1. StJesuz

    [HTML] The Realm of Lucira [v0.37a] [Sylen]

    Overview: "Who will you be? The mysterious figure, not from this world? The savage mercenary with a grueling past? Or the back alley slut every citizen dumps their load into? The Realm is an interactive experience, where you choose who you want to be, male or female, and your choices shape your...
  2. curinda

    [Comics] [Collection] [Pinup] GailenM Collection [GailenM]

    Overview: 3d futa art with monster girls and demons Developer/Publisher: GailenM/ https://www.deviantart.com/talonge Censorship: No Language: English Pages: 355 Genre: Installation: Change-log: Collection List Download: Download: MEGA - NOPY - OPENLOAD - WORKUPLOAD
  3. Pinguino47

    [RPGM] Latex Dungeon Remake [2019-05-29] [zxc]

    Overview: You play as Raven, a heroine trying to help the people in need. You fight monster, lose and get raped, win and you get exp. Thread Updated: 2019-06-21 Release Date: 2019-05-29 Developer: zxc Patreon Censored: No Version: 2019-05-29 Previous game: Latex Dungeon OS: Windows Language...
  4. TeamH

    [Others] [Completed] Mugen - Sailor Sex [Final] [FireAmethyst]

    Overview: This version of the MUGEN fighting game is completely devoted to the anime "Sailor Moon". The game carefully selected the best hentai-character versions (there are 66 of them, including the main characters of the series), as well as the best erotic arenas for battles (there are 35)...
  5. TeamH

    [Unity] [Completed] Memorable Girl 3D ~Otome no Kishi [Final] [Mach*Gori]

    Overview: A knightess from heaven alights on earth to defeat the demonic scourge that is tormenting the people. Thread Updated: 2019-06-21 Release Date: 2015-04-16 Developer: Mach Gori DLsite Censored: Yes Version: Final OS: Windows Language: English Genre: Installation: DOWNLOAD Win: MEGA...
  6. TeamH

    [Others] [Completed] Molestation Game in Fatherless Family [Final] [Sistny]

    Overview: This is a dodging game using a mouse that you molest a mother in the house. Animations are in pixel art. This work is translated into English. Thread Updated: 2019-06-21 Release Date: 2018-09-18 Developer: Sistny DLsite Censored:Yes Version: Final OS: Windows Language: English...
  7. TeamH

    [Others] [Completed] Molesting Mother [Final] [Sistny] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Let's molest a lactating mother behind her husband's back using a mouse. Thread Updated: 2019-06-21 Release Date: 2018-11-08 Developer: Sistny DLsite Censored: Yes Version: Final OS: Windows Language: English Genre: Installation: DOWNLOAD Win: MEGA - WORKUPLOAD - DRIVE
  8. TeamH

    [RPGM] [Completed] Nina The Fighter [Final] [Im Seventeen Forever] 1.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Defeat H - Of course, defeat means violation! Nina will drown in pleasure. - The proud Nina is corrupted by pleasure, and throws away her pride as a fighter to become a cock loving slut! Story The cocky fighter Nina was on a journey to become the ultimate fighter. She hears about an...
  9. TeamH

    [RPGM] [Completed] Academy Investigator Yamako [Final] [Nekoshaku]

    Overview: Yamako had been an ordinary school girl. One day after school, she had been staying late studying in the library. She finished studying and was about to head home when suddenly the room went dark, and she was raped by an unknown man who she couldn't make out. This event was a...
  10. TeamH

    [Unity] [Completed] Sleep F*cking [Final] [No Limit] 2.00 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: How long can I play a trick during sleep!!! This is a 3D real-time simulator. You can move the camera freely. Press the SleepUp button to make her less likely to get up. Thread Updated: 2019-06-18 Release Date: 2019-02-09 Developer: No Limit DLsite Censored:Yes Version:Final OS...
  11. jb281472

    [Unreal] 69 Days After [Demo] [Noxious Games] 3.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: "A little over 2 months ago society collapsed, a viral infection is causing the dead to rise and eat the living. We have found refuge in a small cottage inside a shallow gorge, along a river bed. We don't know how long we will be able to survive here, or how the rest of the world is...
  12. BrokenTorpedo

    [RPGM] Queen in Deficit [v0.06c] [BrokenTorpedo]

    Overview: In this game you play as a newly crowned queen of a little kingdom, who has to pick up after her father's untimely death. And how she found out that she could solving many of her problems sexually. Thread Updated: 2019-06-22 Release Date: 2019-06-22 Developer: BrokenTorpedo Blogspot -...
  13. TeamH

    [Others] [Completed] GANBARE! Tentacle [Final] [haguruma-biscuit] 4.00 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: * You are tentacles from another world: entwine the girls! * A tentacle-style action shooting game. Control the protagonist Syokusyu-kun, a phlegmy slime monster who grabs and punishes female knight, fighter, mage, scientist, etc. Thread Updated: 2019-06-16 Release Date: 2016-05-18...
  14. curinda

    [Collection] [Video] DrEzaL Collection [Patreon] [DrEzaL]

    Overview: DrEzaL is creating that kind of MMD and SFM (sex with insects) Developer/Publisher: DrEzaL/ https://www.patreon.com/DrEzaL Censorship: No Language: sound/music Video: 6 Format: .mp4 Length: 01:30-10:00 Genre: Installation: Change-log: Download: MEGA - NOPY - ANONFILE -...
  15. darkenergy100

    [RPGM] [Completed] Interspecies Violation: Sextreme Dungeon [2018-10-07] [Onna Kishi no Shiro] 2.30 star(s) 3 Votes

    Overview Youmu Konpaku goes deep into a dungeon led by Koakuma for the purpose of training and help to others. However, she later finds that the dungeon is a "Sextreme Dungeon" where many different monsters are crawling around and violate girls for their reproduction! The game is an Action RPG...
  16. koinzell-

    [RPGM] [Completed] Ideology in Friction [v1.04] [ONEONE1/Kagura Games] 4.00 star(s) 7 Votes

    Overview: Ideology in Friction is the story of two knights, Clacier and Annette. They're forced into an impossible situation where they must make a decision that would change their entire lives. What will become of these two knights? Find out in Ideology in Friction! Thread Updated: 2019-06-18...
  17. dankdick

    [VN] [Others] [Completed] SU543 [Final] [Hoi Hoi Hoi]

    Overview: In the age when human beings protected themselves against environmental pollution by staying in a domed city, I had met her who appeared in front of me as a teacher. Her name's called Aina. Today, after school, I was attacked by her again... Thread Updated: 2019-06-13 Release Date...
  18. koinzell-

    [RPGM] [Completed] Bulma Adventure 3 [Final] [YamamotoDoujinshi] 5.00 star(s) 3 Votes

    Overview: Third installment of the Bulma Adventure saga. Bulma will be persecuted and raped by Feeza's soldiers on an unknown green planet. Thread Updated: 2019-06-11 Release Date: 2019-06-11 Developer: YamamotoDoujinshi DLSite Censored: Yes OS: Windows Language: English Store: Dlsite Genre...
  19. Rance H2O

    [VN] [Others] My Hunting Adventure Time [v0.2] [EverKyun] 3.00 star(s) 4 Votes

    Overview: Beta you watching Mum got cucked while fapping to it. SS for NTR fans = NTR Saga Thread Updated: 2019-06-19 Release Date: 2019-06-18 Developer: EverKyun Patreon - Twitter - Discord Censored: No Version: 0.2 OS: Windows, Mac Language: English Genre: Installation: Changelog...
  20. Rance H2O

    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Completed] AEW214 [Final] [Hoi Hoi Hoi]

    Overview: One day, I found a naked girl in my room when I got back. "——I'm Amaryllis, a fairy called to fulfill your sexual desire." Thread Updated: 2019-06-10 Release Date: 2019-03-12 Developer: Hoi Hoi Hoi Website Publisher: DLsite - Itch.io Censored: Yes - Mosaics Version: Final OS...