[Ren'Py] Being a DIK [Dr PinkCake] Previews and Discussion

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Jul 2, 2017
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Happy New Year from Josy, Maya, Sage, Isabella and Jill!
I hope you had a wonderful time last night.
Once the pledges for January have processed I will post the first ever poll for animations to be included in Episode 1 of Being A DIK. It will likely be tomorrow around this time.

Dr PinkCake
ooohhh!~ So I take it the brunette chick is Jill then! :p
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Apr 5, 2017

Notice to +$30 patrons
If you haven't messaged me the name you would like to have in the in-game credits, please do so. Otherwise you will be listed as an anonymous donor, regardless if you had your name in the credits of Acting Lessons.

Animation poll results
The first ever animation poll just ended and it was really close thanks to the votes in the higher patron tiers.
The winner was blowjob with 32% of the votes; assjob came in second place with 28% of the votes.
I will now render animations with blowjob as a focus for one scene and include these animations in Episode 1.
For a subset of future polls, I will reveal which girl who will be subject of the animation beforehand.
I will also have polls where you will vote on who gets a longer animation (20-30 second animation) in the updates.
The Patreon voting system will have a big impact on the lewd scenes in the game

Status update
This week has been good, I've been able to work full-time on the game as I'm on vacation until Monday. I've spent a lot of the time on working with the framework but also on writing the script and posing renders.
The phone has gotten two more apps and is slightly redesigned as a result. The first app is named "Pet names" and is used to change what the girls call you, or what you call them, during lewd scenes. It's an optional feature that's unlocked after completing the first episode.


The second app is called "Brawler" and it is a strategic fighting mini-game. In this mini-game you can win money, special renders and skill points to increase your mini-game stats. The fighting mechanics and your stats will also be used in story events as well.
On the subject of mini-games, I know it is something that tends to divide the players. You either like it, tolerate it or dislike it. I've been working hard on introducing ways to boost the player in the mini-games. I've introduced ways that allow you to actually cheat, yet not get punished, when playing mini-games and also a system that lets you skip the mini-games to just focus on the story.
I hope that you will be pleased with what I've come up with. I will make sure to listen carefully to constructive criticism after Episode 1 has launched.
The main script is 5600+ lines of code long. But I still have a lot of content left to add. The framework code, that makes the game work as intended, is longer than 10000 lines. At the moment, one single playthrough, while enjoying the game and trying out everything, lasts between 1 - 1.5 hours.
Next week I intend to write a lot of dialogue while I render animations.
I'm not going to waste time on counting the renders this week, but to give you an indication of how much content I've produced I can inform you that the size of the game currently is 720 MB. Last week it was 580 MB.
Next week you can look forward to more previews of Episode 1 ($10 and $15 tiers) and a cosmetic poll for Maya (+$10 tiers).
Have a nice weekend!

Dr PinkCake


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May 10, 2018
was all about Sage..then..tat'd up Asian goddess appears..and my hype for this shoots through the roof taking out the CBC traffic chopper on its way to the heavens.....i hold AL is very high regard so this is my number one watch now....adult gaming community needs to make clones of Dr PinkCake to pump out more excellence.


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May 10, 2018
i believe the bulbousity of the NAILPOLISH bottles is sly commentary on the bulbousity of the buttocks..its a paradox.
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