[VN] - [Ren'Py] My Cute Roommate [v1.4.0 EV Beta] [Astaros3D]

  1. 3.00 star(s)


    The average review is because some parts are amazing but some parts are really bad.

    The models look great, like really great. But man the story... I think the MC in this game is probably the worst of all the stereotypes of a rapey douchebag idiot main character like almost to the point of parody. The gimmick of the disease is pretty stupid too.

    Hate to sound this mean, especially with the models that are very pretty and expressive.
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    This is a very entertaining game with great renders and above average animations. The cousin is very attractive and plays hard to get at first, which makes it all the more rewarding as you progress with her. This is a very underrated game. Definitely worth a play.
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    An absolute mess.

    If I had to give a one sentence summary, it would be that you would have an easier time going outside and getting laid in real life than in this "game".

    This game is simply 95% mindless & useless grind, 5% "reward" (If you could even call that).

    I'm not gonna comment on the art style since that is subjective & everyone has their own personnal preference and likes & dislikes, even thought to me the women in this game are like creepy looking aliens... Seriously, don't look them in the eyes.

    Now, if you thought what I said was bad, how about I add the fact there is an absurd number of bugs in this game, some that outright block your progress forever unless you take the save of someone else or change some parts in the text files of the game (Yes, you are apparently supposed to do that, the dev doesn't bother with that kind of things).

    Oh, if you're thinking of playing on mobile, don't ever bother, like ever. This game was absolutely not thought about mobile, at all. You'll never be able to navigate your inventory because you'll never be able to scroll down on it, since the scroller is on the absolute of the absolute side of the screen and a human finger is physically incapable of touching said corner. Some areas have rooms & menus inside each other because why not at this point.

    I tried this game first on mobile, then when I was stuck and impossible to progress further because of one of the bugs that block your progress once and for all, I decided to do everything on PC to get back to there, but once I was there I realized how meaningless it was because I felt that everything I did up to that point was not rewarding or satisfying at all.

    That's all. Would not recommend to anyone, the only reason this convoluted mess gets any attention is because it's one of the "OG" ones...
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    FULL of bugs don't bother:

    It's really mind-blowing how a game in such a late stage of development can be unplayable.

    The renders and animation are AMAZING but what's the use if you can't progress the story to see them?

    This is the second time I am playing this and decided to warn others from making the same mistake. First time I couldn't buy items at the shop and now with the latest version, I can't train at the gym.

    Also, the quest system sucks. It doesn't tell you in detail what to do and there's a lot of stuff you need to keep track of at the same time.

    Bugs combined with unrefined progression system render this game UNPLAYABLE.
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    I really wanted to like this game but couldn't. The story is nonexistent, the Incest Patch does almost nothing for the characters and dialogue and the gameplay is repetitive as hell. Let me list off all of the Cons and Pros, so the developer can see this and maybe change a few things.

    • The animation of the sex ranges from okay to good
    • The character models are good

    • No Dirty talk, especially in the Incest department. That's a no no.
    • After the introduction the player character becomes mute trash. What is the point of having a game with tons of dialogue when the player character barely talks and emotes.
    • Sex scenarious become less and less believable the further the story goes.
    • Why make the main female character related to the player if you're not going to capitalize on it through some better dialogue and more taboo scenes.
    • Get rid of the "cumming in pants" feature. It's dumb and just slows down the game even more than it is.
    • Implement a better more detailed hint feature. It's kind of garbage right now.
    • Cousin needs more characterization. You barely get to know her especially compared to the other characters in this game which is weird because she should be the person the player gets to know the most.
    • Get rid of optional dialogue that gives you an instant gameover or just damages the relationship between the characters. What even is the point of having more provocative lines when they're pointless and just screw over the player.
    I hope MCC will get fixed because I can see a good game in there but unless someone actually works on these flaws this game will quite frankly become a complete and utter mess without redemption.
  6. 1.00 star(s)

    Korben Dallas

    Review of version 1.3.0

    Not much to review here. Game ending bugs have prevented me from getting very far into the game, despite repeated attempts. The interface is sluggish and requires multiple clicks to register a click most of the time. Image maps are slightly off so mousing over text doesn't highlight selections.

    The cousin has lizard eyes and looks like she is an extra from the old 80's sci-fi miniseries V - The Final Battle. Someone let me know if she eats a mouse.
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    If I wouldn't like the main girl so much I'd give this game only 3 stars.
    Not bad, but there are better projects.
    That style of oversized boobs and buts isn't my taste, but it's a taste thing. Also savegames not transfering from 1.1 to 1.3? Not worth replaying for those extra scenes.
  8. 1.00 star(s)


    Unplayable 1gb++ game, because android version has a lot of crucial bugs
    Like you cannot buy items?!
    So much for game that has a lot of good review,
    I really expect more on this game, but i certainly don't want to waste big internet quota since im not on wifi all the time,

    Really disappointed
  9. 3.00 star(s)

    Evil Dr Porkchop

    buggy structured game,must do A B C D now on to the good points, good renders,decent animations, a storyline complete with puzzles and minigames,Characters you will like or hate,choices and consequences.with a little work this could be one of the best games,dialogue options are decent

    The one thing that lets an otherwise good game down is sadly the bugs
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    Ok the story is simple and has to many charakters to have sex with. Erotic situations seem to just fall on u right there and now and the most frustration is an actual plot. Main quest includes every girl without exception. But the visual part is worth it. Beautyfull. Simply stunning. Wich seems to be the biggest thing in todays 3dcg games.
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    Been following for a while and just attempted to play for the first time in about a year. This isn't a game. This should be delivered as a collection of animations and put int he animations category.

    You cannot play this from the start, because there are game ending bugs which specifically prevent you from moving forward. The only option is to grab a save game at the end of the previous chapter and play the new content. That means, you only option to experience 95% of the content is through use of the "gallery". That basically means this isn't a game, it's a collection of animations.

    The rating of "poor" is the most literal use of a 2 star rating for a game that isn't a game. It's a poorly maintained and managed project that is exactly what I've said it is - a gallery of animations that you can only cheat (download a save) to unlock.
  12. 3.00 star(s)


    ** My star allotment for this game is based on the fact that a cheat console has been made for it, and playing this game pretty much requires you to use the cheats. Without the cheat console, I would give this game a two star review. **

    Art work is very well done, as long as you like your women looking like Barbie dolls. The story line is acceptable for a porn game, however the plot progression sporadically requires irrational choices and unfounded repeats of the same task. Add in that the mini-games are the only way to make money, and can be unforgivably harsh. The Clean/Dirty cycle is also a major pain that distracts from the game.

    That said, I have had a wonderful time playing the game after installing the cheat console. No money worries. No "am I dirty, do I need to stop everything and take a shower?" And not worrying if I am about to spew in my pants because I didn't waist time to jerk off in the shower.

    Without the cheat mod, this game is a two star. The mod adds a full star plus some.
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    I appreciate the content and the effort, but there are a lot of things wrong with it, and the art is middle of the road. It is not as complete as many of the other games offered. It is a good example of why there needs to be more collaboration for fewer projects instead of small teams trying to do too much that is out of their expertise.
  14. 2.00 star(s)


    I really wanted myself to like this game, because it was one of the first games of this kind I played. But as you can see, I only rated it with two out of five.
    Good Renders / hot models
    Early sexual action
    Decent animations
    No story (literally there isn't a story, it's so uncreative, believe me, don't find it out yourself)
    Many bugs
    Lame grinding (Boring puzzles etc)
    Poor character writing, they haveno personality

    Maybe the dev should get a creative dev on bord, and only focus on renders, just a suggestion, no offence.
  15. 2.00 star(s)


    This game got me for a long time. The renders are pretty good. (Though you have to be okay with the blonde bimbo plastic tits aesthetic to really get into it.)

    And I wanted to like it, it has stats, grinding, money, a time system.... it should be good! But it's not.

    The item use system is arcane, the relationship stat point gains and loses are hidden away behind an overly simplistic representation of relationship status. The girls are locked behind insufferably long grinding and sometimes the puzzles are just stupidly obtuse.

    This went from one of my favorites to one of my very sincere mehs after my last playthrough. A solid pass over in the future.
  16. 2.00 star(s)


    this adult game is release with so many bug, many fature not help your gameplay instead of bug culprit, the MC girl looks like doll plastic with unbelieveble big silicon boobs, for me huge dick & boob is uninteresting . the story is not good.
  17. 4.00 star(s)


    The movement of character don't smooth that much but it not bad at all.
    When it came to 'Special scene'. exactly it must be the reward for the player who follows the story by reading all text there on this game.
    8/10 Character
    6/10 mini game
    7/10 mechanical
    7/10 Storyline
    and for me, I give you 9/10 for made this awesome game. :D
    Thx any way.
  18. 3.00 star(s)

    Tiago Pinto

    Full of bugs, so let's get that out of the way for starts.
    Face designs are questionable, some of the girls (including our own cousin/roommate) seems a bit off. The shop keeper smile is hilariously creepy (again not sure if intended?).
    I liked the implementation of the menu and some of the mini games but that's all.
    As for the story and the dialogue... Well, this feels like more of a porn mmo meets rpg but idk. The entire setting was pretty, just my two cents. Tons of mini games tho if you're into that.
  19. 3.00 star(s)


    A decent game. It gets kinda slow a lot of times, which is a bad thing. But at least the sex scenes are nice and they are packed into a replay gallery, which is always appreciated, especially after finishing the game.
  20. 4.00 star(s)


    This game really gives mixed feelings
    In one way it's a great game, in another angle, it's an annoying game.

    --- Chara Design 4.5/5
    Especially thanks to their body shape that are gorgeous on most characters.
    Some characters are cute, some other not really
    I really like their belly and ass
    Their personality is okayish

    --- Story/Background 2.5/5
    The story is pretty weird, and the writting not great. There is some funny events though you still enjoy progressing even if it doesn"t make much sense

    --- Animations/Renders 6/5
    Definitely the selling point of this game. The animations are top notch with a lot of variety. The photoshots are great too

    --- Gameplay/Content 3/5
    Huge contents
    The Gameplay is not bad, but very frustating, a lot of grinding, a lot of bugs, a lot of death route, if you don't save every 2 minutes you are fucked up, withtout a walkthrough you spend ages to advance.
    That's why I only give 3 points on that topic, because this game can be so annoying at times

    TOTAL 16/20

    If there wasn't that much bugs and crashes, especially when you click on the map, on the clock, on the heart... I would give 5 stars. 4 now it'll be 4 ;)