[RPGM] Staying With Aunt Katie [v0.24] [Sid Valentine]


May 12, 2017
I seem to be missing something obvious. In the tutorial, it stays that you can masturbate to lower arousal, but I can't seem to figure out how to accomplish this. I've tried clicking on the bed and shower, figuring those would be the most obvious places to do the deed, as it were, but no dice. Does anyone have some advice?


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Sep 12, 2018
Big boobed aunty/Katie is back! :p

What's New:
- You can now masturbate onto Katie by the pool. To see it you need to have seen the regular masturbate onto scene and then go to the pool during the Afternoon period when Katie's out there. The 'cum' material used for this scene isn't great. For some reason when I finally updated Daz3D from 4.10 to 4.11 it broke the material I usually use, so I had to use something new.
- Repeatable version of the above. After seeing the original version you can choose to either grope or masturbate onto Katie when you interact with her near the pool during the Afternoon period.
- The small chat scene with Katie during the Morning period in the kitchen will now change once your affection with her reaches at least 25. The picture for it is new but is mostly the original one just with Katie looking happy rather than miserable.
- Once your affection with Katie reaches 20 a scene in Chris' bedroom will trigger with him asking her for help with his school work. Afterward you can choose to study with Katie during the afternoon period in Chris' room. You have a 50/50 chance of Katie being knowledgeable about the subject, which will change how effective the study session is.
- New status menu. When you click on 'Menu' and choose 'Stats' you'll now get an entire screen dedicated to your stats. It's not quite as slick and flashy as I originally envisioned it but it's a lot better than the dinky plain textbox.

I originally wanted this update to focus on adding in/updating affection scenes but the level of intimacy between Katie and Chris I had in mind for them still didn't make much sense for where the game's currently at. The upcoming handjob & fingering scenes will change that.

I'll be doing another post on Friday about what I plan to work on this month for both SWAK and Cohabitation.

Here is my crunched version (source porno-island):

Staying with Aunt Katie [Sid Valentine] 0.24 (619 mb rar win source)

94 mb rar unofficial win compressed (slightly reduced image/video/audio quality):
done by Cruncher v0.3.1(BAS@f95zone)

ps. as the source file was downloaded from the "porno-island" site, I removed their advertising, both as files/shortcuts and that injected in script. If I missed something of that advertising, or in case of eventual bugs caused by crunching, report here or pm me. cheers
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Nov 18, 2018
Need a complete save from 0.23. Did some housecleaning, it went bye-bye, need it now.


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Jul 21, 2018
Ceertainly an old and repeated question, but where can one find a walkthrough?