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Jul 31, 2019
I read about this years ago and found the idea interesting, to say the least. Unfortunately I had more of a Jesus-in-TWD thing in mind. Then I found myself standing in a pink kitchen promising to make smalltalk to people so they don't PTSD (even more). Even though we talked for what seemed like hours I was unable to figure out what exactly qualified me to do so, the stuff about me surviving out there and being a sign of hope seemed a little forced. A little.

I still think putting me on some wall with a gun and making me watch out for all those evil people out there would have made more sense. She could have just send them up there, getting some fresh air, all my survival wisdom and we certainly would have found the privacy for the stuff that is (maybe) burried behind tons and tons of standarized "we are going to fuck but we'll take it really, really slow"-dialogue. That I really couldn't bring myself to go through, someone has to find a new formula for this type of game.

One reason for that is that the art is... passable, but not exactly inpiring the parts of me that it would have to inspire. It's the post-apocolypse, and while certainly not everyone is build to just YOLO his way through it, the premise that I'm supposed to help them even though the thing I obviously really want is a dating app and a working phone doesn't sit right with me.

Selling what was kickstarter-promised to be a complete game in chunks and pieces to make more money also doesn't really get me in the mood - so thanks for the upload, it really wasn't worth it.