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    Played the game just today, and i have to say that this is possibly the best adult game i have played yet. The animations are beautiful. The character renders are out of this world. The story is absolutely amazing. I love the cyberpunk type of setting. Good game....
    [VN] [Ren'Py] City of Broken Dreamers [v0.1] [PhillyGames]
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    A really promising game,at this early stage 0.2 it has a more then decent amount of content.Story is very interesting and keeps you coming back for more,the renders are high quality and the animations are amazing in my opinion. Definitely a 5/5 stars game if nothing bad is added to it. Love the story btw.
    [Ren'Py] Primal Instinct [v0.02] [SilkandMilkProductions]
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    A game with hardly any content due to the stupid idea of creating two games in one (boy and girl).
    This translates into double the development time to increase the creator's bank account every month for a game in which you visit a house without doing anything.
    [Unity] Glamour [v0.12 Offline] [Dark Silver]
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    George Halstead

    Is a shame you cannot give negative stars to creators. Slonique is more about milking than completing anything. This is a sequel to a game that has no ending and no conclusions at all. If you like to be disappointed then try this or any of his games. Probably the WORST Dev ever on this site. Do not get into any game of his as you will likely be left feeling cheated in many ways. Ask any of us Ex-Patreons who go t tired of his ways.
    [Ren'Py] Love Thy Neighbor 2 [v0.3] [Slonique]
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    Good idea, excellent animations maybe too lineal, but i'm really expecting the future releases.
    My best wishes for the autor with this game, thinking about make my patronage.
    Love the sandbox structure and localizations too
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Betrayed [v0.3.6] [Joraell]
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    Review for v0.11

    I love this game. Definitely the best one I've played in a long time. Finally a sci-fi setting with a great story. I like the characters. The models and renders are great. Considering one of the plot points of the story the NTR doesn't bother me. It actually kind of makes sense.

    There are some grammatical errors every so often, but nothing bad enough to detract from the experience. A few of the sex animations are a little janky, but they serve their purpose.


    I was seriously confused when the asteroid showed up. Everything happened in maybe three frames. You see a large asteroid, something hit the ship, then you're over a red planet. At first I thought the red planet was Mars, until one of the characters said it was Earth. That whole sequence should have been much longer to flesh out the severity of the situation. Also what hit the ship...a small meteor? And was that creature on one of them? It's like the first meteor shower at the beginning of Armageddon happening in 2 seconds.

    That whole event should have been shown in much more detail. And how did the asteroid come out of nowhere? Does the ship not have sensors? Did the android not know it was coming?

    The whole asteroid part is my biggest problem with the game. And asteroid destroying Earth and having to find a new home is fine. The whole event just wasn't done very well.

    I really like this game regardless and am really looking forward to future updates. I really hope the creator stays on it.
    [Ren'Py] Forgotten Paradise [v0.11] [Void Star]
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    This is one of the best games developed with RPG Maker. The RPG mechanisms are excellent with a system of days of the week, mercenaries and fights that are quickly finished in auto mode. The system of corruption is also excellent: you will quickly be able to corrupt the poor sister instead of grind like crazy. And there is a package of costumes with skills to pick up, as in FF9. Too bad the translation is not complete
    [RPGM] [Completed] Haru-Uru: The Whore Quest of Yuna [Bibuya]
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    While the story was extremely short, it was very well done. Though the backstory of the main character was very ambiguous, the author's romantic development and how they link the MC's experience between the two different "worlds" creates a surreal scene, as if the night was the key to a place in which time and space are warped, distorted, and broken. Although the concept of lovers meeting and being separated by a gap in time and space, somewhat like Kimi no Na wa, the developer had managed to implement their own personal touches to the genre, adding some originality to the concept. Overall, it was an amazing, albeit short, read.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] One Last Salty Kiss [v1.2.0] [fullmontis]
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    So I decided to write something to rate this game, but before that...

    First, I see people complaining about getting "fucked" somehow no matter what you do, which is not completely true. Yes it might be scary at first to see those photos someone takes (not sure who) but in the end it doesn't affect to the point you'll be forced to something. You can avoid what you might not like if you play smart, sometimes you have to let them hear what they want and try to take advantage of what you have. So a walkthrough or hints might be good for those who prefer to see beforehand what to do or not do.

    I said in the first paragraph not getting screwed no matter what is not completely true. Well yes, in my case I haven't found a way to avoid the russian's(?) pencil but it didn't bother me because of the options you get.
    The other one you can't avoid it seems is Eve, or at least I haven't found how to. And this one is pretty big here, so I suggest the dev could work on something so you aren't forced to do Eve's scenes. As for myself I don't mind as that's my main focus and the reason I play this game, lesbians.

    Well that's all I guess, I am not sure what else isn't avoidable, not sure if I should mention Christine's change on clothes (I like them atm) but up to chapter 7 I enjoyed everything and only went on lesbians without being forced on other content.

    So I rate this game 5 stars because:

    _The pacing of "corruption" is good, not rushed neither slow.
    _Story is fine, it's not completely realistic, porn movies also have random stories, some are even ridiculous.
    _No grammar issues so far.
    _Very good characters design and clothing.
    _Lesbian + dom content <3. (hard/rare to see)
    _Has choices so you aren't just watching and clicking next.
    _FAST releases.
    _Decent (good for me) amount of content for each release considering how fast it is.

    I have nothing wrong to say against this game other than improvement on choices as it seems to be an issue based on reviews. Story is subjective, some like it, some don't, as for myself I am intrigued to see what's gonna happen next.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Descent [v0.8] [Ryder77]
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    I went into this game with low expectations, probably why I decided to give it five stars. It blew me away, or at the very least it exceeded my expectations, the way this game handles FUTA didn't make me cringe like some other games. I love the animated sex scenes, those are a big plus, the stat system is cool. All in all this is a good game, I would have only given it four stars but I decided to round up because it defied expectations.
    [Ren'Py] Futadom World - Binding Sim [v0.3a] [F.W.G.B.S.]
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    Barkin 10

    Not a bad start. Story line is plausible enough without going over the edge. The artwork is more like Erin Insurance use to be than the traditional KP style, but not bad after you get use to it.
    Good development so far so long as they don't drop it.
    Maybe just a little grindy so far as raising school point and earning money in the beginning , but bearable.
    [Ren'Py] Impossible Trainer [v0.0.4] [Three Foxes]
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    This game had a good pace at start but now, almost a stand still
    And holy crap the MC ain't worth much (Fucked if he do, fucked if he don't) and we shouldn't start talking about the other characters even
    This game should be tagged as Multiple Protagonists, since all other characters buttfuck the MC, that is so so so week to the level it's not even fun anymore
    To call MC Merlin is totally not right, MC is just a little boring errand boy for the other characters
    I know this is a so called VN, but to narrow path to keep interest up and the "quest map" or what to call it tend to frustrate me to pieces
    When i started to play the game, I was close to becoming a patreon, but now I'm REALLY HAPPY I didn't
    Starting to think 1 star even
    I'm on the Amelia & Demon part and it makes me wonder shouldn't MC be called Buttyboy instead of Merlin
    LOL finaly MC Merky grew babyballs
    Not putting it on ignore just yet, but at 99% for ignore now
    99.2% and counting
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Wizards Adventures [v0.5.3] [AdmiralPanda]
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    The following review is based off my personal experience with playing this Game/Visual Novel... I try to be as brutally honest and detailed as I can, and these are my own opinions and thoughts, from one or more play throughs... The version this review is based on is Episode 1 - Chapter 4....

    For being such an outlandish story concept, I just had to laugh at the absurdity, yet the story teller seems to pull it off with alright story telling... It is very obvious from early on, that this VN will involve some over used incest, so be aware...

    The visuals of the characters are good, not top of the line, but decent... Some of the characters don't look completely original, but they are fine... There are not a whole lot of backdrops, and they look a bit sterile, but they are ok... The nurses outfit is so not what real nurses wear, like ever, but what can you expect from this sort of VN/Game...

    The script, for the most part is good, outside of some occasional spelling/grammar mistakes... It does get a little long winded during the initial character introductions, as if they developers are REALLY trying to drive their initial points across, for why the characters are the way they are... Not fully sure who the actual main protagonist will be, as thus far this is a completely kinetic story... It could be the older female neighbor, or it could be the younger male, don't know, and it may not even matter if this stays a kinetic story...

    The plot premise is a bit far fetched, and such a stretch of the imagination... But there is some decent story telling, and somehow it pulls it off, as long as you just play along and dismiss the absurdity of it... It's not perfect story telling, but it is a valiant attempt to focus on good story telling...

    Each chapter is actually pretty short... Which may require a re-think... If you've ever read a book, chapters tend to be lengthy, keeping in line with a particular part of the story... If I had to imagine the current content, as short as it is, as being more then one chapter, I might go with 2... The first being the character introduction and plot setup, and the 2nd being the entire doctors visit... Not split up, like it is, into micro-chapters... But it is their baby to do as they will...

    Overall. because the visuals are decent for the most part, and there is a good attempt at good story telling, it was fun to read... The plot premise is a bit out there, but as long as you have some suspension of disbelief, then it's not too hard to just deal with it, out of pure curiosity, for how it will actually be handled... This is in essence a corruption story, and we'll have to wait and see how the developers really handle it... Will it go off the deep end, or be clever in it's approach to explaining things away? Only time will tell... I can see some potential, but just need to wait and see if it continues to show, and lives up to that, promise, while it continues to develop... I will check back at a much later date on this one, as it seems content is trickled out in tiny chapters... And I prefer to see larger amounts of additional content, on revisits...
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Six Times A Day [Ep.1 Ch.4] [Edgame]
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    This is a great game man. There arent many like it. i love the gameplay .First of all you have complete control over where and what the character does. The scenes and scenarios are good. Im just longing for more content. Overall Great game
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Holiday Islands [v0.10.1] [Devon Andersson]
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    This is definitely one of the most enjoyable eroge games I have ever played. Polished, wholesome, and sensual. overall just amazing. There is almost no grinding, yet the game paces itself well. The scene art is very well drawn, and the writing and translation are very good.
    [RPGM] [Completed] Do you have AKIRA Points? [Final] [Golden Fever]
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    So far I got all about the game! Guides latest patches, everything, so thanks for the post. And I do not have anything else to say so I am just filling the 200 words / characters, also why does it have to be 200? Seems like a lot and I am a man of few words xD
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Kingdom of Deception [v0.8.3] [Hreinn Games]
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    The following review is based off my personal experience with playing this Game/Visual Novel... I try to be as brutally honest and detailed as I can, and these are my own opinions and thoughts, from one or more play throughs... The version this review is based on is v0.4.1...

    This VN/Game is your typical relationship grinder, but not as good as others I've played/read...

    The visuals are typical of Honey Select Asian themed characters... The background are somewhat unique... The animations are a little lower quality in some cases, for HS style animations, but average over all...

    The script is a mix of broken English, with some spelling/grammar errors... The plot, what little there really is, revolves around a male protagonist who tricks his way into managing a bar/club where only female characters work... His overall goal is to have his way with the women, while also trying to make money for the establishment... There really isn't much in the way of story with this one, as it is pretty much grinding away at repetitive actions/events until you open new content... Each female character has either a Love route or an Obedience route...

    The grind in this one is a bit more tedious then in others of this gameplay style I've played/read... Mostly because it's a 24 hour day, and the only way to skip time is by watching porn or chatting in a porn forum for 1 hour each time... And that means going all the way to the office, opening the laptop, and selecting one of those options each time... There are some events and things you can eventually open up that can also fill the game day, but it is a very tedious way to skip time... There really should have been a button added to the UI for skipping time... In any case, expect a lot of repetition in order to raise various stats with each character...

    There is a game over function, revolved around money... You begin with 3000 dollars, and some actions/events cost money... And because there is varying daily overhead, you have to come up with creative ways to increase the income, and not over spend... If the money ever reaches zero, then game over... It's not too terribly hard once you figure stuff out, but it's still an ever present concern... The grind in this game is rather high, but the content opens up quickly as stats grow...

    Expect some repetitive scenes... The biggest one is going to the beach every Tuesday, which I really think is a bug... Because it doesn't fit well into that characters progression, once it's been experienced one time... And forcing it on the user every game week is annoying, and feels like it wasn't supposed to do that, at least not without player consent...

    I really didn't like how the developers handled the protagonists outlook for the Penny character, just because she has a little bit of meat on her bones, and she has a slight femdom personality... I thought she looked a bit more natural that way, and she wasn't some over the top personality... She just had a fetish that she wanted to play out now and then... But the protagonist isn't necessarily the nicest of guys in this one...

    Overall, this is a very basic Relationship Grinder, with very little meaningful story... Not all the female characters have content yet, as this game is still in development... The content is really just a porn fest, with 2 route choices per character... Expect some annoying repetition and poor time mechanics... Some of the scenes are a bit unique in how they play out, with each character having it's own personality... And in the long run, the believability of this whole VN/Game is basically thrown out the window, being just another porn fest... I liked some of the story arcs, a tiny bit, but they tended to be short, which is a bit of a let down... There is definitely room for some improvement, if the developers decide to seize the opportunity... Will I revisit this one? Probably not, as it's just too generic in it's current state... It will really depend on the developers doing some rethinking and fixing of the issues it has... It's early enough to do that, if they care to even bother... Guess we'll have to wait and see...
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Hot Kitty BAR [v0.4.1] [Jester555]
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    Wow. What a shitshow this is.

    The mom and sis are hot models but that is the only thing I can possible give any praise too.

    2 mins into the game the MC is being anally raped by his sister while eating some other guys cum off his mother. WHAT THE FUCK is this abomination of a game?!

    Dev should take these models and scrap the entire rest of the game. Just an absolute travesty such good assets are wasted on this cess pool of a game. For fucks sake what a disaster. o_O
    [Ren'Py] Stolen Destiny [Demo v2.0] [Liebrio]
  19. 5.00 star(s)


    Phenomenal story telling. It's refreshing to a MILF story without it being incest. We've become drawn to a single genre but there are so many ways to express it.
    Pretty models. I wish the grammar was more consistent but beyond that, we're just picking at straws.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] A Mother's Love [Part 3 Plus] [OrbOrigin]
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    renders and graphic are very good, but that's the only positive thing in this game until now. story so so. the functionality are lacking. interface seems hard and lagging also buggy. the game seems quite broken so far (vers 0.2) and not much content available
    [Unity] Midnight Paradise [v0.2] [Lewdlab]