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Nov 16, 2017
when is the next update. i was on vacation and i want to know if i should just wait
Just click at the Patreon link at the OP, but BoN latest posts were about problems with his PC, and that he decided to format It and that he wasn't beeing able even to do that... So I don't know either, but I'm not a Patron and can't read the whole content of the posts...

I hope some patron/hero could share that info...


Oct 21, 2017
Teacher Liz sounds like a guy faking a girls voice in the handjob scene...maybe thats intentional But it threw interest off that character because it doesnt feel like it fits. I fucked the club trap so its not an issue with that.


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Oct 22, 2018
Why is everyone keep asking for a walkthrough. It's in the game. Just go to the book of faces and click " ? "


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Jul 2, 2019
Guys, compared to the "original" game, this is quiet linear. Just hit "W", Smartphone, klick on the big B icon. Then click on Persons there, or on the Icon for the school, when these subpages open, klick on the green "?" and it tells you what to do for 95% of the game.

some exceptions:

In order to get to school in the beginning just walk west to "High Neighborhood W" then south to "New Neighborhood N" then further south to "New Neighborhood S" then even further south to "Old Neighborhood" then go imediately west and you arive at the school.

When you do Sarah's Questline you might get a wrong Quest note: that tells you to go to her room at some point, but you always FIRST HAVE TO GO to the Club and give the guy the package that you found, THEN go to Sarah in her room, so if you can´t interact with her even so the Fuck-book or whatever its called tells you so, just go to the club first.

A few times the location you are supposed to go might be stated wrongly like New Neighborhood N instead of S etc.

That´s pretty much all probelms with the "guidance system" I found so far.


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Jan 8, 2018
So here's my bug. On 1st Friday after Maria dinner event its automaticly skips to bedroom and it seems 2 events (the Amy and Maid one) trigger and lock me in sleeping position where I cant do anything.
Edit: soooo I might have broken something down the line but I unstuck myself by using phone from item menu.
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