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Oct 8, 2019
It's updates like this that make me happy I'm not a Patreon member.

This felt like an episode 7 or 8 update not episode 17. Clearly you can tell he was like "We just gotta get something out."

The Elaine scene felt rushed and ended abruptly. The Monica scene felt like a reused scene with a slightly different ending. Fooling around with Katie and Jenna would be good if it wasn't surrounded by lame scene's. The only scene worth anything was the Lilly one.

This update felt tiny despite having thousands of words. This really needed the Monica carnival date imo.

First time I've been disappointed in a update from these guys, I understand they had a lot of shit happening in the development.

But I'm not a Patreon member so my opinion means dick, so whatever.


Dec 25, 2019
Best game ever on this page. Being a dick is god, but to grindy and to big to replayplay several paths, you need a walktruh. This one is just perfekt 4 me. Good story, easy going but evectiv and many choises. .... And Lliy is perfekt:love:
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Mar 25, 2018
I really love this game BUT wish the devs would fix some of these annoying constant 'forced' interactions with debbie especially if you wish to be on the katie path.

You go from calling her a slut and many other mean things to her constantly trying to seduce the mc at every opportunity even after deciding you have 'NO INTEREST' in her the story goes onto them having a conversation at the beach scenes to then a forced kissing scene, then even talking about trying to set her and lily up when you said no at the pool ??? This just makes no sense whatsoever when the game tells you your choice has been noted after saying you have no interest in her at natasha's party on the tuesday night, when it clearly still forces certain actions onto you! Please fix this devs as when you decide against someone there interactions shouldn't then be forced on us, Please...


Jan 27, 2019
Choosing 2 of the 7 choices in CH 17 was hard to pick cause I like 4 of the 5 women on the list but I hope that's not the real out come for the end game. if it is then i'll just reload from that point and change my answer
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Dec 31, 2019
Anyone else having a hard time at turning any of the girls down when the option arises? I am I just can't say no to any of them right now and I'm kind of glad I didn't a lot of these scenes are paying off Jenna at the end of this update was something else. Loved the Elaine scene was well worth keeping her around. And of course when Bella mentioned religious nut job so it now looks like we have our mysterious 3rd woman it was a little surprising. But we still have the mystery of the Email sender
Elaine is the best, always worth it to keep her around :LOL:

I haven't tried the update yet because of that, all this talk of having to choose only one girl now has put me off, I can't make those choices, there are always more than one I like.

I'll probably try later with a walkthrough but I know I'll be in trouble in my main save... I read there will be a few endings with more than one girl, have to see if I'll like any of the groupings.
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Aug 22, 2018
I haven't tried the update yet because of that, all this talk of having to choose only one girl now has put me off, I can't make those choices, there are always more than one I like.
It has been like that since the start.

All of them wanted the MC one on one. Monica specifically tells you not to touch her kids. Katie breaks up with you if she finds out about you and Jenna. Both Katie and Jenna talk about how jealous they are.

I legit don't know where people are pulling this harem thing from because it's been hinted from the very start that cheating would end badly.


Feb 8, 2019
And the "Choose your Waifus" selection let's you pick any two. The whole take the money and then choose Monica/Katie/Jenna has been touched on but I find it even stranger that you can pick two women that don't get along at all. Choosing two kind of implies that those two will be in the ending although of course nothing is set in stone. But how would an Katie+Bella ending look like, or Monica+Elaine?
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Nov 15, 2018
Monica specifically tells you not to touch her kids
She's afraid they find out about you, but that's all for now.
Katie breaks up with you if she finds out about you and Jenna.
Yes, for now. But a) if you convince her sharing is good (i mean 4some with girls) and b) she will spend more time with naked Jenna why won't she let you be with her nad Jenna? Yeah, they say they don't like sharing but we have seen nothing yet.


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Sep 12, 2018
View attachment 679856

It's just sad that it took six months to release the new update. SIX MONTHS :cry:
I understand that things happen sometimes, but I really hope this won't be the case again with the next episode.
I do hope you could put that eyes-hurting giga-image into spoiler though.
Or some of passing-by mods can do it perhaps...


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Nov 11, 2018
I am still hoping for a true Harem outcome.....doubtful but hopeful. But the choice was hard. I created several saves with different choices one of which was Debbie + Lily, another being Katie + Jenna and Jenna + Jo. I can see how the "choice could set up a harem path or a true 1 on 1 or even a thruple situation. Just hoping my suspicions are accurate and the choice could set up the Harem ending. Well Harem minus Elaine and Bella. Bella is fun to get your rocks off to but she seems like more of a gold digger than anything else and the Elaine story and her hiding things just doesnt sit well with me. More so given the first couple releases of this game and how she was where the MC was involved. For me, just me, Elaine is out with her sister and they can turn tricks for all I care.


Dec 3, 2018
I don't know how the none Android version? But the android has a cheat that let's you start at any episode and you can pick the relationship alignment. And honestly it isn't that difficult to replay this game.


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Apr 25, 2017
I do love how some people expected a Harem route in this game. This game was not about getting them all in the end, there were very clearly lines about how each girl expected their time with you to go. Sharing is not an option for most of them, and the fact that you have basically been the town's biggest slut sleeping with every single girl means that you are probably going to have a playthrough where you end up alone.

I don't care if you "choose" a girl for your ending... if Katie for instance finds out you've been banging her mom and sister the whole time, that's not gonna be a happy ending for you. I hope you enjoy the inheritance because your ass is gonna be alone. You'll be lucky if she doesn't castrate you, stuff it and nail it on a mantle.

You get maybe 3 choices for a multi-girl route.
1. The most obvious is Debbie. Because Debbie has been the most obvious about it. She loves Lily. You are the only guy she has ever had feeling for, so she makes an exception for you. She also likes the idea of getting Katie involved.

But there are two other people involved in that idea. Katie is a jealous person who doesn't like when Debbie and Lily get too close to you, and Lily has just flat out stated that if you are with her, she's not sharing. So if that were to happen, the MC and Debbie would really have to work to talk them around into it. Even then, you have to explain to Katie that not only do you want a 4 way relationship, you've already fucked both of them. She's bound to take that well, right?

2. Jenna would be the second choice. But there is no way you are hooking up with Katie and Jenna together. It's not happening, no house harem for you. Both of them would be pissed at you. Monica would be pissed if you were screwing her and her daughters. That's not gonna happen. However, Jenna has very clearly had a girl-crush on Jolina for a while now. She also doesn't seem to mind if you have sex with her, so long as you love Jenna the most. So while she find the idea hot, she is still little shy insecure Jenna, and thinks that you will eventually leave her for Jolina. She may go along with the sharing idea, but it will be born out of that insecurity.

As for Jolina, I think we can all safely assume two things. One, she's bi. Two, she's most likely Bella's ex. The evidence is there if you look. But more than that, she has never once shown an interest in Jenna, and she was not remotely into the idea of Jenna watching you have sex with her. She was disgusted by it almost. Now whether that had to do with invasion of privacy or her not even wanting to consider ever having sex with multiple people, we can't know. But just like Jenna, Jolina is insecure. She does not like the idea that something could be going on with you and Jenna and she tries very desperately to make sure that's not the case when confronting you.

3. Wanda. Yeah, not what you were hoping for right? But it's true. She's probably the last and other best chance you have. Because she's a sub. She'll abide by your wishes and if you want to bring someone else into the relationship, she'll do so as long as she feels that you actually care about her past the roleplay of it all. Angel might go along with it for a bit. She might think it fun to keep Wanda around like a sex pet. But eventually, it'd split. You'd have to choose.

What about Zarah you may ask? Zarah is not interested in a full time thing with you. If anything, I think she probably has more of an interest in Monica.
that's the main thing in most games, all harem endings are kinda unrealistic and that's why they phrased it like that -->
however, I dunno if cheekygimp will go out of his way to add one full Hugh hefner style, though I wish for one even if it is unrealistic, we all like happy endings and it won't hurt anyone to choose the ending they want.

At the moment, I don't see a full-blown harem route where all 10 females decide to live with you Hugh Hefner style, but there should be some "sharing" options for certain characters - will see how things progress
we will probably do an "alternate reality" ending featuring a harem, but no promises. Just something we have discussed.
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Jul 17, 2018
First off I’d really like to thank Ace for doing everything possible to try and keep this thread civil and together as tensions continued to rise. To try and put a positive spin on things you can see it as a testament to how good this project is if people are willing to react so passionately about it….or that some people are entitled and can’t fathom how much work goes into turning ideas into art, story, and code! It’s a meager contribution in the scheme of things but I upped my Patreon pledge as a thank you to the team and to celebrate this achievement. I wish there was like a one-time tip option or something though because you’ve all earned a nice dinner or a bottle of the good stuff immediately for pulling this off! (PM if there’s like a PayPal or anything we could work this out through.) Now on to the review:

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Sep 12, 2018
....A full harem though would be unrealistic for the type of game we are making... but if the demand continues to be as significant as we have seen, we will probably do an "alternate reality" ending featuring a harem, but no promises. Just something we have discussed.
If you really consider to add "alternate reality (full) harem" ending, I do hope that will be only as a "alternate episode"/add-on! Otherwise this great game could become just another meaningless "we-all-are-sooo-happy-happy-fappers" game, all due to "popular demands"....
All kidding aside, if there is high enough "demand" perhaps that tentacle-futa-monster isn't unrealistic at all:unsure:
So futa's, tentacle's, trump's and all other lovers here is your chance to push a little, and get the game you deserve/wanna;)
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Nov 9, 2017
I must be one of those oddball minorities.

I can't stand that game.
Sorry if this will sound offensive or anything, since it's not meant as such, but I really can't help not being an obnoxious smartass for a minute. I think you'd probably enjoy that game more if the I in its title would be replaced by Y though. :p Joke aside, roleplaying as a hormone fueled college dickhead probably really has something to do with you disliking that game.

As for the new update of the WTHI, it indeed confirmed my fear that being a manslut won't end well, though it wasn't really a big surprise to be honest. I agree that the harem ending wouldn't really fit well into this game but I suppose I still kept a sliver of hope that we'll be able to pull it off with polyamorous relationships due to the hints of threesomes earlier in the game.

Katie will always be a first choice for me, but while I had no problem breaking the relationships with women that didn't particularly interest me in the first place (like Monica, Elaine, Zarah and Angel), I found myself not being able to break off with Jenna. Hell, breaking off with her after we coaxed her out of her shell seemed to me like throwing a puppy into a wood chipper after you adopted him from the dog pound just because you realized your cat doesn't like him. I also found out I have trouble breaking it off with Jo, mainly due to her character if less so due to her looks. And then there is Wanda, of course. Sigh, I really hope I will be able to convince Katie to adopt her as our subby pet slut but I wouldn't really bet on my chances there. As for Bella, Lilly and Debbie I am somehow ambivalent. Lilly was hot as hell in this last update and her hidden depths seem intriguing but since I usually don't go for bimbo types I suppose I could find the will to end that particular relationship.

So I guess I'd be happy with Katie and Jenna in the end, with Jo as a occasional partner and Wanda as a subby pet but yeah, I think there's snowball's chance in hell for that. Oh well, I guess I'll try to pull it off and see what Katie does to me when I try to talk her into it. Some things are worth dying for painfully. :LOL:
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