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May 24, 2017
Boah, it's boring. A new update with bug fixes, and still same screen. Different points like Mood, Sleep Followers with good visibility, the responding values almost impossible to decipher, and more worse, the weekday dispaly is shrinking after some days, and is now absolutely unreadable.
It can not be so difficult to choose a reasonable font size.
And that's not all, the day counting didn't work. Since 3 days (in game) it's fixed at Thursday.


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Feb 20, 2018
This is the 2nd game I ever deleted from my folder... It sucks as v0.4 was working perfectly for me...

The newest version is completely broken, I knew something was amiss when I couldn't use my old save, no other unity game ever did that before... Even if not compatible it would still be there...

I said "ohh well" I'll start over in that case... Nope, game freezes immediately after talking with brother and his wife and going to sleep, permanent black screen... You can bypass it by pretending to load a non-existent file, which starts you at 0 everything, but as son as you go to work, your stuck at the pizza place, no way to leave...

Also random images flash all over the screen when you try to save or load, and new saves still don't appear anywhere...


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Apr 12, 2017
The various comments along the lines of Renpy would fix everything just make me laugh. I have not coded anything within the Unity framework, but there is nothing inherently wrong with the engine that is causing the terrible lag and random image displays. I have played any number of games that used Unity and this problem did not exist in any of them. I applaud the non-use of Renpy, and a game with a bit more gamishness than the dime-a-dozen VNs out there. But I agree that the current display issues make the game very difficult to play.

If I were to take a guess I would place odds on the core problem starting with the fact that the game seems to use a single massive canvas and moves the display port around on it. Then, on at least one of those panels, some piece of the picture is not being drawn once and then handed over to the engine to manage its display until the data changes. Instead a draw command (I use draw command generically here. A portion of the image is being recreated one way or another.) is being issued every screen refresh. The draw, in turn, tells the engine that "the picture has changed" and so the engine refreshes the display and starts the whole process over again.

If each screen were its own canvas it would be easier to diagnose the problem. Only the screens containing the problematic element would cause the delay. With it all being one big image, the problem could be a single element only on one panel. One that is "infecting" all the other panels because of the shared canvas. Or it could be a core element that is reused on nearly every panel.

Also I'll mention that the developer may want to look into masking features of Unity. As I said, I haven't used Unity myself, but it is a pretty universal feature that there are methods within the code that can be used to tell the screen painting thread which parts of the image are not part of the currently displayed material and to ignore anything within those regions until the mask itself changes.

On a more game related note, I tried this game out and played for a decent amount of time. Throughout all that time I never did see any of all of these locations other people mention (gym, studio, etc). It was difficult to play because of all the delays, the constant and confusing appearance of the game's splash screen, and completely out of place images that pop up for a bit and then go away. Through these random pop-ups I have seen this modeling agency once or twice (as a random thing that pops up while I'm waiting and even found it somewhat interactable until the display randomly shifted back to what it should have been on). Most of the location buttons are just empty. I can go Home (and all the rooms there), the Pizzeria, and the 3 Beach locations. It's a confusing setup to have these extra buttons that seem to have no content. And even more confusing to hear implications that they do have content, but I've simply never found a way to access any of them. Game feedback and interaction could certainly be improved in this area.


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Sep 13, 2018
Indeed there are a lot of problems with this build, I've managed to finish the game learning how to avoid bugs ( there are some that occurs at same hour and day and with sleeping or being in another part of the map you can avoid them ), but yes, for a final version dev shall not put player in position to learn how to skip black screens or freezing game somewhere.

I've used RTSS ( Riva tuner statistics ) for capping the game's fps to a max of 80 and that's how I've managed to avoid a lot of problems like freezes and system overload, but those settings had to be done by the dev himself....

I have this system :
128 Corsair SSD and a old GTX650/256bit videocard.

See attach, FPD capped to 80, on the game window ( up left corner ) is a number (73), if I set framerate limit to infinite, sometimes during the game that number goes up to 400-500, that's huge :)



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May 12, 2017
It's cg for v0. 7 all , there's anything extra (pics) from 0.7a to f. Only bugfixes.

Anyway, even this version F is still bugged, but most of the bugs can be avoided, for example friday night dinner with meadow, julien and Irene at 19:00 : be in kitchen at 18:00, do something like eat or drink cofee and dinner event will trigger automatically and game will not crash.

I think dev is focused on Episode 2, from his words it will be different.

Another "secret" for the game to run smooth, run a fps cap for the game, and cap it to maximum 100.
The only reason we are asking for the CG separately is because with both of them together the download is huge, especially with the 5 gig MEGA download limit per number of hours. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful for the upload in the first place, but I just wanted to clear things up.


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Sep 13, 2018
UncleVT splitted the archive in the OP, game is 1.3Gb. I will ask him to put the CG separate, or I will add a link here in few hours.

I have megasync on pc and there's no more 5Gb limit, i think is 70 or something (not per hour).


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Nov 26, 2017
Ok, so can anyone tell me if there's a workaround for when you hire Darlene to babysit once... and then no matter how many weeks you wait after it continues to say "I can only call her once a week." Great to know... cause the last time I successfully called her was like 6 weeks ago (I went to the extreme to check since some of the broken mechanics fix themselves if you proceed long enough or reload)
Nov 29, 2018
still having problems getting the first blackmail option. I've got the full beach segment and the full peeping segment yet no blackmail option. even though i DID once get a message that taking pictures could be useful. nothing about making money from them yet. does anyone have any idea of what other events are needed for this? and will i have to start over again?

also another unlock i seem to have trouble with is the beach work out with tatianna. after 3 play throughs I've only gotten it once
Nov 29, 2018
how to get more domination Points with kristen? stuck at 10 and need 11 to give dildo
finish the pictures in her room at night. then go to dress shop while shes there to buy new lingerie. go back and take more pictures at night. and go back to dress shop after those are done. do the naughty actions at dinner and the museum. these should get you to at least 11 domination

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