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Canto Forte

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Jul 10, 2017
This is it! Go ! Go! Go!
There are a bunch of tutorials on the tubes on it ... some gal did some steps.
Also a lot of coding tips and tricks on this forum in the tools / other resource threads.
HAppy Game Making!
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Aug 6, 2017
Damn why must be the mother of your girlfriend are in most games are hotter the the daughter. :love:
Im near day 8, and I must so it´s make much fun, good story and very beautifull woman. But really I dont know what the dev think, how stupid or ignorant must the mc being that this dumb idiot dont recognizes the voice of the women. :cry:
I know we men are not brightes when we get signals from a woman often, but please a damn voice. So stupid can´t any men on earth be that they dont now which voice is that.


Nov 2, 2017
Dammit the condom is to blame its chaffing chloes pussy thats why you cant go rough and that fat bleached human penut can i want to do to chloe what i did to her mom agghhh
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Nov 10, 2018
I am not able to see the "skip button at the bottom right of my screen while playing part 4. However I get the option if I start a new game. Any idea how to fix this ? (playing on mac version) Thanks


May 31, 2017
Maybe there is way to avoid that your gf see you fucking her mother, rather you wont get any trouble of that.
I mean this time I broke with her and chose the NRT part of her ( I hate NRT every game...) nevermind.
So, If you chose the NTR, the teacher will fuck your GF, but the first when he will do that. That time She is still your gf, and only after that she will broke with you. And you will see them next time too. So if the GF the anyting her father, you can tell him too what see did. And the father and a teacher they have good relationship. it will ber very interesting :)


Dec 29, 2018
How can one see if you are on the trust relationship path with Marylin?

On day 5 after the 4th payment with nicole, she meets me outside and i dont get any option to go with her.
I checked the walkthrough and kinda missing the part below and skipping the entire house part en go directly to resting and chloe showing up.

After getting your 4rth payment either from the store and at her house, Marilyn will show up to see you

If you have a solid trust relationship with Marilyn, she'll invite you over to her house again for another live. If not, she won't invite you over.
- Decline Her / You'll lose the chance to learn that Marilyn is a Lesbian


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Dec 31, 2017
None of my saves from previous versions work, is that normal, do i have to start from the start ?


Jul 24, 2018
Pretty decent amount of content might take you about an hour or two to get through, And the animations are done pretty well if you are new to this game I highly recommend it
Thanks man!! Tried the game and really liked it.The renders and the animations were pretty good.
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4.60 star(s) 41 Votes