Jun 25, 2018
I hope we will be able to travel to the other (fantasy) world, that was the best thing about the first game IMO making it much more interesting. We have plenty of RPGM games in our world and a few in fantasy world but a game that successfully mixes two worlds is something unique.

[R said:
Nest Games]I have several ideas on that regard, but I don't know on what scale I'll do it yet. The problem with two world concept in the original is that one of them is more popular, and as a result gets more development(not that it's much of a problem, but it's the reason why the ruins and town above them don't have a lot going on beside the main story). If I do decide to add multiple worlds to the sequel, I'll have to think of a way to implement it better.
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Oct 11, 2018
First Succulence was a good game,because of agent alona ripoff, and it was a good one.

But now i don't know where origins are being take off, and game will be more weak without new character and corruption path.

I hope im being wrong about future of the project, but i dont want it to be another game where you are clicking 5 times to get a few images in hope for a boner.

P.S. I loved first game, and i think there must be more projects like this to improve overall stance of those games.


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Jan 8, 2017
Well Reporter Kate could have been some inspiration for the dev.
I think it will be a good game again, because we have some good "idea giver"
on patreon and here as well.



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Jan 8, 2018
It looks like MV this time and favoring mouse controls over keyboard. Kinda sucks for me though, I'm so used to playing these with the numpad. Ah well. ^^;

I hate having to use my keyboard period - it's louder than a typewriter.

I either use a controller or my 12-thumbs mouse for 99% of stuff


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Jul 31, 2017
Seems promising after coming out of the first game. Some definite good quality of life changes. I mean it does seem like kind of a buggy mess in places I kept crashing and having loading errors but otherwise I hope this keeps going, and that the first one gets a transition to this one soon so this game can take focus!

The dressing up sequence feels a lot slower now because of the extra steps that might just be me who feels that way though; kinda would like a saved "preset" available somewhere perhaps for when you're at the grindier parts?
Also the placement of the bed really bothers me and idk why. xD