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[Unity] [Completed] Going Down on the Sickness [Final] [Skadoo]

Feb 2, 2019
Corona-chan is a Star all over the world! What a success! When we say that Asian will control the world... After Psy and his Gangnam Style... Corona-chan and her SRAS-Cov2!
Artists are all jealous of them! :Kappa:
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Dec 19, 2017
For Windows to get just the music, you need to download and , put youtube-dl.exe and ffmpeg.exe into the same folder, open a command prompt, go to that folder, and run the following;

youtube-dl.exe --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 -k

Linux instructions are distro based. Just add the repos to apt, pacman, or yum. Install the packages and the above command should be about the same minus .exe

Good luck!


Jan 27, 2019
The only question is: Do you fuck Corona-chan or does she fuck you?

Just a philosophical question ofc.
That's a good question.
Theoretically, it could be seen that she fucks you, since she leaves you breathless after a few weeks of living with her; but on the other hand, it's easy for her to come again if she already came, which makes it easier to fuck her.

I guess it boils down to if you like her the way she is. If she's not slim enough for you, you can get her to exercise - y'know, to try to flatten her curves.