[Unity] [Completed] Forest Of The Beasts [Final] [oneLegNinja]

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Jun 23, 2017
Games terrible. Like, holy fuck, its really bad. The player's movespeed is so slow that you can hardly move out of the way of projeciles, you dont deal knockback and there are no immunity frames so some of the earlier enemies just devour your health bar becase you cant get away, you deal almost no damage whatsoever its better to just run away from enemies than try and fight. The worst part is just how many enemies the game throws at you once you hit Area 3. It constantly devolved into just getting chain raped until you die because you actually cant do anything. Spamming the dodge key is your primary method of movement but you have almost no stamina its not really worth it to try and use the dodge in the first place. The porn is passable and the stats screen is the most interesting part of the entire game.
Good, because I didn't get what the other people were saying. I played the game and got to the third area. The game is a slog to get through and the animations really suck.

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Aug 28, 2018
This gets really fucking obnoxious when the monsters constantly have a hitbox out and you can't do anything about it because you only have 3, count 'em, 3 frames of invincibility when you're released from an animation. Same as when you're hit normally.
That booteg likelike in the second area and the vines instantly give this game a 0, but of course that's not a valid rating, it'll release you and catch you again so fast unless you have frame perfect timing or you mash out hard enough you will never get away from it. You have to roll, potion, and turn around in less than a second or you WILL be trapped again, and it takes like 3 hits from the greatsword and several from the spear. On top of that the controls are so unresponsive and stiff you'll end up attacking in the wrong direction and get fucked anyway.
What the shit, I didn't even say anything about the pseudo-humiliation textboxes or how stupid and cringy they are. God dammit.


Mar 23, 2018
game sucks
controls are bad
the voice gets annoying as you progress more into the game
WTF why are there so many goddamn enemies?!?
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May 14, 2017
Here, I made it better.
Works on saves.

-Infinite HP
-Infinite ChiBalls
-Improved movement speed (x5)
-Super attack speed! (It is really funny). Take the Axe (D) and hold attack button.

Place and overwrite at
C:\...\Forest of the Beasts_Data\Managed



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Jun 20, 2019
i love H game like this, it's adventure. but i hope the protagonis is Male,a nd the monster are female haha
May 1, 2018
horrible movements and fights. some enemies can chain rape you forever and levels are annoyingly long and tedious. you get punished for standing still, but also for moving, attacking, EXISTING. also it is missing tags like prolapse, mind breaking nipple sex and other various arguable fetishes.


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Jul 28, 2019
help!! i can't figure out how to run the game!
i've downloaded it and extracted it... yet... i can't find the game itself... i guess..

How do I run the game? some one tell me please
May 5, 2018
help!! i can't figure out how to run the game!
i've downloaded it and extracted it... yet... i can't find the game itself... i guess..

How do I run the game? some one tell me please
In the "Forest of the Beasts c" folder there should be "Forest of the Beasts.exe".
I just re downloaded from mega so try downloading again if it's not there.
2.30 star(s) 4 Votes