1. Rance H2O

    [Video] 5215 Hanna The Tester [MONICA ROSSI]

    Overview: Hanna, a special woman ...... for a special job. At BWJ corporate there are many employees, but Hanna is the best. She is in charge of testing the new models of androids. what makes Hanna a special employee is that she likes this job. I believe that no man would be able to satisfy her...
  2. playb0y44

    [Ren'Py] Distant Realities [v0.1] [Rewop] 4.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Distant Realities is a collection of short erotic stories in multiple genres. It exists in the form of an interactive game (kinetic novel), and a gallery of individual images as well. Thread Updated: 2019-06-24 Release Date: 2019-06-21 Developer: Rewop - PATREON - itch.io Censored...
  3. StJesuz

    [HTML] The Realm of Lucira [v0.37a] [Sylen]

    Overview: "Who will you be? The mysterious figure, not from this world? The savage mercenary with a grueling past? Or the back alley slut every citizen dumps their load into? The Realm is an interactive experience, where you choose who you want to be, male or female, and your choices shape your...
  4. M

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Project Short Tale [v0.1] [PHWAMM] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: A Story about a couple having fun on the beach. Thread Updated: 2019-06-23 Release Date: 2019-06-21 Developer: PHWAMM Patreon - Discord Censored: No Version: 0.1 OS: Windows, Linux Language: English Genre: Installation: Changelog: DOWNLOAD Win, Linux: MEGA - WORKUPLOAD - ANONFILE
  5. Rance H2O

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Take Me Sweet [v0.01a] [RiveraLove] 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Now is the beginning of summer and you just graduated from college, but at the end of the summer you enter the university. You also need to find a job. Also you are waiting for other interesting adventures. Thread Updated: 2019-06-24 Release Date: 2019-06-22 Developer: RiveraLove...
  6. Rance H2O

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Lewd Story [Build 2 v2] [HornyMonster] 2.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: After mysterious incident in your hometown, you move to a nearby city to study at a university. You will have to live with your si... I wanted to say with your childhood friend. You are bound by a common secret, and you don't know how it will affect your relationship with her. You also...
  7. Alexander Krisnov

    [Collection] LoriYaoi Collection [Loriyaoi]

    Overview: A Shemale art collection made by loriyaoi Updated: 2019-06-23 Developer/Publisher: Loriyaoi - Patreon Censorship: None Language: None Resolution: 1920x1080, 700x1080 Pages: 50 Genre: Installation: Change-log: Download:MEGA - WORKUPLOAD - ZIPPY - NOPY
  8. StJesuz

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Blood Lust [v1.5] [DarkCandy19]

    Overview: Steve Burnwood is a man who lost news from his girlfriend for 6 months. However, shortly after that Merah brought a videotape obtained from a drug dealer to Steve. Sarah Brennan, Steve's girlfriend, on that tape.. she told Steve to just forget about her. Steve could not stay silent, he...
  9. Ryahn

    [Others] [Completed] Super Naughty Maid 2 [Final] [KENZsoft]

    Overview: Leona, your cute and lewd maid is back for more in Super Naughty Maid 2! With her services coming to an end, she wants to see how her beloved master has improved as she puts him to the test. Thread Updated: 2019-06-22 Release Date: 2019-06-21 Developer: KENZsoft DLSite Censorship: No...
  10. curinda

    [Collection] [Pinup] Puppetmaster Collection [Puppetmaster]

    Overview: Puppetmaster is creating 3DX Adult Games & Videos (this is images collection, not a game) Developer/Publisher: Puppetmaster/ https://www.patreon.com/puppetmaster / https://affect3d.com/tag/puppetmaster/ Censorship: No Language: no text Pages: 37 Genre: Installation...
  11. curinda

    [Collection] [Pinup] JMC3DX Collection [JMC3DX]

    Overview: NSFW Daz3D artist (Freelance / commissions) Developer/Publisher: JMC3DX/ https://twitter.com/JMC3DX / https://jmc3dx.wixsite.com/jmc3dx/daz3d Censorship: No Language: no text Pages: 189 Genre: Installation: Change-log: Download: MEGA - NOPY - UPFILE - WORKUPLOAD
  12. curinda

    [Comics] [Collection] [Pinup] GailenM Collection [GailenM]

    Overview: 3d futa art with monster girls and demons Developer/Publisher: GailenM/ https://www.deviantart.com/talonge Censorship: No Language: English Pages: 355 Genre: Installation: Change-log: Collection List Download: Download: MEGA - NOPY - OPENLOAD - WORKUPLOAD
  13. TeamH

    [Unity] [Completed] Memorable Girl 3D ~Otome no Kishi [Final] [Mach*Gori]

    Overview: A knightess from heaven alights on earth to defeat the demonic scourge that is tormenting the people. Thread Updated: 2019-06-21 Release Date: 2015-04-16 Developer: Mach Gori DLsite Censored: Yes Version: Final OS: Windows Language: English Genre: Installation: DOWNLOAD Win: MEGA...
  14. dankdick

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Sugar Daddies [v0.1] [Warped Animation] 3.30 star(s) 4 Votes

    Overview: "Sugar Daddies." It is the story of a group of young girls who are supported by sugar daddies. The story takes place on "Auro Digger Island." "Auro" is the Samoan word for gold. You will play as the "love" interest of one of the girls. You are a recently retired former businessman, who...
  15. Chyos

    [RPGM] A Struggle With Sin [v0.1] [Chyos] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: A Struggle With Sin is the story of a fantasy world in the midst of a civil war. Rising taxes and raids by orcs and bandits make each villager act according to their own needs first. Will you become like the others in this corrupt society? Or will you stay true to yourself and find a...
  16. StJesuz

    [Others] Police Gun [Free Public Demo v0.11] [Caciotta]

    Overview: Your name is Fred Gunny and you are a rookie on the Gunstown police force. It's your first day at your new job in a station after police academy graduation. Thread Updated: 2019-06-20 Release Date: 2019-06-02 Developer: Caciotta - Patreon - Discord Censored: No Version: Public Free...
  17. 7767

    [Unity] Star Wars: Path of Lust [Tech Demo] [StarLordGames]

    Overview: In a far, far away galaxy is restless. In the midst of the Clone Wars, the battles between the Republic and the Separatists are fiercer. The Galactic Senate is concerned about the growing number of rumors spread from the edges of the galaxy. A mysterious group of mercenaries kidnaps...
  18. N7

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Come Inside [v0.1] [ttll] 4.60 star(s) 22 Votes

    Overview: You're a young artist. One day you made yourself a promise and it was time to keep it. You returned to the city, where you spent the best months of your life, after several years of absence. A lot has changed - now you can afford an expensive house, a motorcycle, and investments...
  19. TeamH

    [Unity] [Completed] Sleep F*cking [Final] [No Limit] 2.00 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: How long can I play a trick during sleep!!! This is a 3D real-time simulator. You can move the camera freely. Press the SleepUp button to make her less likely to get up. Thread Updated: 2019-06-18 Release Date: 2019-02-09 Developer: No Limit DLsite Censored:Yes Version:Final OS...
  20. Pinguino47

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Sliced [v0.0.1 Demo] [Sventra] 4.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: MC, because of an incident we still don't know about, has a second and more aggressive personality that bothers him everyday... Until MC and his double personality find this tinted redhead on the beach. Thread Updated: 2019-06-18 Release Date: 2019-06-18 Developer: Sventra F95Zone -...