Mar 24, 2018
Hm, that only has stuff on FILF though, didnt he have more games? Or am i thinking of someone else?
His website was linked from his Patreon page and since some things on his site did not conform to Patreons terms they suspended his Patreon page until he sorted it out. ICC might be working on a solution for this but right now F.I.L.F is generating income and so on so old completed projects may have quite low priority. If we take into account that people are very quick to complain when they think updates are to few and far between it can be counterproductive for ICC to take time from F.I.L.F-developement so old games are accessible.


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Nov 20, 2018


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Sep 3, 2017
Ah. Guess so. Guess ill try to hunt for them on here somehow then.
Just put Dev/Creator name in search box at the top of the page, mark search EVERYWHERE and TITLES only, then click the search (DON'T use enter key). This will give results with all available games by the Dev/creator you named on this site.

Hope that helps.
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Oct 28, 2018
anyone know why this update takes so long? on his patreon say each update every 1-2 month
patreon had suspended his page so he pause his work while he was working with patreon to get it sorted. his page is back up to it will be update soon™
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