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Jul 18, 2017
for anyone trying to win, just reach lvl 5, you learn a skill the deals like 100-120 dmg which is like a quarter of her health.
..there is no ending scene though, just though of sharing if anyone is struggling.
Best idea is to use the block skill which stops grabs for two turns then attack her then use block again when the turns are done with until she starts removing her panties then you only block when she removes them
With this strategy I beat her at level four


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Sep 16, 2017
Hey guys!
Incase anyones having trouble running the game, there's a way to configure the quality, but it's a little tedious.

Go to c:/users/USER/appdata/local

and find the Under the Witch folder.
then go past Saved -> Config -> WindowsNoEditor.

Open the Game user setting and edit ONLY the number part of the

Be sure to use common sense and only go as far down as 1.

Here's an example.

Still don't know how to remove motion blur, if anyone knows please let me know.

Fiddle around till you get your perfect setting.

Hope this helps!


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May 13, 2017
I just finished to play and wow, even if it runs terribly on my pc, it's really amazing. I love the style of Dealer, she reminds me Mad Moxxi from Borderlands and all her moves are smoking hot. I wish the dev will add graphic settings with the next update and for now i will try Cocito solution.
Definitely waiting for next releases.
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Dec 21, 2017
Just to make sure you get all scenes:

Footjob Sequence: Witch's Foot -> Witch's Demand -> Witch's Pincer Attack
Blowjob Sequence: Witch's Cum Squeezing -> Witch's Mockery -> Witch's Devious Tongue
Facesitting Sequence: Witch's Ass Trap -> Witch's Torture -> Witch's Takedown
Cowgirl Sequence: Witch's Licking Dog -> Witch's Domination

She will use Footjob and Blowjob as normal attacks. To get the Facesitting Scene, you need to wait for her to tease you with her ass and when she turns around, click her ass and select "Give in". To get the Cowgirl scene, get her to low hitpoints. She will strip off her panties and will follow it up with the sequence.

No other scenes currently in the game (source: I'm the translator). He hasn't given me any other script yet, so chances are the next enemy will take a lot of time. I would definitely advise not to expect monthly updates, but he has in the past posted snippets of his WIP animations on twitter, so that's something.
Good job... I guess I'll just call you boy, here.


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Feb 16, 2018
As somebody already mention finally game similar to ToT, really good femdom game without "pain stuffs" and with great japanese animation+japanese voices, I look forward to new updates and new girls. Keep at this work please we need games like that :)
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Aug 18, 2018
What game is "ToT"?
The game is called Tower of Trample which is a game that has a bigger focus on foot/nylon fetish. The character designs are well done (especially if youre into milf characters) with CG's that are somewhat animated (if you played Succubus Prison house of Lewd Demons then the H-scenes are animated in a similar fashion meaning they are looped). Not only that but it has a clever system where loosing and trying to relive scenes degrades the player farther. so far there are 6 floors with 6 wardens a 7th warden-like character and a Christmas event character. As a game, Tower of trample is decent at best.

however I wouldn't try to get invested in the game's development cycle as of recent the devs don't really update as frequent as I heard they used to with the last thing they posted on their discord being a beta to a new game they are making which is more of a revamping of one of the dev's (bowei) previous game Mixfight. plus the f95zone thread is all over the place with 400+ pages of when is this specific update coming and how the devs aren't reaching that deadline that the devs have set themselves have seteventually giving up on the product as a whole and talking about this game as well as bash the game the devs published since they could have used this time to finally give the fans that update for the next floor.

but If you are into the foot fetish genre then you will like this game however if you are not into nylons or boots that much then I would wait a little longer as 4 of the 7ish current wardens in the game lack real dedicated bare feet scenes mainly dealing with mainly nylon (only nylon in lily's case) and with those 3 wardens having small glimpses of bare feet scenes.

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Jan 5, 2019
When ToT failed to deliver, this and Estate: Dominate came to comfort us.

I see a bright future for femdom games.
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Jul 16, 2017
His Effects are great, the Game system is shitty, but the Art is awesome. i dont think i play it alot, but the art.... maaaaan how cool it looks
4.80 star(s) 18 Votes