[Ren'Py] Being a DIK [Dr PinkCake] Previews and Discussion

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Feb 17, 2018
It's time for another breathtaking reveal and update from the Pinkish one. He is slaving away making a first episode that should take you the rest of the year to play. Okay, maybe not that long, but, well, read for yourself...

Status update Episode 1

Today, the Maya poll ended. The winner of the Maya poll, for choice of clothes to appear in Episode 1, was:

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As this option won in every single poll, I won't tally the exact results. It won by a huge majority.

This week I've been working with more additions to the framework. The phone is constantly getting improved but I changed focus to programming the lewd scenes code. I'm going for a different concept this time. In Acting Lessons I had speed alterations of the animations, it's something that was easy to do as a simple script just changed the frame rate of the base animation. Now I want to do something more complex. The inspiration of this new concept comes from games made by Illusion. That might give you a hint to how some, not all, of the lewd scenes will be constructed. It's not a carbon copy, I've altered the concept to make it feel different and will build upon this in future updates based on player feedback.

Speaking of lewd scenes this week has been all about rendering animations. I've been working on the BJ scene that won the Patreon poll. It will be a 4-6 animations scene with animations ranging between 5 and 30(!) seconds.

Currently, 31 animations are completed, and >10 are in the queue. In terms of lewd content, it will be bigger than anything I've done before.

But lewd content is not all the game will offer. My main motivation for my projects is, and will always be, the story. So, while the first Episode will have the desired sexy stuff, it will be balanced by laying a solid foundation of the story.

You're probably wondering the overall progress on the Episode. I can't give you an accurate estimate yet, but this is briefly what I have left to do before the release.

- Pose and render 10-20 animations.
- Finish the script. Currently at ~70%
- Render static images. ~50% done.
- Make sure that the code works (mini-games, phone, lewd scene functions, score systems etc.)
- Beta testing and proofreading phase, will take 1-2 weeks as it is a very big episode and new functionality that needs proper beta testing.

Have a nice weekend!

Dr PinkCake
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