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Aug 18, 2016
In the past a cult headed by the Warlock Kurndorf used the "Book of Control" to exert their domination over the town of Glenvale. Kurndorf was killed and the cult disbanded.
Since then the legendary book has become lost, but you are determined to locate it and use it's power, either to help your family and others, or to gain the power of the spells within the book​

Game Info:
Developer / Publisher: -
Version: 14.9.0
OS: Win
Language: English
Physical transformations, possessions, Bimbo, Domination, Sex, Lesbian

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Index.HTML to start playing.

1 - Download and copy into your game installation.
2 - Unzip the archive to the current folder (ie extract here) overwriting all files when asked. Merge any folders if asked as well.

  • Bug fixes
  • Better handling for image substitutions for gif/jpg, for modding/personal preferences etc
  • Start game changes to select theme and futa gender
  • Two new player avatars, Faye Reagan and Stephan
  • Major rearrange of image folders in the game - main Explicit folder is gone
  • Notes in your phone now uses tabs and other small changes
  • Jessica revisions to her events and new post Seance event by Northwind. Extensive scenes if you free her, some if you do not
  • Elian - you can survive the encounter with her and meet her later
  • Shower with people at home, and others can interrupt or join you, but only so often
  • People can dance at the strip-club once you ask Jade about it
  • - you can dance at the strip-club (male or female)
  • Amy and Charlie
  • - Charlie can initially be male or female
  • - meet and charm Charlie at the Gym (after fully charming Adele)
  • - transform Charlie male to female and female to male - repeatable!
  • - more of the story is not implemented as of 14.9, please wait for 14.9.1
  • Charm Nella the Bank Security Guard, 3 versions based on where you do it
  • - bondage play with Victoria opens up
  • Emily the HR staff at the Town Hall
  • Town control events with Mayor Thomas sometime after Emily and Officer Batton are charmed
  • - Nudist encounters around town after selecting the option
  • Vampyre Lilith changes
  • - Vampyre Dreaming (by Northwind)
  • - new model for most images, Romi Rain
  • - she will go swimming with you + sex scene
  • - she will dance at the strip club + sex scene
  • - scenes with Alison at her home, including lesbian and threesome
  • - needs to be invited in/can be told to wait outside
  • Ghost Keana event at the strip club and showering
  • Altered scene for Davy and Tina
  • Placeholder charm scene for Davy (male and female)
  • End Game changes
  • - you can choose to see all possible scenes
  • - additional pregnant scenes for Kate and Mrs Granger, Diane, Miss Beasley, Didi, Catherine, Adele, Carol and Miku (only seen if Miss. Logan is bred)
  • - scene for Davy
  • - scenes for the Cult at the Church
  • - more scenes for your harem and others
  • Nina has an apartment you can visit
  • Louise has an apartment you can visit
  • Alison has an apartment you can visit
  • Monique minimal charm
  • - re-charm Monique - only at home after the minimal charm
  • Miss Logan has a home you can visit, here is a reason to visit her home alone

- Angela has an apartment you can visit at night
- you can spend the night with Angela, Sister Desiree, Mother Superior, Sarah (murder path), Lauren (in the guest room), Sofia (murder path)
- some of the popup images can now be selected as phone wallpapers, this will be extended to all in future

- Angela can be transformed (BE), thanks to Shadowhunter9
- a small event that can happen when you first encounter Pamela, but will also happen later if you miss it, daytime only
- a small reminder in the early game of the notes in your phone when you first pickup Mr Beasley's paper
- when using the taxi the game WILL NOT prevent you going somewhere without enough money to return, like reality
- there are events at the Mansion and Church allowing you to get back to town if you have no money/mana and do not know the tunnels. Call Mom is a common option, but only available if she is home or at work. Apprentice path Sir Ronald will help and Pamela will help. This is not comprehensive, if you try hard enough you can get trapped at the Mansion in the early game

- it was possible to lose the ability to charm Carol if you failed to charm her at the right moment. If this happens the option to have Kristin visit her opens up
- You could miss the option to have Kristin visit Carol if you were not forceful. In this case a SMS will be received giving another chance
- starting the Conspiracy path you could take a taxi and get stuck. The ghost now freaks out the taxi driver
- some changes to the construction road and hexagrams, and to the 'you are here' icon
- Fixes for the conference and Gabby, the Mayor option could be lost
- some fixes for Miss Logan

- fixes a bug for the porn magazines in your bedroom and adds a few more but no other changes over the 14.8.2 update recently posted.

- new theme from alucardnoir
- Repeat sex scenes for Sofia (office and limo)
- small fixes from the 14.8.1 including not being able to enscibe hexagram at the library, a couple of items duplicating and missing images. Also an issue for sex scenes with Mrs Robbins.
- When Tess and John are home, explained a bit more that Tess will not leave until you sort out John
- Endgame scenes for Legion and Kate if they leave Glenvale
- Endgame scene for Miss Logan if you breed her (as a male) with additional scene for Officer Smith
- Recharm Miss Logan
- Sightings of Aunt Brandi if you meet Kylie away from school
- Image revisions for Kate with different sets at home post Davy depending on her charm state
- Image revisions for Miss Logan and Mrs Tanika. Image and text changes, and a new Tess/Tanika scene
- 1/5 chance of seeing non-explicit images even when explicit images are selected to give more variety of images
- more hydromancy visions
- small image changes to depersonalise some images

- Re-charm Anita and some small fixes for her and her bed image
- charm Tracy at the pool
- more Dr Kay at the hotel and school
- Gina in her bathroom, a small scene post charm
- Some fallback events and alterations to timing for some events to remove 'key locations', including some new SMS's from Sarah
- Image revisions and additions for Monique at the library
- more hydromancy visions
- changes to help and walkthroughs to add Capacitors walkthrough. Also added Mom/Gabby walkthrough by Northwind to the apprentice walkthrough

Save compatible with version 14.7 or later.

Version 14.8

full story for Mom and Gabby, replaces the previous temporary charm scene for Mom
A basic end game once you have substantial control of Glenvale
Fix a number of reported typos and some discovered personally
Small bug fixes, including image tweaks for 'going to bed'
small dialogue changes to tweak, add images, or clarify event/quest flow
Inventory can be in a popup windows, and some other changes to improve mobile support. Including a minor rearrange of the start game screen
New bad ending in the Robbins Home
New character Melissa (by Northwind)
New character Didi
New character Doctor Tina (by hjp766)
New character Jade (CANNOT BE CHARMED) and the Avernus strip-club she is based out of. Scenes with the thrall Seraphina
Expanded sex scene dialogues for Mrs. Robbins, Anita, Bambi
New use for clairvoyance, hydromancy. Several places it can be used with different effects. Some hint type visions, others just porn scenes
Mrs Granger has different outfits depending on charm type
Tracy, Mrs Granger and Janet can be re-charmed to alter the level of their charm
Catherine can be charmed later in her bedroom if you choose not to earlier
Catherine has a new event in her bedroom discussing her past photoshoots and watch her videos
Strap-on fuck scene for Catherine
Abby has an apartment you can visit (post Miku initial visit)
Diane White has an apartment to visit (post missing document quest)
Minor books of magical knowledge (for people that you do not enslave like Ms Titus/Catherine in some options). Monique will find some, others can be found in homes etc
Anita will now visit the General Store twice on the Apprentice/Conspiracy paths
Some clarifying dialogues when starting the old key quest for Sir Ronald
Small variants of Monique's scene in the History classroom, Debra's initial meeting, Kate's study event at the library
Some dreams at night when sleeping, none have plot significance currently, EXCEPT only can lead to a bad ending. The Pink Noise app disables all non-plot dreams
Kylie can be called and met at times
Alison works out in the Gym after you charm her and can be met there
If Tess is at the library she will return home at night (only matters once charmed). Similarly Leanne will leave the graveyard at night before...
New bad ending - demon slave to Elian
Tracy will now spend the evenings in the living room, which can be visited at any time. You can wach TV with her to pass time (special once she is charmed), and there is a snack event. Also a one-off video of Mom
You can invite some people to join you for a swim at the Hotel Pool. Note: Louise, Tess have some variations most others are fairly generic
You can rename your character using the cheat menu
Small changes to Angela's coffee event, creating break room</li>
Some people have new non-plot SMS's, Mrs Robbins, Panels, Louise (pool related),
Mayor Thomas has a home you can visit her at, with threesome scene with Diane once you know of her apartment and at the right time
You can ask Mrs Tanika to stop visiting at night (lover charm only)
Added some more default wallpaper images by request, more gender mixed set
Jesse will recover with minor events, NOT charmable
You can transform John Adams, 2 models(MTF)
Sex scenes with Miss Logan when she is at the Pool on the weekends
Keana can inhabit the Crystal Ring (from Mia) and act as a Soul Bound Crystal
Tina can become a vampyre
Tina can be your follower and free people - pre and post Vampyre change. Additional can be orders to pleasure female slaves
You can tell the vampyre to leave you for the current night, she will return the following nightfall
On the murder path you can kill the vampyre ONLY if Sarah gains control of her, this locks out the Tina events. On all paths you can refuse Sarah's request for help with the vampyre.
Expanded sex scene after feeding
Small fixes for them detecting if someone is present for feeding

better support for mobile browsers
- more icons for minimised inventory bar, and time for minimised left bar
- new person Miku
- expanded text for sex scenes with Mrs. Granger
- more scenes for Leanne at home and some initial queries for her
- new character Camryn
- post charm scenes for Mother Superior
- Bambi BE transformation
- examine the crystal for a clue if a person can be transformed
- new character Mia</li>
- Bambi can take turns guarding Davy
- phone upgrades with a larger screen and rotate option for some options. You can suppress sms notifications, and there is a display of unread sms messages
- Missing Document story arc for Diane White
- random encounters with town people
- teleport can use a map now
- small Kate changes, photos of Kate from Davy's phone, ask for the necklace back, simple post charm/lover content
- Basic transformation of Mr. Beasley. 3 variations, all transgender. Only simple follow up sex, no events with Catherine
- Mom can return home from work and then start working days

14.6.2 Change Log
Fixes (not a complete list)
- some typos
- vampyre does not heal
- another case where the vampyre swap event does not trigger
- part of the charm Sofia event starting for the charmed/comspiracy path
- some issues where the blond lock could be duplicated
- Kate appearing charmed when you had not charmed her
- the Vase getting duplicated
- transgender flag being reset
- more images have eye colour edits that had been missed previously
- Jenny not charmable in the storeroom without Shielded Charm
- Bambi vanishing at times, either when Davy is killed or moved to the cellar

Additionally the following changes have been done

- added some additional images for the Thrall the demon leaves behind (Lucy was her name, model Lucie Lansen or Zoey McDonald or Zoey Fox to name a few names she uses), some different sex images and some additional dialogues with her and with Bambi about her
- some more images for the exorcised Jesse to show her in the room recovering
- some game play notes when you start a new game for some things new players miss at times
- a new option when you start a game, explorer, that means you know all common locations at the start of the game. Currently it covers streets/common buildings/public spaces.
- Ross house and Leanne's house are now always accessible, except until the time in the game you now see them you will get no answer, decide to see them elsewhere etc
- a new magazine in your stash to enable/disable transgender content for those who miss/do not understand the call from Jesse. Note it is the last of the explicit magazines
Note: if transgener/futa content matters to you the phone call from Jesse is not essential with this, just check the magazine.
- a fallback event to ensure Diane White will always eventually appear
- sex scenes when you first charm Madison are now available for non-explicit games
- the 'ungrateful bitch' option for Kate is available in more cases
- Catherine/Adele(US) threesome image for male player has been changed with a head-swap edit
- some locations images (park, alley) change based on the situation
- you can now use the Silver Ring on the Vampyre when Sarah has her bound for bad ends. Also a bad end if you use it at the wrong time in the swap event
- when you look in the mirrors in the Hidden Room it will give some information on earned experience and spent experience.

14.6.1 change log

- Vampyre over feeding was broken
- Transgender flag could get reset in the final events for Legion, prevented Davy being transformed
- Swap event for the Vampyre was not quite enabling. NOTE: it will also be limited to night time as is appropriate for the vampyre, Can also appear now if you enter the Mansion via the Pass spell or from the guest room
- fixed some image/text issues for the Vampyre when she is controlled by Sarah
- a broken image for Angela
- deleting images from the photos in your phone was broken for Chrome browsers
- using the cheat menu to wait on the construction road caused a blank event
- a case where Leanne is not rescuable if you avoided the Graveyard. If you have this re-visit Leanne the thrall in Mother Superior's room
- a problem learning the 'Unlife Enspelled' spell if you do not have the book
- 'Wait for Darkness' option with Sarah was workong oddly

- Adele in her final charm has her eyes tinted
- charmed Catherine has her eyes tinted
- group images in your bedroom have their eyes tinted
- new apps added to your phone, mostly relocated from the left bar. Also moved the setting for the alarm clock
- a new book is added to the History Classroom. A fallback for a case where the Hotel Plans were unavailable. Not sure how it happened so this is a just in case fallback

14.6 Change log
small bugs fixed and many typos corrected. Including a long standing multiple item issue
new themes, dark colour and item icons
new photo system for your phone
new address book in your phone, including limited cases of making calls to known people (3 cases currently, 2 repeatable)
new apps for your phone to change some game settings
a storage chest in your room including a porn stash that also toggles explicit content on/off. Quite a few magazines, some fakes, other real ones the models in the game have appeared in
Nurse Sandra has an alternate model in the UK setting
Keana the ghost can move to your house, several variations, notably with Sister Desiree
new bad ending by Northwind with charmed Tracy. Hint: save before spending your first night at home
new group meeting at the Town Hall by marked20
new character, Alison, the weekend waitress at the Restaurant, but you first need to meet her somewhere else
Mother Superior can be transformed, two variations, mutually exclusive (futa and BE)
Anita takes care of Davy events
Tracy first aid event
expanded text and events for Ms. Jones
expanded text and events for Hannah and Monique .Monique shares an apartment with her friend Hannah. Revised scenes at the Mechanics Shop with Hannah. Also some image changes including strap-on images for her. New text for her sex scenes
revised scenes for Monique at the library
new SMS messages
additional transform events for the player, all genders (BE and Cock Expansion in addion to existing futa)
small changes for consistency, and some text is expanded to clarify what is happening
alterations to the Robbins house for Pass and Silver Ring
revised Robbins threesomes and a foursome with Mayor Thomas
new character Sofia, the chauffeur. She can only be charmed on the Murder path
Davy ambush event leading to Tracy first aid event. Also she reacts if you are shot. Mom also gets new reaction to shooting
repeat sex for Kylie at the sports fields
updated text for masturbate scene for Tina and a little additional dialogue
updated separate sex scenes for John Adams and Mrs Beasley with male player
location descriptions will vary once you have a location controlled (a work in proress)
basic male to female transformation for Davy Robbins. Very little post transform content
revised scenes for Angela and Mayor Thomas + a threesome
revised sex scenes for Tracy with threesomes and some 'faked' image edits
Catherine and Adele Ross can be charmed, with threesome after Adele is fully charmed. Note: augmented hypnosis is required to charm Adele finally
Adele has a different model in the UK and US locales
repeat sex scene for Tess in your bedroom
Ms. Titus has a home you can visit, with simple sex and sleep the night events. You will only think of asking about it after certain events in game happen (just a game balance thing currently, it will change)

1.45 Changes (General)

- days of the week, some places are closed on Sat, Sun
- a revised save game system, including the ability to use indexedDB saves and you can now sort save games
- the game remembers some selections like if the left/right bars are expanded across saves or running a new game. Same for some selections when you start a new game
- the town map should work dynamically for all browsers except Safari, where it will be a fixed view of all possible locations
- small UI changes

Changes (Story)

- the Conspiracy path is fully playable. To start refuse Sir Ronald's offer of being his apprentice and then return home. Please note testers have noted this is a harder mode of playing the game with mana and money tighter. This path also has a range of custom events
  • events with Lauren at the hotel
  • different meeting with Sarah
  • encounters with the delivery girl Zoey
  • encounter with the vampyre when she is charmed by Sarah
- there is a variant of the way you charm Tess
Spoiler: try leaving immediately after charming her

If you are quick and resolve the event there is the potential to enslave Ms. Titus without using the Charm spell
- new character introductions written by marked20
- new event with Mayor Thomas and Kristin written by marked20
- you can charm Zoey the delivery girl
Spoiler: can happen 1 day after visiting Madison at work

- when meeting Mrs Granger at the museum for the Vase, if you tell her to go home then you can just attack Gina yourself. If you do there are alternate events to meet Megan the ICU nurse and for the charmed path, to meet and charm Officer Khan
Megan - visit Bambi in her room at night
Officer Khan - then visit the Gym in the daytime and after that on Wed, Sat day times

- you can only charm a person if you know their name. A few people have small requirements to ask other people who they are, or look up a work roster etc
- additional events for Donna written by marked20
- revised charm and repeat sex scenes for Ms Jones written by Northwind. Some images for her changed to match
- some image changes for Gina
- model for DA White changed to Nicole Aniston
- model for Sir Ronald Gates changed
- repeat sex for Bambi improved, placeholder text currently

EDIT: a fixed version to correct some reported issues
EDIT: more fixes and small changes
EDIT: more fixes and small changes
- Nella can be charmed in 3 places, these are alternates, Kristin's office, Victoria's home, the Avernus club. The club is slower just due to her restricted times she is there
- Elian is no longer a bad end IF you speak to Jade about her
- Charlie is available after Adele is fully charmed
- if needed you can free Jessica via the Cheat menu if using an old save
- you can change Bambi's model using the cheat menu
- go swimming with Lilith, and to the club. Also try visiting Alison at home

Planned for 14.9.1
Complete Charlie and Amy story
More customised dance scenes
The Bimbo Curse
Madison's home and events
bug fixes for 14.9!
Save compatible with version 14.8 or later Only.

- - -

STANDALONE MOD of V14.8.4: - (it's 8gb)
This mod is massive (in terms of fize size), it primarily focuses on Oral and BDSM for male players on the Hard Muder path with little to nothing to do on the other paths. The size is due to the images not being compressed or what ever, there isn't actually any new story content, it's just a complete visual overhaul of the exsisting content in v14.8.4

Included in download in Help folder and online



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Aug 5, 2016
What's the diference between the explicit version and the normal? :eek:


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Aug 5, 2016
This is an R-rated version without sexually explicit images. Some sex scenes are omitted but there are sex scenes in this version. This is the full game, no previous version is required.

This is a sexually explicit version with hardcore images and additional scenes. This version can be played the same as the Normal version, see the "Explicit" checkbox where you select your name/gender. This is the full game, no previous version is required and the Normal edition is not needed.


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Aug 5, 2016
I was going to say that I have no idea because it never crossed my mind to download the normal version. ;)

This is a really good game, though it is possible to lock yourself out of paths without realizing it. The walkthrough is helpful for that though.
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Aug 6, 2016
cmac has an update in the works and should be out within days. I would'nt be surprised if it's tomorrow.


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Aug 5, 2016
You should probably add the original thread to the source:

Walkthrough type questions here:
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Aug 17, 2016
cmac has an update in the works and should be out within days. I would'nt be surprised if it's tomorrow.
great to hear! I'm not much of a fan of 3D girls but for some reason I can still spend a couple hours clapping (clicking and fapping) at my computer using this game.


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Sep 10, 2016
Fun game, few bugs so far particularly when opening and closing menus.

Side note though, anyone getting stuck on the quest that requires you to get the book back? Even following the instructions of the walkthrough I always get a game end in that scene.

EDIT: Never mind, found it. Should note that the walkthrough included in the original upload is actually an abridged version of the long walkthrough posted on hypnopics.
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Aug 6, 2016
Bugfix out... posting here. You can add it to your post, lonewolf. Or can even patch it and re-up it as 14.4.2

Instructions: Download and copy into your current game installation. Extract and replace all files when asked.


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Aug 5, 2016
The changelog for 14.4.2 in case anyone is curious.

- various bugs fixed, hopefully all reported issues, including a 'blank screen' issue on arrest
- quite a lot of others like small typos and bubble popups pointing the wrong direction, but few are of any importance. Fir instance trying to charm Mother Superior at one point just said the spell fizzled
- a couple of possible issues for unusual paths/choices in the game to prevent you being locked out of content
- a fix for the conspiracy path and additional minor events
- map works fully for Google Chrome
- fixes for old browsers, like Safari 5
- renamed some images with case errors for online/Unix based OS's
- icons added to minimised inventory. Mouse over the book for a quick list of spells to cast
- left/inventory bar is better remembered if you minimise/unminimise
- mouse over your image in the minimised left bar for a popup larger version
- books in the history classroom slightly changed, any found can be re-read. An additional one added not needed for anything
- two new player avatars, one male, one female
- introduction for Hannah from marked20
- the Conspiracy path (refuse apprenticeship) path has more events, playable fully EXCEPT Sarah/Lauren/Vamyre/Ghost events so far. Some additional or variant events for the path. Two deliveries by Zoey, she in uncharmable in them.
- updated in-game walkthrough


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Aug 6, 2016
If item slots are full, drop off unneeded items in your bedroom. It'll be safe in there.
Inventory.... On the right hand side of the browser, there's a yellow stripe that goes up and down. There's a plus "+" sign at the top. Click it and it'll expand your inventory. He changed it so you see more of the pictures and the speech bubbles.
The light blue/green strip on the left hand side with your pic has a "+" on the bottom that can be clicked to expand it so you can cheat, change the chat bubble location, etc.
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Sep 6, 2016

edit that road for find walktrought


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Sep 6, 2016
Go to the Sacred Grove and Possess Gina

i follow walktrought but i cant use spell to location why ?

EDIT ! forget i just dont have mana --"
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