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Nov 20, 2019
I have enjoyed some of the games on this site and last year I decided to try to write a short story myself. I don't have any programing background but managed to learn some basic Ren’Py and started writing. I never had any intention of sharing my work with anyone, it was just to entertain myself and see if I could do it.

The “short” story ended up being almost 200 000 words (25 000 lines in Ren'py), 7 main characters + 40 other characters and almost 100 sexscenes.

I was not planning on publishing this game, but in all modesty, I think the story that I have written is incredibly good and could be enjoyed by many. So if there is an artist out there who would like to create the artwork to this game then I would be interested in doing a project with him/her.

I think the style of game is like the game Melody. The main character is trying to build a new relationship after a long and unhappy marriage. The main character is given multiple choices in the story and can end up with at least two different girls. As the story progresses, we also follow the life’s of other people in the main characters life. The player will make many big decisions for all the 7 main characters.

I will not go to much into details about the story-line here, but I think that players that enjoys the game of Melody and DMD would also enjoy this story. Those game also have the art-quality that I hope the artist can provide in this game.

I want the female characters to be cute, feminine, and realistic (Not just girls with unrealistic big boobs). The artwork of is an example of how I would like the characters to look like.

If there is any artist out there that think they are capable of creating the artwork to a big game like this, then I would love to discuss this further with you!
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