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Feb 10, 2018
Personally, I kinda like the ultra evil MC, as long as the chicks are actually into it. It would kinda be a turn off if they were genuinely in anguish and torment.

I just think of the evil MC now as the nega-verse of Summertime Saga.
That just gave me some real ass Star Trek flashbacks, like Taffy Tales is actually the mirror universe of Summertime Saga.
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Feb 19, 2018
Finally a game where the MC is actually all-out psychotic instead of just behaving like one while being described as a "normal dude"!
+1 for that and +1 for the great artstyle
Yeah I love an MC who’s not a total wimp like the majority of the ones in adult games. And lol at the people bitching about how he’s so cruel and evil whilst almost every adult game in this site already feels like rapist simulators.


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Jul 2, 2018
I got it to around 94%, but cannot get the quest with the ruler and cannot get Clara in the classroom in the evening eventhough I have the item for it.. Any tips? Or is that part bugged?

Also great update, some realy nice new scenes.. still wished there was more, but I get that it takes time.. Realy do love the Clara scenes.. Shame nothing more with mom or sis.. But hopefully in the future.. :D


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Oct 28, 2017
honestly this is probably one of if not my favorite game on this entire site it can be a little rough around the edges but overall the art style is pretty cool the characters seem appealing and different from the same 15 models reused in every game now and I always enjoy the updates to this game 10/10 IGN.
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