1. Crazygamer43

    [RPGM] [Completed] Mom's Report [v1.0] [Autonoe] 2.00 star(s) 4 Votes

    Overview: This is a "Netorase" themed RPG. Fighting through enemies, a mother and her son get to the bottom of an incident! An RPG employing the symbol encounter system. Thread Updated: 2020-07-01 Release Date: 2020-02-05 Developer: Autonoe DLsite Translator: Kumisnami Censored: Yes Version...
  2. LightSwitch

    [Comics] [Collection] Natsumemetalsonic Collection [2020-06-30] [Natsumemetalsonic]

    Overview: Natsumemetalsonic's work consists of a lot of vore and expansion. Updated: 2020-06-30 Developer/Publisher: Natsumemetalsonic Patreon Censorship: No Language: English Genre: Installation: Change-log: [/SPOILER] Collection List: Download: FILESUPLOAD - MEGA - NOPY
  3. u z i 3 8 5 4

    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Completed] Sakura Knight 2 [Final] [Winged Cloud]

    Overview: Estelle's adventure continues in the sequel to Sakura Knight, as she strives to become a knight like her mother. Accompanied by the ditzy Felicia, the mischievous Tart, and the affectionate Rune, Estelle faces a new foe, gets kicked out of the local hot springs, and kisses a lot of...
  4. rf96

    [Comics] [Pinup] WhiteChixComic collection [2020-06-30] [Zepht7 & Jornorinn]

    Overview: WhiteChixComic are two 2D artists (Zepht7 & Jornorinn) who make comics and pinups of original characters, often featuring monsters. Updated: 2020-06-30 Developer/Publisher: WhiteChixComic Patreon - Hentaifoundry: Zepht7 Jornorinn - Twitter: Zepht7 Jornorinn Censorship: none Language...
  5. D

    [HTML] Ooze Wizard Apprentice [v0.394 Cheat] [Kitsune Dragoon] 3.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: You are Raphael, a young hopeful applying to Svernhoff Academy, one of the most prestigious Magical Institutions on the continent. You hope to begin training as a Wizard's Apprentice, but there are other forces at work, and while fate has given you the chance to become an Apprentice...
  6. Demon King Rance

    [RPGM] Tail of Desire [Beta v0.3] [BLUE BONE] 4.30 star(s) 4 Votes

    Overview: Tail of desire-0 Recently we've been working on TOD's prologue, which is the beginning of the story. The game is set in a world full of desire, wars and death in which all males have been wiped out by the Angels. The world belongs to women! But soon there is chaos once again, as demons...
  7. LightSwitch

    [Comics] [Collection] The Slayer Collection [2020-06-30] [Taboo Studios/Gonzo Studios]

    Overview: "Slayer" is a long running comic series about monsters, demons, and the girls who fight them. Originally created by Taboo Studios, superseded by Gonzo Studios. Updated: 2020-06-30 Developer/Publisher: Taboo Studios, Gonzo Studios Renderotica - Affect3DStore Censorship: No Language...
  8. rf96

    [Collection] [Video] Fatcat collection [2020-06-25] [Fatcat17]

    Overview: FatCat is a 3D artist who makes short and medium-length animations of characters from popular games, such as Overwatch, Mass Effect, Dead or Alive, The Witcher, etc. His main theme is restraint, sometimes with bestiality. There are a few futanari animations. Updated: 2020-06-25...
  9. BaasB

    [Others] Iris in Labyrinth of Demons [v20200628 SE] [The Craftsman] 3.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: This is an exploratory action RPG that allows you to set a variety of difficulty levels for erotic animation, such as heterosexual adultery, pregnant births, cross-sections, and fertilization. Thread Updated: 2020-06-29 Release Date: 2020-06-28 Developer: The Craftsman - Ci-en -...
  10. BaasB

    [RPGM] [Completed] Bimirror World Mirage [Final] [H-GAME]

    Overview: Two girls wandered into a different world. They are heading to the fight to get back to the family. By swearing they will never give up. Thread Updated: 2020-06-22 Release Date: 2015-11-19 Developer: H-GAME Steam - Studio Cute Censored: Yes (Mosaics) Version: Final OS: Windows...
  11. X0R

    [Ren'Py] [Completed] Damned Soles [v1.0] [Redscript] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: The basic idea is something akin to a harem anime - a single guy living with a bunch of girls, (in our case infused with serious fetish material). I want it to be fun and wacky, but also crazy and over the top, for example, like Ranma 1/2 if you know that anime. The central premise is...
  12. E N I G M A

    [Collection] [Pinup] Khornflake Collection [2020-06-20] [Khornflake]

    Overview: They make futa and beast poster variations using SFM and Honey Select. Heavy emphasis on the feet. Updated: 2020-06-20 Artist: Snippstheslammer Tumblr (RIP) - Pixiv (Login) - Newgrounds Format: JPG Poster Resolution: Varies # of Posters: 572 Genre: Installation: DOWNLOAD WORKUPLOAD...
  13. kingmanu1001

    [Collection] [Pinup] Ninjartist Collection [2020-06-18] [Ninjartist] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Ninjartist is an artist who makes images and image sets of characters from movies and games like Overwatch, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, etc. Most of his art focusses on vore. Thread Updated: 2020-06-18 Developer/Publisher: Ninjartist Patreon - Deviantart Censorship: None...
  14. K3NJ1

    [RPGM] [Completed] Kurone the Assassin's Mission: The Teddy Bear Payment [v1.00] [Nikukyu] 2.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Overview: A girl who had her family murdered by bandits comes to the assassination guild. With no money, no one took her seriously, but Kurone decided to ask; "If you have no money, what are you willing to give up in return?" "... ... This, is my treasure." A girl hands over her treasured teddy...
  15. Thant San

    [RPGM] [Completed] B-GROUND UNCHAINED [Final] [Renglets]

    Overview: There is not much story in the game. This game is themed on "H scenes taking place in the battlefield". Thread Updated: 2020-06-15 Release Date: 2019-05-24 Developer: Renglets - DLsite Censored: Yes (Mosaics) Version: 1.01 OS: Windows Language: English MTL (Edited) Genre...
  16. BaasB

    [RPGM] [Completed] Tentacle Elf [Final] [ST Hot Dog King] 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: Once upon a time, there was a village in the forest. Elves had been living in this place for almost thousands of years with peace and balance. One day, wars and greed had brought human to here. They took everything and executed all villagers. Luckily, a young Elf jumped into the river...
  17. Maleficent

    [Others] [Completed] Beat Angel Escalayer R [Final] [Alicesoft] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Overview: When Kyouhei Yanase's everyday life is interrupted by the invasion of an intergalactic menace, Dai-Lust, he chases after his fleeing classmate, Sayuka, only to find her ducking into an alley to jill off so she can transform into the magical superhero, Escalayer! With her powers...
  18. prinnydood

    [RPGM] [Completed] Quantum Entanglement [v1.00] [Large Battleship Studios] 3.30 star(s) 6 Votes

    Overview: A game about janitors and receptionists in a hyper-science facility that wipes their memory every 6 months for some reason. Thread Updated: 2020-06-09 Release Date: 2020-06-09 Developer: Large Battleship Studios Patreon Censored: No Version: 1.00 OS: Windows Language: English Other...
  19. wova

    [RPGM] [Completed] Obscurite Magie: Lust corrupted princess Yuriana [Final] [Instant Flowlighter] 2.60 star(s) 5 Votes

    Overview: Though a princess, Yuriana is willful, and as a princess knight, keeps the monsters at bay. One day, while she is training with the knight commander, a man from Ruyed Island arrives, asking for their help to deal with the monsters living in the dungeon there, that have grown violent...
  20. u z i 3 8 5 4

    [Manga] [Completed] Angel Fall [2020-06-06] [Somejima]

    Overview: Not available. Updated: 2020-06-06 Developer/Publisher: Somejima Twitter Censorship: Yes (white bars) Language: English Resolution: 1600 x 2400 Pages: 178 Genre: Installation: Download: MEGA - GOFILE - NOPY - PIXELDRAIN