[Cheat Mod] [Ren'Py] Lucretia's Legacy - cheatMenu [] [Mattock]

May 27, 2018
-cheatMenu to see hidden stats and cheat hard reachable events
-tips on choices (selectable)
-ingame walkthrough-ish screen
"spoiler" 2 pics(cheatMenu/WTish):
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Mod Updated: 2019-02-01
Game/Creator: /
Mod Version: 1.1
Game Version: 1.0 (0.8?)
This mod ONLY works with Lucretia's Legacy version 1.0

"spoiler" Install/DeInstall/HowToUse(press "x" after load)
(edit)and you should always make backup-copies of the save-game-folders before installing any mod!
-depack mod-archive to the "game"-folder of the RenPy-game
-a folder named "zzzMttkModFolder"(with 6 files) will be created
(e.g. ?\LucretiasLegacy-1.0-pc\game\zzzMttkModFolder)
easy deInstall:
-delete folder "zzzMttkModFolder"(incl. any files inside) from the "game"-folder
thorough deInstall:
-choose ingame option(at Gerneral Modding); quit game and then
-delete folder "zzzMttkModFolder"(incl. any files inside) from the "game"-folder
how to use:
-start or load a game
-either click the "cheatMenu"-textbutton in quickMenu or press "x" on your keyborad to bring up the cheatMenu
"spoiler" mod-details
edit2: inModWarning:
Warning: this mod changes "content of the game"(technically: overrides labels). You should not mitigate saves where the mod was active. (saves that you use in the same game-version with my mod present are totally fine.)
I decided to mark it ingame, when my mod is active(bottom right)...to be max.compatible: do not save a game, that you want to use without my mod present, if in-mod-warning is given. (before or after is fine of course)

NVL-window / rollback
At some very seldom points in the game there is too much text in the NVL-window and you can't reach choices/options you can't see.
This problem increases, as I add text to the choices/options.
I've "rewritten" the NVL-window of RenPy, if there is too much text to be displayed, it automatically scolls most down, additionally you can scroll with the mousewheel.
Roll-forward-backward is always reachable by PageUp/Down.
If you want to use the mousewheel to roll-forward-backward!(selectable at General Modding) a scrollbar is shown at the right, but its top is "under" the "stats-screen". You can still scrolling by clicking-holding-and-moving.

The entries in the history-screen have a given height. This leads to some big spaces and (more annoying) overlaps for long entries, history then gets unreadable...
I've set this to dynamically calculated height of entries, but this takes a lot time! Normally(default) there are 250 entries in the history; I've set that to 50 which I assume to be enough backreading, and the imact on performance seems ok.

WTish-viewport (keys "1", "2" and "3" are bookmarks)
keys "+","-","PageUp","PageDown" can lead viewport to be set to a wrong position...
press "0" to reset to start!

small errors:
-There's a small error when visiting the store with Veronica, it is possible that the Flora-image is not hidden.
I've repaired that in my cheatChoices, but that means if you disable the tips on choices, you will see "both" images...
-another small error is when you go dancing with Veronica and Lucretia has to scold you, the images are placed center instead left...not corrected!
-hunter-chat with Desiree, typo in image-tag: image doubled
(be aware, when decompiling mod, you may run into indention errors...)
upon reviewing the mod, I think it is much too much info in the choices...
so I made the "tips on choices" selectable (at cheats section)
(surprisingly) enabling/disabling has direct impact even on the choice you are confronted with, right now!
so you could leave it disabled and only enable it, if you're really unsure what to do(?)...

happy playing, greets Mattock