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Dec 2, 2018
I highly doubt v0.30 will be the last ever update. Firstly, Ashley has a TV show to attend. It'd be pretty weird, and probably also quite difficult, to include that as well as all the endings in one update. Also, it hasn't been specified if the endings will be kept separate from the actual version. v0.30/0.31 could be the last update/s that contain story element, which are then followed up with separate updates for the endings.
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Sep 11, 2018
Yeah, one update to wrap everything up is unlikely, unless it's a huge one and EvaKiss work on it for a few months without releasing anything. I doubt 0.30 will be the last. Don't forget the game originally was supposed to end a few updates ago. Plans change.
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Oct 23, 2017
Some romantic story lines could come to a close within 1 or 2 updates. Eva, Jessica, Dave, and Eric seem ready to have a "2 years later..." and be married and/or pregnant. Others, like Jack, Wilson, and Tyrone (both romance and cucking Eric), need a bit more fleshing out.
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Aug 7, 2017
If this was the ending, it'd be the equivalent of the GoT last season in that everything is a clusterfuck, people die, people act out of character, unresolved plots and then boom... end credits.
Absolutley agree....with Got( boardwalk empire too) and with this game....but i have faith in Eva, she is doing a great job with this game. From my point of view this game needs 2 or 3 updates more to reach a good ending for all the paths


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Feb 17, 2018
I could see 0.35 up to 0.40 being the finale, then I can finally have a full playthrough. I just hope Eva adds in a Mom/Dad reunion so we can all be one big "close" family.
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Aug 9, 2016
When 0.28 was released, Eva confirmed to a patron that there would be only 2 more updates. On the Q&A she said the endings would come after 0.30 is released.

So I believe 0.30 will be the of the story as a whole and after it comes the endings of each route.


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May 25, 2018
She can get pregnant with her dad.
Actually,she can only say that she want to have a baby from her dad,just like the same way with Arthur(her sugar daddy),but she is not pregnant yet - I play both of this routes and on the end of the version(until now) she is not yet pregnant,so for now the only thing is that she can want to have a baby from one of her daddy's,but she is not pregnant! Maybe it will be in the next update,which some people say it will be the last one,so may be then she will be pregnant!


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Jul 24, 2018
Good Girl Gone Bad-0.29ALPHA (1.07 gb rar pc source)

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