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Mar 8, 2017

After being abroad for 12 years Iosif returns to his home. Having spent most of his life going from place to place Iosif is excited by the prospect of being able to set down some roots. Iosif goes to a local university to complete his education. There he meets an old friend, named Lesya, who is eager to reconnect their friendship.
Will Iosif choose to rekindle an old flame or will he find another fire burning in an unexpected place?

Thread Updated: 2019-04-13
Release Date: 2018-04-27
Developer: Kory Toombs
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Length: Short (2 - 10 hours)
2DCG, Male protagonist, Multiple endings, Romance, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Handjob, Gay, School setting, Groping

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:
This visual novel will have a common route followed by 4 different choices the main character can make. Each choice will effect who Iosif ends up with at the end of the novel.

Resources Used:
-StARs (Standard Asset Resources.)
-Light Novel Standard Music created by Bittersweet Entertainment.
-Self created message box, save menu, load menu, and settings menu.
-Commissioned CG artwork by hentaibrain.

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Nov 18, 2018
God that transition, like black cum covering the screen...

Also why are we clearly in some Eastern European country given all the names, but the decor is still Japanese? For fucks sake.


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Feb 1, 2018
That's definitely a Japanese night market, not Chinese. Iosif needs to get exiled again and learn more about the world.
Definitely. That's a typical japanese summer festival location, where the stalls sell food and other treats like takoyaki, like the one on the left has written on it in hiragana (japanese).


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Nov 18, 2018
Ok, this is tagged Multiple Ending, but I swear I'm like 5 days in (story time) and there hasn't been a choice to make yet, so is this the most linear multiple ending game ever or someone lied on the tag.


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Nov 18, 2018
One choice, with no ability to save before it happened. So in order to see the other ending you have to SKIP through the entire story again.
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Nov 18, 2018
Alright. So finished, here's the issue:

Wow, what did I just make myself sit through? The Character model artwork is amazingly done. The actual sex scenes at the end look like a paint by numbers drawing. The story, which is drivel, hinges all on this one date at a dance and you choosing your prospects. Lets look at them:

Spoilers ahead so...
Bestfriend from the past: Could have been the sweet girl trope, instead she's trying to hump you entire game. You find out why in the ending, but she's really off putting in how she's written.

Mean Girl: She's obviously wanting to be the dominant in the relationship. She more or less forces you into dating her, then spends the whole time trying to bad mouth your best friend. She at least acts like a girl who is trying to date because she likes you, but her attitude is grating.

Crazy Girl: Babbles to herself, high IQ, had almost no input in the story. Apparently she was in a one sided dating relationship with you this whole time and you didn't know it. Her ending is at least sweet, but we'll talk about endings in a second

Gay Option: WHA?! WHY?! The entire game you spend talking to this guy he clearly hates your guts, you hate his guts, there's no chemistry between them at all, why is this a thing?

Now lets get to the endings:
Choose a person, story segment reveals the reasoning behind why they liked you, sex scene, minor exposition at the end. Credits.

For this being some major life altering choice, there is nothing in the ending at all about what happens after this one moment in time. You get the sex scene reward for sitting through this schlop, and poof "The End"

All in all, this one looked like it was going to be fun, the girls looked cute, the sex scenes are fucking disappointing, the endings are a complete let down and it's not worth your time to sit through this honestly.

I will give bonus points to anyone who actually bothered to read the Professor's lectures.