[Mod] [Flash] High Expectations: Streamlined [v1.1][Flash][In progress]

Jan 22, 2019

1-23-2019: PROJECT IN PROGRESS DOWNLOAD TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON... It's got me itching to see if anyone here would be interested in such a thing!
Personally, one of my favorite adult games, was hoping to have the mod done by now but can't rush perfection... It's still the same great game by MSP, for the most part... Just streamlined! ;) I am not facilitated enough to do huge visual mods so the game itself is mostly untouched in the graphics/actions area. Story is changed up some but I am trying my best not to deviate from MSP's instant classic, just adding to what's already there. This mod is mostly based in modifying the code/scripts and game play experience. I wish there were more High Expectations games for sure! Using FFdec 11.2.0

Updated: 1-23-19
Game/Creator: High Expectations by MSP
Modder: N30N3M3515 (aka NeoNemesis)
Mod Version: 1.1
Game Version: Not sure
Language: English

Cleaned up the sometimes, apparently, glitchy text/subtitles (so they don't get stuck and disappear properly/action based subtitles)
Font & Subtitle behavior changes
Made the game dialog a little more in depth
Added hints to a couple areas where you easily get stuck and possibly lose interest near the beginning of the game (like the curtains or the closet key) Don't worry, NO STAR HINTS.
No question/password required to start game.
Haven't decided if I want to change the music yet it's kind of catchy...
Also pondering ideas on adding more stars to raise 100% completion difficulty (as if it's not difficult enough to find a couple of the stars already!)
Will include a nice, clean, easy-to-read walkthrough with extended mod info!
Still includes original, untouched bonus game for 100% completion

1-23-2019: Coming Soon.

Download: Soon!

Jan 22, 2019
Update, coming along will have a little demo ready soon hopefully, currently running into some software/hardware issues on my machine, focusing on getting these issues handled to get everything running proper.
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