Cleaning Nvidia history

Dec 15, 2018
Because porn, I'm slightly unsettled about how Nvidia stores every single application you run into it's "recently used" applications (in the control panel, when you want to add a profile for a specific program).

Would anyone know how to clean the thing's history?
Jul 24, 2018
I am not sure if it can work but since it is some nice lil free program i can recommend you to try free version of CCleaner:

If it does not work you may also try iobit's advanced system care free version:

*but that second program a little more complicated; for making sure to stay out of harm's way dig in every option and set up things as you want. Do not progress on anything you don't know and also disable any type of 'auto do this&that'
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Dec 15, 2018
Thanks, it didn't work, though. I'm aware that a clean reinstall of the driver cleans that list, but that's way too much work. Nvidia sure made it hard to mess with that list.

If anyone got any other clues, please let me know.
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