Violent by design
Jul 19, 2017
Well as a tiny bit of criticism I have to say that it kinda bugs me when I get render unlocks that let me see private parts of girls that I barely know the name of. Just feels like I haven't earned my way into their pants yet you know.

And if someone's about to tell me just not to look if I don't like it... hah, yea right. As if.
Apr 27, 2017
I wonder if he'll bring chaos to this game world by suddenly introducing a school shooter, flipping this whole college life situation on its head and causing you to choose between people to save or not (maybe even you being the catalyst by being a huge DIK). Then dealing with the aftermath, sorrow, pain, recovery.

I haven't completed this episode yet, but as i was playing it, i saw it as a possibility. Well i hope not, it'll be way too much i think. I've yet to complete acting lessons too, the game's been spoilt too much on many threads. I think i stopped at chapter 4 or 5?.

Not a big fan of heavy situations in porn games, but i think this guy's pretty talented. How he structures the story, the renders, the introduction of sex scenes, without the progression of peek into shower, peek during sleep, grope, kiss, handjob, blowjob, sex. His characters are unique and interesting, he clearly puts a lot of care into his writing, and he's really consistent with his releases. Thought the same way about acting lessons, just haven't gotten around too finishing it.

I may not be a huge fan [yet?], but even i would probably rate this episode a 5/5. He put a lot into it. It'll be interesting to see where he takes this story. While i hope that it wouldn't be too dark, i understand that writers will do what they will with their stories. Can't fault someone who's so earnestly trying to produce something different in this medium. Good luck to PinkCake.

Ps: Isabella's so hot. Damn.
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