[Ren'Py] Awesome Vacation [v0.5.5] [Asario Tooro]

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    My first time writing a review and I'm also dyslexic so sorry if this is not correct grammar or spelling

    First things first is i do not speak/read Russian and as the dev as said he not keen to translate it i had to google translate the game and it can take you out of the environment of the game also i believe by now we know that google translate its not the best for translating any language.

    The premise of the game is good (via the overview) but with the google translated into English made it confusing to read but with that said can lead to very weird sentences which can make you laugh because of google translate or make you think wtf does that mean

    The art is top notch but art alone is not good enough to save a game the story if translated properly with this art this game could be brill to play

    Game play is pretty standard there are a lot of games with this style of game play so its easy to get into but nothing new but can get confusing when its in a language you dont speak or read

    The art is brilliant
    The game play easy to get a feel for

    Only in Russian
    Have to translate and can confuse you
    The story via translation is weird and dont make sense
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    The English in this game is almost all the time incomprehensible, also very often mixed with Russian, not to mention the whole bunch of errors both in spelling and in grammar. Makes the game impossible to enjoy.
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    you can choose for english and russian. in english version there still is russian only. dont know what i'm clicking so 1 star for now. I got to a shop were i could buy stuff. It is all in russian. If you can choose english make everything english
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    The art on the early pages ranges from mediocre through unattractive right on to Downright Ugly.

    The Google Translate dialog is almost impossible to decipher

    The screenshots look as if the art improves, but, frankly, i don't think i want to invest the time and effort in struggling through the dialog to try to figure out what i need to do to get there, just on the chance of some eye candy.
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    The following review is based off my personal experience with playing this Game/Visual Novel... I try to be as brutally honest and detailed as I can, and these are my own opinions and thoughts, from one or more play throughs... The version this review is based on is v0.1p...

    This visual novel/game is more game then visual novel, and is very confusing and hard to understand... It also seems to be teasing the over used Family Sex stuff...

    The visuals of the characters are ok, and the backdrops appear unique... The user interface is easy enough to figure out... The cell phone apparently is still a work in progress... Navigation is easy enough to figure out from the UI...

    The script is chopped full of broken English, as well as Russian titles between game days... The plot seems to revolve around a male protagonist professor, that after a failed attempt at a blind date, goes on a vacation to a resort hotel and beach... From there it seems, although it's sometime hard to figure out, as though the protagonist can interact with characters, and I assume (though it isn't 100% clear) that he is trying to build relationships as well as deal with sub-plots and so forth... I can't fully tell, but either a main story also is progressing now and then, or it's just confusing random events that sometimes occur on certain days...

    There is so much happening and going on, with very poorly translated/interpreted text, it makes it very difficult to really understand if the choices you make are good, bad, neutral, do they push the story along, do they hinder the story, do they even matter, and so on... Plus throw in some old guy acting like Obe-wan from Star Wars, and the fact that it seems (I couldn't fully tell) as though perhaps the protagonists ex-wife and maybe daughter also appear on the trip... As well as a supposed cousin is there as well, and yet they talk like the protagonist is actually her brother... It's just so darn confusing and convoluted... Even the date scene in the introduction is both confusing and goes by in a flash...

    Overall, this is a very poorly translated/interpreted game, with too much going on that makes the whole things confusing and hard to know what you really need to do to push the story along, or open content... Then add in the bizarre old man dressed in Star Wars garb and spouting Star Wars metaphors here and there, and then all what I think are sub-plots (not fully sure) that pop up... I just kept rolling my eyes and wondering what the hell was going on... You can slightly figure a few things out, but it just feels like a big huge mess... Perhaps if the developers get the text fixed, maybe then it might be better, but even then I'm not sure... Guess we'll need to wait and see, as this appears to be in early production... Will I revisit it? Maybe once it gets a lot of these problems fixed and the game becomes easier to figure out... Only time will tell...