[Recommendation] I want more Sexy Androids, Gynoids, and AI's


Formerly 'DuakJak'
Jun 5, 2019
To put it bluntly, robo-poon, and Robo-wang and the general concept of romantically bonding with an artificial intelligence really gets me rockin. Gender presentation or Identity is not terribly important. I prefer feminine but anything fucking goes.

Any recommendations of /ANY/ media (games and adult media preferred but all are fine) that explore this kind of thing?

Like, I loved the fuck out of Hard Coded, Just grabbed Rogue Courier, and had some fun with Space Corps and I adore Harem Hotel but I want moooooooore.
I checked the other related threads but they are just about games and I'm willing to explore manga, anime, movies, whatever. Idgaf, I just want to indulge myself.
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