[VN] - [Unity] - [Completed] Kaori After Story [PixelFade Inc]

  1. 4.00 star(s)


    From a technical standpoint, one of the few Unity visual novels that actually works well(Most are kinda slow and buggy.)

    Shame about the lack of any sexual content, but I can't complain anyway, story is sweet and funny in places, and Kaori was always my favourite from ACE Academy. There are a few kinda sexy pics, even if nothing goes to obviously sexual levels.
    PixelFade are insanely talented developers and this after story just proves that. It definitely restored my faith in them after the dumb overall idea that was Crystalline.
    (Seriously with Crystalline... why introduce 3 cute girls, and then allow you to just romance one, and even force that romance if you want to get the true ending? Waste of time and effort. I much prefer like how we have it here, make a main game that has a choice of romance, and then eventual afterstories focused on particular chosen girls.)