oral sex

  1. Ryciu

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Wicked Dreams [Ch. 1] [RycGames]

    Overview: In this game you will be able to play like Tracy Mills, a young woman who loves to express herself in many ways. She and her mother live in a small town - Newtown. Things become completely different after she discovers that she has a magical power. In time she learns that the source of...
  2. johndoe1545

    [RPGM] [Completed] Exorcist Shrine Maiden Inaho ~Tale of Adulterous Intercourse~ [v1.00] [Zeton Poison] 3.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: One day, Inaho is called upon to exterminate a demon that has broken free of its seal. However, she is instantly defeated by it! She is savagely raped, and cursed to become horny every night. The curse forces her to fuck spirits, random men from the village, shotas, and even her...
  3. X0R

    [Ren'Py] Brandy [Ep. 1 v1.02] [John North] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Brandy has to deal with a very cunning and perverted plumber, Ron. How will this encounter end? You decide. Thread Updated: 2020-07-05 Release Date: 2019-07-14 Developer: John North Patreon - Gumroad Censored: No Version: Episode 1 v1.02 OS: Windows, Linux Language: English Genre...
  4. u z i 3 8 5 4

    [Comics] [Collection] Pat Collection [2020-07-05] [Pat]

    Overview: 3D comics collection by Pat, mostly involving trans characters. Updated: 2020-07-05 Developer/Publisher: Pat Patreon - Affect3D Censorship: No Language: Textless Resolution: Varies Pages: 1385 Genre: Installation: Change-log: DOWNLOAD BEAUTY SALON 1-5: MEGA - FILESFM -...
  5. Capella

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Mad World [Release 0.0] [Smoke Mob Games] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: By chance, in a bar at night, you meet a strange man who claims to be a god. The power he gives you flips your life upside-down, now, with newfound friends and newfound threats, you must learn the extent of your new abilities while also dealing with your completely new everyday life...
  6. Rmaximus

    [VN] [Ren'Py] My New Neighbors [v0.1] [Rmaximus]

    Overview: You are just one normal life, until one day your new neighbors show up to introduce themselves, what follows will shatter your world forever. The game is a sandbox, with a focus on corrupting and building your own harem of girls, and some body modifications (the girls get thicker)...
  7. LuckerWolf

    [Collection] [Pinup] HaganeF Collection [2020-07-05] [HaganeF]

    Overview: HaganeF's Patreon art. Updated: 2020-07-05 Developer/Publisher: HaganeF - Patreon - Deviantart - Gumroad Resolution: ~3000x4500 Pages: 5,575 pages Genre: Installation: Change-log: Download Torrent: Split: Thank you K3NJ1 for the upload and partanen for the previews and rf96...
  8. u z i 3 8 5 4

    [Manga] [Completed] Muchi Muchi Jimiko Bitch ka Nikki | Diary of a Chubby Loose Schoolgirl [2020-07-14] [Izakaya Yottyann/Enoshima Iki]

    Overview: Hot netorare featuring a voluptuous, corpulent teenage slut. Updated: 2020-07-04 Developer/Publisher: Izakaya Yottyann DLsite / Enoshima Iki (Artist) Twitter - Pixiv Censorship: Yes (mosaic) Language: English Resolution: 1200 x 1600 Pages: 275 Genre: Installation: DOWNLOAD: MEGA...
  9. u z i 3 8 5 4

    [Manga] Fate/Lewd Summonings [Vol. 1-5] [Oni-noboru/O.N. Artworks]

    Overview: Not Available. Updated: 2020-07-04 Developer/Publisher: Oni-noboru/O.N. Artworks DLsite Censorship: Yes Language: English Resolution: Varies Pages: 111 Genre: Installation: Change-log: Download: MEGA - FILESFM - GOFILE - NOPY - UPLOADHAVEN
  10. u z i 3 8 5 4

    [Manga] [Completed] Curse Eater Juso Kuraishi [2020-07-04] [Rusty Soul]

    Overview: Curse Eater Juso Kuraisi is written as a sequel to a light novel Jusou Kuraishi - Curse Eater. The story is basically about a female exorcist dealing with cases of possession involving female lust. Updated: 2020-07-04 Developer/Publisher: Rusty Soul Twitter Censorship: Yes (white...
  11. D

    [HTML] Dubious Practice [v0.1] [Dubious Developers] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Picture this. You're a brilliant Doctor, but your ideas have made you pretty much an outcast. Your life's work has nearly been stolen by the one person you thought you could trust. And in a moment of anger, you end up using your device on that person, only for things to go sideways...
  12. X0R

    [RPGM] [Completed] Trinity Dungeon ~Succubus, Girls and Erotic~ [Final] [Dieselmine] 3.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Three of novice adventurers happened to break the seal of the Demon Queen by mistake. By the Queen's mischief they are adorned with fully ears, a futanari d*ck and a lewd emblem. They set out to go through various dungeons to defeat the Queen. Thread Updated: 2020-07-03 Release Date...
  13. Blaskure

    [VN] [Unity] When I Snap My Fingers [Demo] [Blaskure]

    Overview: You are a successful and experienced therapist, you'll try to discover each patient's own story and personality, the right choices will lead you to the answers, and it's entirely up to you to figure out which answer is right. For now... Thread Updated: 2020-07-02 Release Date...
  14. OEJ

    [RPGM] Crystal Profile Leticia [v0.01] [Boneca_SB]

    Overview: You are a young woman suffering from depression, but one day your mother sacrifices to get you to review her old boyfriend who is dead. Your mother is a Valkyrie who lived on earth, and has the power to collect human souls to fight in a war waged 200 years. you can join her and collect...
  15. X0R

    [VN] [Ren'Py] Oppai Odyssey [v0.1] [Cryoxxx]

    Overview: You are the captain of spaceship and your crew is a bunch of cute girls. Explore your spaceship and build friendships and intimacy with your crew much like games such as "Mass Effect" and "Knights of the Old Republic." Your mission is to explore and survey uncharted planets and...
  16. BaasB

    [Ren'Py] Legend Of Krystal Parody - The New Adventure [Act 1] [ShineSL]

    Overview: Furry Gone Wild Thread Updated: 2020-07-01 Release Date: 2020-06-29 Developer: ShineSL - Patreon Censored: Furry Version: Act 1 OS: Windows Language: English Genre: Installation: Changelog: Developer Notes: DOWNLOAD Win: ANONFILE - FILESFM - FILESUPLOAD - MEGA - NOPY Game...
  17. BillyGames

    [VN] [Ren'Py] The Ascendants [Ep. 1a] [Billy Games] 4.70 star(s) 6 Votes

    Overview: The Ascendants is a mysterious group who has been conquering cities and declaring their independence. Their ways and methods are secret, their existence is shrouded in mystery and their objectives are unknown but one thing is for sure, they're on the move and it's only a matter of when...
  18. LightSwitch

    [Comics] [Collection] Natsumemetalsonic Collection [2020-06-30] [Natsumemetalsonic]

    Overview: Natsumemetalsonic's work consists of a lot of vore and expansion. Updated: 2020-06-30 Developer/Publisher: Natsumemetalsonic Patreon Censorship: No Language: English Genre: Installation: Change-log: [/SPOILER] Collection List: Download: FILESUPLOAD - MEGA - NOPY
  19. jb281472

    [Others] Sex Strike [v0.7.0] [CynderQuill]

    Overview: There's a succubus down deep in the dungeon, causing problems for everyone across the land! Only you, the almighty SEX KNIGHT can defeat her, and save the world. Press the attack button when the arrow is in the center of the sweet spot to do maximum damage. Upgrade your Attack and...
  20. jb281472

    [Unity] [Completed] Miss Kyoko wants to get done! [v1.0] [Hurricane Dot Com] 4.00 star(s) 3 Votes

    Overview: Kyoko "What? Are you serious?....My wallet is completely empty...I thought I had some money in there, but... Tanned girl bitch "Kyoko Adachi" is short of funds and in a pickle. If she keeps going this way, she won't be able to pay for her smartphone, or go to the tanning salon which...