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Sep 16, 2017

You're a college student who's lustful desires have caused you to make horrible mistakes. But lucky for you, your best friend has found a way to manipulate time... You have the chance to go back and fix some of your mistakes... Will you correct the things in the past to make your life better or will you make it worse. You can make new decisions follow new paths try to get everything you desire or you just might continue to fuck things up... The only good thing is time is on your side. There are so many paths to follow... Will you help them make the good choices?
Thread Updated: 2019-03-08
Release Date: 2019-03-07
Developer: Motkeyz - - - - -
Censored: No
Version: v0.5.2PE
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian, Italian, Polish.
3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Group Sex, Humor, Incest, Masturbation, MILF, Oral Sex, Sci-Fi, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Sex Toys, Titfuck, Cheating, Blackmail, Footjob, Handjob, Exhibitionism, Creampie, Prostitution, Threesome, Smoking

1- Extract the files and run.


Bug fix:
If the game is black/white and no images. please install 32-bit version patch from Microsoft:

Patch Instructions:
DO NOT EXTRACT - It's not meant to be extracted just copy the file as is to Timestamps_Data folder STREAMINGASSETS of your game folder. "Unconditional Love_Data_Data\Languages\"
The file is called, do not rename, do not open it, just copy it as is to the language folder.
When you start the game, click on the flag on the right side that says "Unrated"
Saves are located in hidden folders!
Save location on Windows (use Windows+R)
Save location on Mac (Use Finder)
and you need to show hidden files to see it (Shift+Command+.)

400+ New renders!!!
18 New animations!!!
Patreon Goal - Award Animation added in Day 4 with Maureen!
Extra steamy content focus on Juli, Nika, Monica, with some goodies from more ;)
Engine Updates

TOOLTIPS ON DOORS!!! (Translated)
SKIP while holding LEFT SHIFT in dialogue! (New hotkey!)
REPLAY MENU Revamp! Now you can see what is locked behind other paths or still unlocked.
Save/Load menu improvements, performance on deleting and renaming saves.
Slowed down auto-mode from 1 sec to 2.5 sec.
Improvements and bugfixes to Auto-mode.
Animation system has been improved a bit on how to continue dialogue after animation is done.
Performance improvements to CPU usage * Quality settings set to max, VSync enabled. * Game is now framecapped to 60 FPS
Less RAM usage!
If you do not have the right Windows update on PC to play the game, it will now tell you and offer to install it. MAC
Enlarged cursor bug fixed BUGFIXES
Molly Backdoor scene now viewable again from replay menu.
Corrected the cause of stuck Night 2 properly, reversed last bandaid fix which also caused some more bugs
Corrected bugs where you could get stuck and had to use last choice to continue (Shopping GHD)
Finishing an animation that was not looped would not update the next picture properly. Now it does.
Replay system, loading a game while in a replay could potentially cause problems, never reported, fixed anyway :)
Replay system, music didnt stop after stopping replay. Fixed now.
Also did multiple text improvements * Updated "SFX" label in settings menu, the size was too small before.

- Fixed getting stuck on night 2 when trying to peek Juli and John and couldn't leave the room. - Fixed getting stuck on day 6 saying you need to go to bacon for some people playing a particular path - for those having black/white screen issues when loading or trying to start new game: please install the 32 bit update (very important) of

280+ new renders
10 new amazing animations
2 reworked animations
Content Focus: Veronika, Juliana. and more.
New Character introduction!
New Locations being added on the map, some are disabled this version.
Fixed some typos

Persistent saves! After you move your save folder for the last time, it will now move to

Persistent game configuration!
Now no more disclaimer at the start of the game for repeat players.

New Feature: Scroll Dialogue Control.
Scroll UP - Dialogue Forward (Like Left click / Space)
Scroll Down - Dialogue Backward (Like Right click/Q)
Scroll Click - Hide Interface (Like Z)

New Feature: Game Translations!
Read more on Discord in the #game-translation channel.

Languages are located in "Unconditional Love_Data/Languages/"

VNGINE updates and fixes:
* Massive size crunch of game, converted 99% of images to webp from jpg/png. The game is less than 1.2GB now.
* Changed colors of animation player buttons to more blue, easier visible on brighter scenes.
* Loading into dialogue no longer causes you to restart that scene from the beginning.
* Rightclick now properly cancells animations and goes further back.
* Moved saves to %LocalAppData%
* Moved gameconfig to %LocalAppData%
* Automatically load preffered language on starting game.
* Language version detection
* Custom Translator note that show up when you apply language in game.

LMS - Language Modding Support
- Dynamic Translation Finder in "Unconditional Love_Data/Languages/"
- Allows custom country flags in the folder, that will show up in the mainn menu of the game.
- Intro Translation
- Inventory Item translations
- Navigation Click message translations
- UI Translation
- Hint System translation
- Phone message translation

Known Issues:
The translation support is not 100% Yet.
All the fonts right now do not support all the letters of all alphabets. It will be added at a later date to use custom font files, hopefully for 0.5.2

- Fixed the Hint system now correctly telling you to go see Molly and not go take a shower on Day 6
- Added "Change Name" in Options Menu, just remember to save (Will not update mid-dialouge but next scene))
- Added "Close" button to Esc Menu.
- Added "Continue..." button to animation player, to pop up after a while of looping so you know you won't miss anything from stopping animation.
- Removed Resolution override when you star the game, it now remembers your game size.
- Fixed phone pickup problem for people playing with Wine on Mac/Linux
- Updated MC's computer corner to a better render.
- Updated Juli bedside table to a better render.
- Corrected a few spelling mistakes.

Previous update that was done (0.5.0 Sunday fix)
-Dialogue fixes.
-Room fix (Nika Bedroom TV and Juli bedside table could cause certain error that causes strange problems).
-Nika should not be sleeping daytime... yet again. Sleepyhead!
-"Whack-A-Scut" was accidentally allowed from the start, now only unlocked through progress.

400(!) new renders
13(!) new animations

Plenty of story continuation.
-Content focused on Juliana, Heather, Molly, with a nice hint of Nika :)
-A few more short freeroam events in town.

New platinum menu animation.
Bacon's house!
You can visit it on day 6 for now. Not much in it right now but we will add more in future updates of course.

VNGINE Updates

- Significant performance boosts across the board.
- Improved menu system to not cause the esc menu beeing blocked.

Phone additions

-New REPLAY system (On the phone, press the gallery image to replay your favorite scenes!) -New message system! (Shows unread messages, makes them red, also better notification!) -NO MORE NOTIFICATION SOUND SPAM!
-New tooltip for what menu icon you are hovering Dialogue
-New replay mode (on the phone)
-New button to exit replay on the right panel when in replay mode.
-Added support for more choices.
-Colorized names! On by default, disable in settings
-Added 4th choice to showers to skip.
-Choices moved to middle of screen.
-Dialogue history capped to 20, This was causing performance issues before when set to unlimited.

House Navigation

-New improved adaptive quick navigation, it adapts to which house you are in (MC House or in Bacon's house)
-New improved adapted house map, adapts to which house you are in.
-Faster house navigation Tons of bugs fixed, new dialogue overhaul is probably coming soon again as we continously improve our writing quality.

-Platinum Edition for all Patrons this release, with Custom Themed and Animated Menu
-330+ Full HD Renders
-5 FULL HD Loopable Animations.
-30+ New Scenes
-4 New items added to the game.
-Added top tier patrons to Credits (Patron perk)
-New Scut Scene for "Wimps" on Day 3 after back from travel.
-Revised Dialogues from start to finish, lots of grammar and typo corrections.
-Character Focus of release: Juliana & Maureen.
-Multiple New Scenes Juliana (EXTRA STEAMY)
-New Scene with Maureen (EXTRA STEAMY)
-New short Scene with Heather.
-New story expansion with Gaz, Molly + Newcomer in Cougar Valley.
-Intro to Three new Locations, Tattoo Studio, Beach, Motel.

-"MAIN MENU" button added to the Phone/Esc Menu to allow for starting new game!
- Basement added to quick navigation and house map!
- Faster and Smoother gameplay than before
- Dialogue History Panel (Not yet perfect, but it's definetly something, works with skip
and loading game! Can be scrolled with mouse, mouse click & drag or scrollbar
- Auto Mode (Auto progress every second after text finishes typing, or every 1 second
with typewriter disabled, Can be cancelled with Left or Right mouse button) Waits on
choices & Animatitons.
- Skip mode 2.0, not instant anymore, but scrolls fast through the scene. Stops on
animations or choices. (Can be cancelled with Left or Right mouse button)
- Cleaned up the dialogue panel quick-buttons on the right side. Removed
Save/Load/Options and added button "Menu".
- New Dialogue Forward Mechanics (Left Click / Space), Much Smoother
- New Dialogue Backwards Mechanics, (Right Click/Q)Muuuuuch Smoother.
- Improvied "Last Choice" functionality.

- A lot of typos and grammar throughout the entire game.
- No longer goes forward automatically in dialogue when saving/loading
- Whack-A-Scut now closes down properly and sound does not get stuck
- Whack-A-Scut now loads faster.
- Phone now loads faster
- Phone now properly opens up settings menu on first Esc button press
- New Message notification for phone now correctly opens message app (Phone
and message system will be further improved in next version)
- New Message alert pling should now not happen as randomly as before.
- Replaced hallway picture with couch image when roaming in the house, wrong
color before compared to in scenes and map.
- ESC / Quickmenu has been improved.

* 220+ Renders
* 3 Animations
* New mini game on phone Whack-A-Scut! ("Not for wimps!", Unlocks after certain progress, or automatically if you have it already)
* Messages added from Bacon (Day 1 message from intro and new one that unlocks after a path)
* New Day/Night indicator
* UI Icons added for Day/Night indicator and Money
* Added Basment in the house (next to the main exit on the right side)
* New animations this version have automatically loop enabled, meaning you need to stop it when you feel happy. Yay? :D
* Updated menu pic for this version
* Added new support for day/night images.

Fixes & Improvements
* Performance increase to use a lot less processing power when loading images.
* Big bathroom is now visible in the quick navigation (Sneaky bastard was hiding behind the map button)
* When phone is up you can nolonger click stuff in the background by mistake.
* Improved end of game-version message trigger.
* Updated hallway picture
* Updated MC Big bedroom picture for better quality.
* New front house image in intro.
* It's no longer in the middle of the night when going for dinner.
* It's now easier to click the door to the living room / lounge, that door was very narrow with the new design.
* No more old picture showing after animation finishes, it now progresses one pic after finished as intended.
* No more Nika sleeping all day long
* Bathroom items now have added descriptions
* Kitchen items now have added descriptions
* Esc button properly opens settings on the phone on first try
* More minor things that have not been mentioned here.

Developer notes
* CG Gallery will be available in the next version hopefully
* Dialogue improvements should be made for next version, including auto-progression. (Sorry it did not make it in this version)

Added new keybindings(N = House Map, Esc = Phone/Quick Menu, Tab = Quick Navigation)
Updated the keybindings page
Tweaked messaging system, added message sound, improved the message triggering Rigged all the messages, there are 3. So if you load into a game from previous save you may have all 3 text events enabled already, depends on how far you are in the story
Rigged the new end of version screen
Hiding on-screen messages when opening phone
New navigation system
New dialogue trigger system, so you dont miss any scenes if you quick travel in rooms
Phone apps: Messaging system
Phone apps: Game settings
New Phone Icon in top right corner and message indicator.
New messaging sounds.
Save screenshot size optimization
Save/Load screen much much faster than before
Rename your saves! You can now click the pen on the save to rename it.
Faster fades when moving around rooms, (like, more than 10 times faster) faster fades in scenes.
New main menu background
Credits screen blocking menu when map is up
Added bathroom/shower
Added kitchen new pan-shot (scrolling image effect, for extra loooong images)
Fixed the stretching image problem
Completely redid the hint system in the code,
Completely redid the room-blocking in the code so you dont get those weird "i should go to sleep" during the day
Added new inventory items,
Allowing phone to be opened from the phone in the inventory
"Ren'py" style click to hide messages (before you can click anything else in navigation, so you cant accidentally move somewhere if a message is up.)
200+ New renders
20+ New scenes
2 New very sexy Animations New phone messages.
And many more changes...

-Save-load progress cache problem, messing up saves when going back or loading after playing already
-Heather-scut animation that didnt show up, now it will
-Stuck at gaz, two issues
-infinite groundhog when skipping gaz scene. (it triggered a scene from the day before, and then breaks)
-minor typos
-reorganizing the dialogues a bit where music plays and stop
-stops doorbell now at bacon when MC goes into house
-gaz ghd now gives free blowjobs (was free before too on ghd but now it says so)
-fixed mom morning breakfast wimp scene
-fixed hint for afterfinding key to be unlock drawer
-skipping night scene day 2 could send you back to day 2 morning, now works properly

Known issues
-Resolution problems for those over 1080p, if update resolution button doesnt work, will work on it for next big release..(editado)
another known issue could also be that sometimes new dialogue may start with last dialogue sentence, will be fixed in the big one, as it requires some sensitive code surgery which requires extensive testing

This games can collect and send anonymous user statistics over internet to Unity if you allow it through the firewall. This is only to help the developers see how many people are playing, if you don't like it you can block it via firewall!

Win: - - -
Mac: - - -

- - - -
- - - TURKISH/Türkçe
Thanks to @andyaj for sharing the game, @Benjy for the CG RIP.

0.4.1_Screenshot4.png DAY4-MCR-MAureen43C.jpg 0.4.1_Screenshot3.png KitchenDay5-20.jpg 0.4.1_Screenshot8.png 0.4.1_Screenshot7.png Day5-Backyard031b.jpg DAY4-Heather-Sun07b.jpg
1Day6-Jul-wakeup37.jpg 0.4.1_Screenshot2.png Bacon-Day3-Scut03.jpg 0.4.1_Screenshot5.png 0.4.1_Screenshot1.png 0.4.1_Screenshot9.png 0.4.1_Screenshot10.png Keybindings.jpg


May 13, 2017
[Early Alpha/Demo impressions]

+ Renders are nice.
+ Writing seems decent so far.

~ Content: Extremely short current total potential playtime. In terms of sexy stuff: Sister tits in skippable intro, Mom shower, Friend's Mom nude photos. That's it for now. (To elaborate: As far as I can tell, the demo is so short that the story doesn't even get to the time freeze/rewind mechanic that's described to be the main hook of the gameplay.)

- Load functionality does not seem to be working properly. Game seems to save fine, but attempting to load a save seems to leave the game stuck on the loaded scene.
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Mar 28, 2017
I think it's important to mention that this is not another greedy prick locking half the game behind a $25 paywall, so that alone is enough to get my approval.
As far as the game goes, It has potential and you can tell that he put effort into creating the characters, but I thought that the writing was cheesy and same old incest bs and angsty teen "my mom/sister is so hot I wanna f&ck her" bla bla bla..

Other than that, he's doing what I noticed other people do, which is use character/s from other successful games for no doubt to get more attention..but again, he's not hiding content behind ridiculous paywalls and with a few tweaks this can turn really good.


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May 12, 2017

Art 7/10: If i had to judge only the models i would give a solid 9(damn, mom under the shower looks almost real & Bacon's mom is the older sister of the game dreams of desire) but the rest is not at that level. The MC looks like a little douche bag like all the daz3d teenage boy, the backgrounds are kinda weird like the interaction with them & the posing is pretty standard. In the complex seems like different styles mixed together and no full screen mode

Story 4/10: Good premises (what could you do if you could go back in time and fix situations) but the good part ends here. there are 3 random scenes with no connection with the story or with each other. first scene it introduce boobs for the sake of boobs, second scene mom playing with her friend clit under the shower & she reward the mc for peeping with a kiss, third scene it introduce the bully that we all know will lose everything especially the girl.

sound 5/10: the intro music & the park background are enjoyable, but the shower loop is annoying as fuck

overall 5/10: The Dev has a lot of work in front of him, the 3d skill are there and allow him to make something really fappable, just need to fix and make the story flow better. I will not mention the fetishes cause is just a 5 minute demo and i dunno where it will lead (the only thing certain is that his mother will blow him soon). It could become a masterpiece or a total flop

9M7Ja2C.gif bear of confusion.

P.s. i will copy the review in the "5 star system", i leave this here to allow comments and to open a dialog if someone wants to comment it.


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Sep 7, 2017
Looks at screenshots and goes oh look another bimbo mother with big flabby patties and a hot looking sister guess I know who I'm going to go after in this game once it gets enough content to warrant a download.
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