upgrades activated scenes, even if determining which heart was a new scene was awkward, could have been cool. The flip side though, it was abandoned pretty quick and from a team that isn't known for following through. It's basically a somewhat playable demo (albeit one with some images worth seeing). There's talk they might remake but until that is followed through on, this is just a reminder of what coulda been.
    [Ren'Py] [Abandoned] Hypno Slave [v1.03b] [Brozeks & Grozeks]
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    You cannot even interact with actors.. Aside from the author's plot.. nothing matters. *Visit the bathroom: your sister it showering." not an event.... *Visit the bathroom: your sister it showering." SAME NOTHING. Repeatedly until you find the path the author intended. Meanwhile not only are potential scenes not happening to you. You have no guidance.. While I love the fact this author did not go with humongous tits.. Gameplay needs a lot of work. A Re-write
    [VN] [Unity] School, Love & Friends [v1.6] [Walkius]
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    I enjoyed the game.


    - Amazing dialogue. Really enjoyable
    - First boss is hot
    - Interesting soul shard mechanic
    - Toilet play? YES and hint of more than just golden show... PLEASE


    - I hate text that slowly appears instead of appearing all at once. Your text rate isn't slow but when I'm entering through because I've seen a dialogue train before it is annoying when I click the first option not realizing the choice menu is right there (replayed pussy worship too often.. grrr)
    - Also please do what other games have where you can press Cntrl to rapidly skip text
    - The shop seems really limited, wheres the armor? Accessories? Also where do I see how many soul shards I have left?
    - Interface for where damage/heal numbers is not great, should be more visible and higher up


    I'm personally not fan of RPG fetch quest mechanics that just pad game-play. Some people may like it. It reminds me a bit of Darktoz Captured by Dark Elves where you have to mine awhile and takes away from the concentrated H scenes. In your game the whole fetch items and then having to run through an uneeded space to get back to reaper personally bothers me but some RPG people will like it so I consider it netural.

    Game has potential - I look forward to more!
    [RPGM] Domina [v1.0] [Dekarous]
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    xl Daedalus lx

    This was a very entertaining and cool game to play.

    I loved the little Rock Star-esque minigames, I truly enjoyed the characters and writing. Sure, some of it was very predictable, but who cares?

    It is a cool little game with memorable moments and characters (a tribute to the overall writing) and I look forward to more.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Become A Rock Star [v0.45] [Mr Jet]
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    Reviewed v1.0.3
    My very first game from F95Zone which was about more than a year ago since this review. And it has stood the test of time.

    Dreams of Desire is a superb piece of art that has interesting characters, engaging story and excellent renders. If you haven’t played it, I strongly recommend it.

    As I’ve said the renders are excellent and a treat to look at. The H-scenes are beautifully crafted and very hot. The addition of the gallery helps players re-live those scenes too. Excellent job LewdLab

    There isn’t much to gameplay as it plays more like a Visual Novel (VN) with choices affecting the ending you’ll ultimately see. For those looking for a richer gameplay experience, this may not be the game for you. Experience the story, make choices and live with the consequences to sum it up in one sentence.

    The story is the main selling point of the game. It starts off as you’ll typically expect in a game involving one guy and several girls however it becomes abundantly clear that not everything appears at it seems. As the mystery and plot begun to unfold, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the story. The characters were super interesting and interacting with them was fun. Although some characters did take a backseat towards the end, which is understandable. There are some parts which leave you scratching your head, but the overall delivery and pacing is well done.

    I played the game expecting some nice H-scenes which was definitely there, but I stayed for the story which will instantly grip you in.

    • Immersive story and interesting characters
    • Excellent renders
    • H-scenes are nice
    • Simple and easy to pick up gameplay
    • Gallery present and accounted for
    • You haven’t played it
    I would strongly recommend the game for anyone looking for a story-driven H-game with beautiful models.

    • Love to see what else LewdLab can come up with
    • Love to see a sequel if it’s planned
    • Thank you for this masterpiece LewdLab
    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Completed] Dreams of Desire [v1.0.3] [Lewdlab]
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    xl Daedalus lx

    Amazing thus far and I can only hope that the high-quality work continues.
    I was very impressed with the 'new' mechanics to train/dominate/control the girls. I see that this will be a much more in-depth game than most of this genre. For that, I am appreciative.

    The models are average at worst, and some achieve a really good quality. The animations that I have seen thus far are fairly average as well, but it does not detract from the above feature - the gameplay itself.

    I am very excited to see more and to eventually sit down and play the completed version, updating and improving the school; unlocking new features; training and manipulating the various students and teachers, etc.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] The Headmaster [v0.5 beta] [Altos and Herdone]
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    xl Daedalus lx

    Very, very good game with a ton of different (at least to me) mechanics and such to make it unique.
    The story, thus far, is top notch. Not the typical storyline on here. Let's be real, a good 75-80% of the games on here are seemingly a remake of the others. Even to the point that the models are identical. Not a problem in this game!

    The models are some of the best quality models I have seen on here. Period.

    I am looking very forward to sitting down and playing the final version. Although I may just live in the library and say fuck college... if you know what I mean. (I WILL melt that ice and make her mine, damn it.)
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Being A DIK [v0.3.0] [Dr PinkCake]
  18. 5.00 star(s)

    xl Daedalus lx

    Highly entertaining and one of my favorites. For those that are interested, but not familiar with the style - this is a mega-harem and corruption type game. You will slowly (and at times not-so-slowly) bend the wills of the various characters to conform to your will.

    The art style may not be for everyone (I was one of those at first) but it quickly grows on you and becomes much appreciated.

    The story is pretty basic, but interesting enough to keep one's attention. The variety in sex and fetishes are enough to keep most entertained, I believe.

    When visiting the Red Witch and ghost for the first time in the morning and fucking the ghost so she leaks into the sleeping Red Witch's mouth? That was the Fap Moment of the day.

    There is so much to this game, if you have not done so, give it a go. You can thank me later.
    [Ren'Py] Dark Magic [v0.8.1] [F.Lord]
    Likes: F.Lord
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    Reviewed v1.02

    Chloe18 is a game with a diverse cast of characters who add life to an otherwise grindy game.

    The renders and animation are beautifully crafted, there has been much work put into these areas. One gripe is I find Chloe the main character to be unattractive end of the spectrum (unsure if it was a design choice) but this is purely subjective and doesn’t take away from the core experience of the game.

    Gameplay is point and click, simple and easy to learn however lacks the depth that some players may be trying to find. Money becomes trivial after certain point in the game and I never felt like I was restricted by it at all (which is what I liked immensely). The UI is simple and intuitive, shows all the important stats at a glance. I also enjoyed the ability to skip through scenes that I had already seen although this didn’t save in between play sessions and I would have to sit through the scene again if I closed the game. A lot of the game is about just grinding for stats and money to unlock more scenes and meet new characters. Lack of gallery as well as only 3 saves really hurt the game.

    For the story there isn’t much to it, I didn’t really care for the fact that Chloe wanted to become a cheerleader and it definitely took a backseat during my playthrough. This problem lies within Chloe as a character, she is bland and seems to be a plot device to initiate H-scenes. She really had no charm aside from being super horny always finding herself in absurd situations. What really held this game together was the cast, the cast was amazing. Each character had their own quirkiness about them and interactions with them were delightful. Dialogue was great and sometimes down right hilarious.

    • Absurd cast of characters each with a great side story
    • Excellent renders
    • H-scenes are nice
    • Simple and easy to pick up gameplay
    • Achievement system
    • Grind, grind, grind
    • Bland main character and boring main story
    • No gallery, compounded by lack of saves really hurt
    Overall Chloe18 is still worth checking out, the grind isn’t egregious, and the cast of characters really help pull the game through. I’ve left out the suggestions for this game because I am aware that the developer has created two sequels to this game and will check them out to see the improvements that have been made since this game. GDS is super active on the forums and if there are any concerns please let them know.
    [VN] [Others] [Completed] Chloe18 [v1.02] [GDS]
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    xl Daedalus lx

    Superb game thus far. After playing the prologue it was refreshing to see the slight changes and the not-so-slight changes that came about.

    Excellent models, great story and writing (especially compared to 90% of the stuff out there), and unique animations.

    In my opinion, this one is my new favorite and deserves a top 3 or top 5 in anyone's collection.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] The Awakening [v0.2b] [SLim Games]