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    Content and artwork wise, this is probably among the best games ever made, at least if you're into the covered fetishes. If you like dickgirls, futas and traps, then this is a must play.
    The game's biggest weakness in my opinion is the gameplay that surrounds the battles and scenes, or lack thereof. Earning money is a complete pain and there isn't any real lasting stable source of income. Food is probably even worse, as the only way to really farm it was recently removed. It has to be redone or even removed entirely to make sense as a mechanic again.
    The map is mostly fine, though I'd wish there were more shortcuts and town altars.
    What really impressives me is the reliability and diligency of the developer, who brings out updates and produces fantastic artworks on a very regular basis. Just for that this game is already highly remarkable.
    [Java] Tales Of Androgyny [v0.2.10.5] [Majalis]
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    Unreal Bober

    Highly recommended game for all 'Witcher' and 'Trainers' fan's.

    You know these days not many games in pornogame idustry what actually have a 'gameplay' in them... and style and interesting story and characters and... blah, blah, blyat... So if you look for a game what have these or just fun and not mocking you. Then it's one of this type of games. Here develepores do actual job not just some passage project what be forgotten forever in one second after you close the game.

    I really be look at this game and i can actually call it a game!
    So for me this game can stand on one step whith same idea games like...
    Ok, i dont mention them but you know there not many good trainer games *Wink* Not 3d renders *Wink again* and not inferior in quality to these games.

    So explantion of my rating is simple and i basis on what this is a visual novel.
    Good sides:
    1. Good art. Not 3d renders!
    2. Interesting and fun storyline whith Ciri what can be intriguing. So my regards to script writer... or screenwriter... or writer... yeah... i look forward to this story.
    3. Some times playing i have a boner... it's an adultgame so i think it's a plus.
    4. This game have gallery, its a huge plus for all this type of games!
    5. This game have collectables, i wish this was more of them and with other paths to achieve them.
    6. Simple and understandable, intuitive gameplay.

    Ok, Bad sides:
    Really there is no bad sides for me i think.
    i dont find bugs for now... So i think yeah dat is all.

    Last but not least...
    and in the end of review that i except from full game.
    1. Multiple endings! you know not just deadends but a really diffrent story branches.
    2. So if it's a TRAINER! i think we will see the real character progression like "BEFORE AND AFTER"... so "Ciri before" and "Ciri After".
    3. Of course to see more characters from original
    4. Creative gameplay that can progress and change whith story progress so the player dont bother whith one kind of grind.
    [Ren'Py] Ciri Trainer [Ch. 2] [The Worst]
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    I'm a bit of a lurker here - been commenting more and trying to be an active constructive member of the community. :) That said, I thought this would be a great opportunity to review a game in it's early stages.

    First, I love the humor. There are comments that if you aren't actually paying attention might seem out of place; I suggest players take their time and read the dialogues.

    Second, while I understand the preference for one body type or another is personal and based in what we, as individual players like (or don't like), I am pleased to see female characters with more reasonable proportions (there are several other games that come to mind: Big Brother, Long Live the Princess, etc.) Nothing against those that prefer breasts the size of blimps and asses like asteroids, I prefer my females on the average side (at least where proportions are concerned).

    Third, taking into account my previous comment about proportions, the MC's dick is a bit over done. :oops: I will say, however, I am fine with that considering, as the creator pointed out, it is a porn game and he prefers a more porn-like appearance to some of the renders and story. Kudos! Stick to your guns.

    Fourth, NTR, no NTR, don't care - meh. Never really had enough vested in make-believe characters in a visual novel or game to make me actually give a shit whether there was NTR or not - as long as there was nudity, sex and attractive characters, what does it matter? It's not my wife/girlfriend so go ahead, take my mom/sister/cousin/niece and have fun (as long as I can watch ;) )

    Finally, I feel as this storyline might be a bit cliche, so I think to myself, "self, why is cliche bad?" In this case it works because of the humor and writing in the game.

    ADD: The renders are good, the layout is intuitive...although it could do a bit better with hints and walk-through.
    [Ren'Py] A Family Venture [v0.02] [WillTylor]
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    dusty stu

    Girl Life

    Live the day to day life of a very horny Russian teenager or young adult.

    There is a huge variety of sexual activities to participate in. To list just a few: public sex, prostitution, sex with boyfriends, sex with multiple family members, sex as a porn star, sex with ‘creatures,’ and sex though a gloryhole.
    There are a lot of storylines to pursue, and dozens of NPCs to get to know (and have sex with). The possibilities seem limitless at first: finish highschool, go to trade school, get a menial job, get an office job, get a sex industry job, be unemployed, or become a magical girl are some of the main options.

    The game is finicky to set up. Getting all the image packs and finding a mod that has a better UI can take a while. I had the most luck with the QoL mod.
    The pictures are all kind of lowish resolution, but usually hot with no censorship or other bullshit like that.
    There are a certain number of randomly generated NPCs that show up that can be your BF. However, after a few dates and sex scenes, their storylines dead end.
    Storyline content after highschool rapidly dead ends for many avenues. Example: marriage and pregnancy are possible but have very little content besides a few lines of lip service.

    This game goes too deep in simulating your day to day life. Each day is about 20-30 mouse clicks (and scrolling) to go to school/work, minimum. (At least you can turn off eating, drinking, sleeping, and bathroom use). If you want to progress the plot, you are looking a lot of grinding ahead of you. There are some cheats floating around to help with this.

    Score: 7.2 / 10

    Ver: 7.31?
    Date played: 1/5/19
    [QSP] Girl Life [v0.7.3.1] [Ecv]
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    Terrible. I mean, really terrible.

    It's not the terrible translation - I was prepared for the Engrish to be strong. It is that the 'plot', if you can justify such drivel as such, has all the depth of a story my children could come up with at 6 years old.

    Every cliche you would imagine is here with not one original thing added to justify any of it. The MC is a shallow stereotype of bright girl in poverty from drunken stepfather. The stepfather is the stereotype alcoholic. The bad boy is the stereotype bad boy spoiled rotten by his corrupt but powerful mother. So, in short, the story, all of its characters, and the style of telling it, all suck hugely.

    What about the art? Well, actually someone has a good eye for rendering at times, but is obviously struggling to render on some terribly ill-equipped rig. The result is that most of the time the artwork has been produced by rendering the foreground characters completely separately to the background, and then merging the two images really, really badly. Dark translucent boxes abound where these images are overlaid with not a thought to the quality of the finished result. The final result comes from someone who apparently has never even heard of alpha transparency.

    I really wanted to give this game a shot, but ultimately it comes down to this - I could have put up with the lousy images to enjoy a great, well written story with engaging characters. Or, I could have put up with the terrible writing to see great artwork and really sumptuous renders. But putting up with one horror just to get more of another equally horrendous experience? Nope.

    To attempt to be constructive here, as I said, someone has a good eye generally for a scene, they just don't seem to have the technical equipment and know-how yet to deliver on it. Forums like F95 are filled with people who can write well enough that people might excuse the current image quality, or alternatively, are filled with enough people who render high quality fan-art that people might put up with the current level of writing.

    I think the dev has some good ideas, and is simply lacking the equipment, the experience, and the ability to dedicate the necessary time to creating something an audience might go for. Either the dev needs to spend a LOT more time on quality control, fixing image issues like those dark translucencies on overlays that ought to be full transparency, or to spend the necessary hours writing better, rewriting and editing until the quality is up to scratch.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Completed] The Story Of A Good Girl [v1.0] [comrade_x]
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    Not many games available in this genre; it's nice to see some variety. Still early going, but a promising start. The time limit is a little oppressive, but of course it's a Ren'py game so it's easy to adjust things to one's taste. I like that there's so much voice acting.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Ravager [v1.1] [4MW]
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    i really wished to give it at least 4/5 but the writing is way too bad. most notable between MC and Jenna. She is supposed to be the naive and innocent type/trope but the dev handled her horribly. dialogues are so bad i was actually laughing. few examples:
    1 minute after she meets MC she takes out a cigarette, MC tells her that its stupid to smoke and she quit cigarettes in an instant.
    MC comes home and sees her vacuuming. He decides to be a perv and take a picture of her for no reason
    MC constantly shifts between niceguy™ and a molesting creep.
    other characters are decently written but Jenna is kinda the "main" girl so she plays way too big of a role to be ignored.
    it has few strong sides, the humour for example. the diss on NTR fans was funny.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Thirsty For My Guest [Ep. 4] [monkeyposter_7]
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    The story in this game, which was supposed to be its strong point, is, to put it simply, very mediocre. I wonder how many of those still clinging to this game are clinging to expectations rather than reality.

    The first screen of the game sums up the game quite well: "a typical angsty, sarcastic teenager with interest moreso in sex than in school. A natural young man". At the very least, you can't complain about false advertisement: there is no plot here, just a long-winded exposition of dull characters' feelings.

    For a start, the author avoids providing the background for the world. You are just thrown into a pop melodrama with no sense of purpose or direction. It's like starting to watch a movie after the first hour and then watching the following 10 minutes 10 times over. The days go by and you barely notice the difference between the reality in the game and an acid induced groundhog day, as the writing is completely unstructured. I suspect the author has absolutely no idea about where he is going, or how to explain why the characters he picked behave as they do.

    The dreams, which supposedly should serve as a band-aid for that, only make it worse, as they become way too frequent, and they lack the metaphorical characteristics of dreams which are usually used skillfully in literature to expose the subconscious of the characters. Here, dreams are shitty sexual fantasies on a white background (a common theme is the author's refusal to buy assets), or comedy sketches with a skeleton who isn't remotely funny.

    The game is riddled with repetition. The dialogue is meandering beyond redemption. The characters express the same thoughts and feelings ad nauseam: at the beach, at the mall, in your room, in their room, in the kitchen, etc. There is barely any new insight to be gained by repeated interactions which make the game feel extremely tedious.

    Characters (even adults) all seem to be modeled after the same person: melancholic depressed teenagers. Even many depressed people enjoy a modicum of tranquility when doing everyday tasks, but this game avoids exposing any of that. Characters wake up and immediately start thinking about the other depressed characters and rush to their rooms, only to be further depressed.

    Compounding this problem is the fact that events happen spontaneously: unexplained isolated mood swings (the mother, the aunt, the cousin, the suicidal girl are some examples); randomly planned trips and dinners (like guests in a hotel); random rapes (which the raped ones quickly forget, repetition must not be disturbed); random aggression; and random side characters pop out who seem to immediately mesh with the main character, as if the author was desperate to break the repetition but didn't know where to go with the actual characters so he introduced disposable ones.

    The inability of the author to explain stuff that would be relatively easy to explain with an actual plot and with properly written characters shows that this game almost certainly will never be finished successfully. Its over-reliance on overly attached fans to fill the plot holes will secure their disappointment, as all these overly emotional fan theories are gibberish that vary widely from one to another, and they all lack the basic characteristics of a good story (i.e. structure and sense of purpose).

    Another poor aspect are the renders of random objects around the scene, possibly intended to make the repetition easier to stomach, which break the immersion even further. Suddenly you start noticing how poorly composed the scenes are, and how irrelevant the dialogue must be for the focus to be on a wall.

    The flow of the game is also completely broken:

    * Obvious continuity issues like the complete lack of transition scenes when moving between central scenes (e.g. the mall scene is a hilarious one). I suspect the author, even while making thousands, refuses to buy street assets or just doesn't know how to compose scenes on a photo editing software. Alternatively, the overly sentimental talks while walking on the street, or while being surrounded by other people would show how hilariously dramatic the characters are, and as such the author chose to avoid them.

    * The chances of a certain character being in the house seems random, apparently nobody has a schedule here. It's like living in a hotel. People come and go like props, seemingly randomly, without explanation, just to make the intimate scenes easier to write. You can do that once, but when you do it constantly it just becomes hilarious.
    * Characters seem to be stuck in a cloying loop where they are unable to react, even when raped, when trying to commit suicide, when suddenly sleeping next to their children, when caught peeking, when groped by your son, etc. They immediately go back to their angsty loop and keep repeating their tired lines and feelings.

    Considering how poor the story is, and how irresponsible the author is, this game doesn't deserve anything but 1 star.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Onhold] Dual Family [v0.98 CE] [Gumdrop Games]
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    I have to disagree with the two other reviews in here, the visuals and characters in this game are indeed quite nice, but what truly breaks the game for me is that the choices you make in there don´t really indicate if you have done something bad in the eyes of the game itself which can easily lead you to a bad end, the bad end also don´t really tell you what you have done wrong wich will lead you easily frustrated and confused, so if you really want to play this game I would actually recomend a walkthrough.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Completed] My Girlfriend [Final] [Dharker Studio]
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    The setup is interesting, but the execution is just meh. Everything is overexplained in many many words, and then again. The characters are clichéd, and every move is drowned in text. But hey, who needs story, we can always fap?! Well, if you can hold your concentration through the hundreds of textclicks, be my guest.
    In short, there may be a good game under layers and layers and more layers of blablabla.

    To be sure, I like me some good written story. But good writing this is not.

    And there is just bad stuff going on. In an example: For no good reason, Alison changes her hairdo. Lots of text is inserted, that explains, how she can go from short reddish to long black. And then, in the very next scene, an other character with the exact same hair appears, and the writer is lampshading this. It is not funny, nor good. It is cringy.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Alison Fall of the Apple [v0.3.5] [OneManVN]
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    I have a love hate relationship with this game, I get it, play it think its bad then after a few months try again and see if I will like it better. Sadly it never gets any better, having forced myself to play all endings and really try to like it, I can't. I like NTR and I like when it's a son and his mom, but this just has all the worst traits, the mom goes from normal to completely irredeemable in only 2 or 3 days. MC is somewhat clueless and a wimp, and it's really just him that is the towns hate sink. The "True End is still mostly shitty, it's really just the least terrible route. The game kinda hints that your girl classmate is a kind of love and save/ leave to her fate route but that goes nowhere, same with the other women in town, the game hints that the whole town is a swinging orgy, but nope, it's just everyone is just gunning on the mom and aunt and going out of their way to be assholes. Mostly it's just how the women go full scale slut that annoys me, good NTR has a downward spiral or at least takes more than one afternoon
    [VN] [Others] [Completed] Sinful Mother [0x-x-x0]
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    Aquaplus, and by extension their eroge-centric subsidiary Leaf, is a long-time respected player in the visual novel market, as well as certain areas of gaming in general, behind such series and games as Utawarerumono and White Album

    To Heart 2, initially released in 2004 on PS2 and most recently on PS3 in 2011 as To Heart 2 DX Plus . F95 holds the Xrated version, which adds 18+ rated content, released for PC in 2005 under the Leaf umbrella, it's essentially the same company by a different name (for their adult titles), and the only 18+ version of the game to date.

    To Heart 2 follows high school student Takaaki Kouno (he can be renamed if you wish, albeit characters will not refer you by name so i just left as default) as he finishes first year and goes into his second. He comes with his childhood friends Konomi Yuzuhara and Tamaki Kousaka, the reserved class representative Manaka Komaki, Manaka’s competitive and energetic friend Yuma Tonami, the close twin sisters Sango and Ruri Himeyuri, the pushy Mystery Association president Karin Sasamori, the strange Ruuko, the mysterious Yuki Kusakabe, and (added in the PC version) the seemingly authoritative and unapproachable Sasara Kusugawa. That’s nine routes in total, with Ruuko and the twins’ routes unlocking after you finish one route and Yuki’s unlocking once you finish two. When I first started, most of the characters didn’t immediately appeal to me; however, each character’s route did well at selling the character to me, and ultimately I ended up liking all of them, with none of the main characters standing out as particularly weak to me. The only major side character who isn’t mainly restricted to a single route is Tamaki’s brother and Takaaki’s best friend Yuuji Kousaka, although some of the lesser side characters are entertaining as well, most notably outgoing student council president Ma-ryan who appears in Sasara’s route.

    The stories are all generally pretty grounded romance, with Takaaki helping the heroine(s) to sort out their problems and developing their relationship along the way. That being said, there’s the occasional appearance of light science fiction or otherwise more outlandish elements, such as the occasional robot appearing throughout or the entirety of Ruuko and Yuki’s routes, giving the subtle hint that there’s more to the world than there first appears but never building beyond the simple implication. Other than that, the stories generally revolve around Takaaki getting over his discomfort around girls and generally dense personality to develop a relationship and romance with whichever girl he ends up with. Fortunately, although Takaaki can be dense, it never quite reaches the same destructive peak as Da Capo II Yoshiyuki Sakurai, so for the most part it’s not as frustrating to watch as it could be.

    The stories are still entertaining to read, even if they don’t carry the same emotional weight as some other games. They’re well-written and well-translated (as one might expect for a project 10 years in the making), aside from a small number of minor typos throughout. It was heartwarming to see the characters develop and grow, both the heroines and Takaaki himself, even if he was frustrating to watch as he stumbled along at certain points.
    [VN] [Others] [Completed] To Heart 2 [Final] [Leaf]
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    I must admit that the slow tempo of the bro-sis relation is awesome. This Vn is really great and Im excited for the next updates. I wish all good for Devs and everyone involved in creating this little masterpiece.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Haley's Story [v0.30] [Viitgames]
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    Nothing is more lovable than the initiative to develop a NTR/Femdom game to please this needy demand.

    It still a little amateur, but i hope that in future will be better.

    Keep developing, buddy.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Living with Laura [v0.25] [ropppp]
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    Tried to play this game, had some hopes, but this is such a let down. Nothing good about this game, waste of time. Storywise its a major let down. Scene wise its only NTR(bad one) nothing about this game is enjoyable.
    [VN] [Others] [Completed] Sinful Mother [0x-x-x0]
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    The good
    --Beautiful renders
    --interesting characters
    --well executed NTR content

    The bad
    -- the game is narratively confusing without the family relationships that are in the incest patch

    This is a really interesting game based on what I've been able to play so far. The narrative structure is compelling. There's a mystery behind a lot of the characters and there's plenty of sex should you pursue it. It's not as comprehensible without the basic family relationships: a major problem with Patreon's unwillingness to allow incest in their games. But, it's a really interesting game when those elements are added back in.

    As for the NTR content, my attitudes tend to be divided depending on the game. I don't seek it out since I tend to identify with the MC. I have difficulty playing weak male characters when it features m/f content and I can't play them deliberately as female-dominated sissies.

    This is one of those games where I think it is really appropriate. Allowing the MC to get away with cheating on Miru without consequence doesn't do her character justice. She's portrayed as a sexually aggressive, feisty, fierce woman, who has an interesting backstory and is very capable in a fight.

    Choosing the non-NTR path tamps that down just so a potentially weak male character can have a harem where Miru is clueless . . . it just doesn't sit right with me. So, I'm happy with the NTR in this game. When enabled, it's still eminently avoidable if you don't cheat on Miru and tbh you deserve it if you do. That said, I kinda understand the Dev making the NTR optional for those wanting the male protagonist to be able to cheat on their clueless girlfriends consequence-free, but I think the game suffers this choice and is a better game when it's enabled.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Where It All Began [v0.3a] [Ocean]
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    Whooop-dee-doo! Another one of those crappy text-based games with stock photos taken from google images or whatever. Extremely grindy, a pain in the ass, overall boring. If you want a text-based games there's plenty of other, well made and actually finished text-based games out there. Stay away from this garbage.
    [HTML] That Girl I Love [v0.1e] [Takeda Katsuyori]
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    This game consist of a very solid character build up and personality that just keep us glued to the story.

    While some of us players might prefer a game that intrigues us and make us keen to resolve that one cliffhanger, some other are instead atracted by a more appealing sense of humour and a nice slice of life VN. And here is where this game has it forte.

    The game is incredibly good at making us laugh with each weird and crazy occurrence that the characters have, making it increasingly appealing for the player, accompained with a good writing. This game does not fail to keep us glued to it, constantly making us look forward for every update just to finally have a really good time.

    The only bad side I can find of this game are the slightly sloppy renders that can still be improved. However dont let this stop you, as the female characters are actually so incredibly sexy and cute just by reading what they have to say.

    Defs a must play game for everyone who enjoys a good slice of life and appreciates good comedy appart from the supperb writing.

    Much love, Neko
    [VN] [Ren'Py] My Sister, My Roommate [v12] [Sumodeine]
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    Kurukuru Fanatic is a Visual Novel starring staring a young man who returns from the dead and must find his killer within five days or else he dies again.

    Unfortunately the signs not only point to Fanuel, the angel who revived him, but also his three friends, all Yandere with their own agenda.
    [VN] [Others] [Completed] Kurukuru Fanatic [Final] [Chien]
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    The scenes are decent and overarching story is likeable. The different choices are not always the most obvious, but there is a minimenu to show whether you made the right decisions for each route. There is also different story routes that you could go through based on decisions made which I really think is the strong point since it flows well in the story.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Completed] Depraved Awakening [v1.0] [PhillyGames]