[Mod] Dating my Daughter [v0.12] Ikarumod (v03)

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Aug 11, 2016
Hello guys

The just got out, yeah ;)

Here is my mod in its almost final form ;)

What the mod do ?
  • Show the best options to choose when there could be bad answers
  • Maximize friends and love points
  • Alert player if cupid night is lost and ask to win annyway
  • Merge all the game forks
    • Go to Georgina dinner AND have motel games
    • GO swimming with Daughter AND go run in the park
    • Have ending of day 10 with Daughter AND with daughter and Elena
    • Replayability
    • Much more fun :)
  • Correct some typos (missing spaces)
  • Day Selector !
    • You need to start a new game. After telling your name and daughter name, and watch / skip tutorial, "i"'ll ask if you want to skip days.
    • At the moment i keep the maximum love and friend points needed for each day.
    • In a future, i may add options to set game variables thru days.
    • Game may crash, i didn't try all the possibilities, if it does, just paste me the details, and i'll patch (i think the fact that some variables are not set may bug the game, but i don't know wich one are not protected)
  • Mood Selector (New for version 12)
    • Since day 11 (and day12) you'll be able to change key choices from previous days. A message will be showned to warn you to save before change ;) I dit that because it's too complicated, boring for me (huge code) and boring for you (lot of interrupt) to handle whole changes without replaying.
    • You can now replay the WHOLE day 11 and 12, at the end of each. I recommand that, with the "DMD - Walkthrough v0.12.pdf" to see what changes may be nice to do before replaying. You will be able to keep your savegame !

Before modding : Extract your rpa files !!

Don't forget : you need to extract you file before modding.
I'll give mod as separate file then the extractors
@Sam create an amazing one : All included
I created another one, will only extract the rpa then backup them.

Then : Mod the game !
Download and extract Dating_My_Daughter-0.10-win_ikarumod_vXX.zip into your game folder. Replace existing file with the archive one.

Ok, let's go, from the start

Step 1
  1. Create a new directory somewhere
  2. Extract the base game there, let's call "game root directory" the directory where Dating_My_Daughter.exe is, ok ?
  3. Open the extra archive, put all theses files in "game root directory"/game

Now you've got a base game working, step 1 done ! \o/

Step 2

Now extract my RPA extractor archive in the "game root directory", you must have "Extract.bat" and "rpaextractor" in the same directory where Dating_My_Daughter.exe is

Double click Extract.bat, it will work alone, showing you which file it's extracting. If not, damn you're missing something. Maybe run it with administrator privilege...

If this step is ok, you'll get a new directory in the "game root directory" : backup_rpas. That's here my Extract.bet put all the archives file after extracting them.

Ready for step 3 ?

Step 3

Get Dating_My_Daughter-0.11-win_ikarumod_v01.zip .Extract it into the "game root directory". Windows will ask if you want to replace the file, tell him ok.

That's "all" :) Your game is modded

If something get wrong, tell me in wich step you're at, i may be able to help further

I don't want your mod, just messing with the console and variables !
Ok, but i warn you : you'll mess your save :)

Here are the variables of the game i thinks are fun to mess with

  • v_day5_cinema01_movie : Use "Action" or "Romance". Used in day 4 and day 10.
  • v_day6_dress : Day 5. 0 = Blue Dress, 1 = Black Dress, 2 = Pink Dress
  • v_day8_bikini : Day 8, Bikini chosen. 1 = Grey bokini bottoms, 2 = Black one, 3 = white one
  • v_day8_cupid_score : Day 8, your cupid score, use value 46+ for winning
  • v_day9_lingerieset : Day 9, 0 = default, 1 = white 2 = black

  1. Version 03 : Day 5 Patched
  2. Version 02 : Totally compatible with 0.12 (a lot of bugfixes)
  3. Version 01 : Version 0.12 compatible. Mood selector + Day revival


Lt. Aldo Raine

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Mar 24, 2017
That's @ikaruga for you, already busting open the new version so that no one will miss out on the precious content we all seek. Much thanks friend!:eazyHype::eazyHype::eazyHype:


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Aug 11, 2016
Updated OP with the extractor.
You need to extract the rpa files to enable modding
The rpa host the imgages too ;)
Read the OP, follow the readme

I'm starting moding


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Aug 11, 2016
So qeustion, what exactly does this add/do? rather vague description
At the moment mod will only "include" the walkthrough into the game.
I'll add some loop too to enable playing whole game with only one save
And i'll mod the checks to enable continue with failure
Likes: xenos87


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Aug 11, 2016
OP Updated
Add the possibility to play Georgina scene AND motel scene
Added some "Male voice talk" to tell you about theses choice, sorry for the intervention
Day 1 to 7 modded.
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