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May 4, 2017
Evalina is an adventure dark atmospheric game with some puzzles, full explicit nudity and sexual content. Evalina is a talented sorceress who has been training the art of magic under her master Shalozar for more than 15 years, but no matter how hard she tried and practiced she could not beat her master in a duel. One day, an old sorceress told her that the secret behind her masters` power is the Azoz stone, it is a mythical stone known to grant great magical power to the one who consumes it.​

Updated: 15/10/2018
Developer/Publisher: SexualDarkness -
Censorship: None
Version: Completed
OS: Win
Language: English
3D Game, 3dcg, Fantasy, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Lesbian, Rape, Female Protagonist, Puzzle

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "setup.exe" to start installing.

This is a 3.3gb installer. It will download and install several gb of game files.
- - - -

Aug 2, 2017
looks cool, ill check it out

edit: I just tried playing it for a bit, its 3.3gb to install the installer for the game then another 6+ gbs which is too much. the graphics are nice but a bit too dark. the camera follows her ass which is nice except it blocks you from seeing anything in front of you unless you look at the ground. the combat just terrible in every way, the animations are very bad and constantly cancel each other out. I didnt mind the couple of puzzles i played. I got about close 10 minutes in when an auto save screen popped up and never went away so i alt f4'd and uninstalled it. I also want to mention that there is no sprint so you are stuck slowly walking through a castle waiting for something interesting to happen. not worth the time or the space for it in my opinion.


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May 8, 2018
While I appreciate the intent behind darkened images, when things are made so dark that the artwork is hidden I'll usually pass on a game. The 'too dark to appreciate' art and use of puzzles gives this game 2 strikes right off the bat.
I'll give it a go anyway, but I'm not hopeful.
EDIT: 3.3G - a little too much to download. Will wait for the compressed version!
Nov 8, 2017
Played first stage and couldn't advance as it "crashed" on black screen in shower after the cut-scene with the blonde.
The darkness is not cool, barely seeing the swinging axes and where to go on stairs.
Either i cant find the sprint or faster walk .. this way is super slow where it puts you to just walk across rooms just to touch a lever and go back to door..
The fighting is bad as i couldn't figure out how not to get 3 hits in their "turn" as i cant bait to swing and avoid them or hit first as they just "overwrite" my attacks.
Couldn't get to anything more sexual then her friend and her outfit as she walked in 15-20 mins of walking/opening door and trying to survive the stupid skeletons.

If anyone advances let us know how it further after that.
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Feb 10, 2018
The game crashes right after I start it.
I get a black screen for like 2 seconds then a Unreal Engine 4 Crash Report pops up.


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Aug 4, 2017
the graphics are nice but a bit too dark. t
You should be able to change the 'gamma', contrast, and brightness on your graphics UI. Thats about the only thing you can do to brighten up a game with dark graphics.

EDIT-- There should be a 'gamma' listed with contrast and brightness settings!
Aug 2, 2017
You should be able to change the 'gamma', contrast, and brightness on your graphics UI. Thats about the only thing you can do to brighten up a game with dark graphics.

EDIT-- There should be a 'gamma' listed with contrast and brightness settings!
What i meant was there wasnt enough lighting in the game, there were areas with little to no lighting at all so its just pitch black
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Aug 7, 2016
With those tags, made in UE and that ass, this game is right up my alley!

Now lets see where the massive fuck that doesnt even let you play is :FeelsGoodMan:
Jun 14, 2017
Im not sure if the person who made this game actually played it, stick at a painfully slow move speed trying to get past traps you can barely see, and having to have almost perfect timing... I cant do all this shit with 1 hand, not that id need to theres no content


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Jun 25, 2018
Games freezes every time going pass the auto save check point, 6.41GB for 1min of walking around, waste of space
you can bypass that by closing the game and clicking "continue" in the main screen. it seems that the game actually saves but gets stuck afterwards. so simply click "continue".

EDIT: something i just found, DON'T install the "PLAZA" folder. this is what causes the saving issues. the game seems to work more smoothly and it doesn't freeze for me after i reinstalled without "PLAZA".

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1.20 star(s) 6 Votes