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Sep 17, 2017
this game is an absolute nightmare to play. unplayable for me hopefully the dev changes to renpy or something but jfc it takes so long to do anything i couldn't last more than 2 minutes.


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Aug 22, 2018
Sleep sec, the polite rape.

"I didn't rape you, I just had non consensual sex with you while you slept, I thought it would be rude to wake you up".
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Sep 13, 2018
do you have only the CG for this update thanks
It's cg for v0. 7 all , there's anything extra (pics) from 0.7a to f. Only bugfixes.

Anyway, even this version F is still bugged, but most of the bugs can be avoided, for example friday night dinner with meadow, julien and Irene at 19:00 : be in kitchen at 18:00, do something like eat or drink cofee and dinner event will trigger automatically and game will not crash.

I think dev is focused on Episode 2, from his words it will be different.

Another "secret" for the game to run smooth, run a fps cap for the game, and cap it to maximum 100.
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Sep 13, 2018
All the "bugs" above I've managed to skip/avoid by :

1. Running fps cap software
2. Learning how to avoid them (see example above)
3. Save often.
4. Don't go to beach after 0:00
5. Avoid beign overtired - mood > 0
May be some more thinghs I don't remember now...

Got me about 2 weeks of 2-3hrs of play per day, but in my opinion it worth it for 2 reasons :

1. Good story, not like "cheap porn movie scenario"
2. Excellent renders.

When episode 2 will be out, i will definitely patron again this game, despite bugs, afterall honeygames is not EA Games ;)
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