[Ren'Py] [Daz3D] or other visual artist Wanted


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Apr 27, 2017
Hey guys,

I'm a little bit shy for this is my first time ever posting a thread here, after lurking and actively browsing the site for a while. But I'll try to be accurate - even if English isn't my native language-.

I've had a plan on making some VNs for more than half a Year now but have some serious difficulties learning the ropes in Daz3D. So from now on I Will actively want to team up with someone who has the correct amount of assets and the skill required to render some nice pics for these novels.
You can pm me, respond here and anything else if You have some questions about the projects.

Details: Ren'py based Visual novels with simple mechanics but story-based and story driven plots. Patreon-based Publishing (But of course I want to publish the novels here too, because F95 and the community is amazing and heartwarming :) )

I want to be strict and straightforward: At first step this Will be much more of a hobby-thing. So the person-based details (payment, effort and time needed for "working" etc.) can be sorted out in personal communication. I am not a professional Publisher (for now) so please be soft on my skin first. :D

[If I managed to violate ANY rule here about the thread posting i'm deeply sorry and I'll correct that as soon as i can, thanks the mods and admins for their everyday work]

Anyways I have some high hopes, but I'm desperate (because i'm too dumb to understand DAZ and don't have the time for mastering it myself) and await anyone who wants further discussion.
Thanks in advance!
Cheers, TharBael.