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Jun 15, 2017
Dining room seems to be blank

Is it possible to get a schedule on the character map as to when and where each person should be in all the rooms?

What is the ratio from relationship to lust? I haven't figured out how to spy but looking at the assets folder, it appears that spying has been implemented but I don't see how to start the process.
I don't know what I did, but after a while it says I should search for a key in "Fathers Office".


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Oct 2, 2017
LIGHT THEME PLEASE ! before we get blind and problems

or add guides on how to change
or anyone know?

also +1 to the new characters & homemade alike scenes
instead of the repeated ones


May 7, 2017
I've had this game fully lock up my pc 2x... Gonna have to wipe it off the system until next update. Seems it only does it at the very end of a living room / watch porn / to end.
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