Booom313 Android Port Request Thread

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Canto Forte

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Jul 10, 2017
Good evening, mr. Booom313.
Could you please try to implement a invisible text box into games before porting them to android?
Main features:
  • universal = works in most Ren'Py games
  • easy to add = extract to the root folder of the game*
  • easy to remove = two files to delete (y_outline.rpy and y_outline.rpyc) in the subfolder named "game"
* where the executable file of the game is

Original game:
View attachment 92448
( by Likesblondes)

View attachment 143424
( by Daniels K)

Patched game:
up to v2.4.x
View attachment 92449

v2.5 and up
View attachment 143425

Known problems:

A temporary solution for the incompatibility problem implemented in v2.4.10
  1. Incompatibility of the patch v2.4.7 and newer with older versions of Ren'Py (older than v6.99.14).
    What does it mean?
    If the game is made with a Ren'Py SDK older than v6.99.14, the game will crash with the transparency patch v2.4.7 and newer.
    What is the solution to the problem?
    In case after adding my patch to the game the game will crash with an error message:
    File "game/y_outline.rpy", line 157: u'pagekeys' is not a keyword argument or valid child for the viewport statement.
    Then you can use the
  2. In case quick menu is hidden in some games and after applying transparency patch v2.5 or newer it won't appear when you hit (repeatedly) Alt+Shift+M, you may have to set
    $ suppress_overlay = False
    $ quick_menu = True
    manually via console. Starting a new game sometimes also works.

The boring stuff:

Some time ago I made a patch for myself to remove the dialog box background from Ren'Py games and a little later thought that some users here may like it, too. So I posted it in one of the game threads first, then added a link to my sig, but I didn't think that it would deserve a separate thread here.

Now I created this thread only to make getting feedback from users easier. Especially because I started to add game-specific overrides to my patch now and I'd like to keep it all in one place.

One important request:

Please, let me know about the games where my patch isn't working or creates problems and I'll try to take a look at them and find a way to fix it.

TL/DR: (read when you're stuck or have questions)

This is the important part of the current README file of my patch:


In case you have trouble with v2.5 series, please let me know about it and try to use v2.4.12

Download: attachment here

MD5: 42008E4A6264F104EED8333498763CDB
SHA-1: D1DAC4914C2499F6943D2D9D5DD0004396056C7B
SHA-256: D9BAD61999560A77251E6A08FF1B0C57D458D121CA95D34B2A8DFB35D84FF039
SHA-384: 04F0FC352C74032293C1EFFCED612457700CEA58330F753A819254E96B28CF2E3123A89C5F30BCAF000C2600A6EBE896

MD5: ADD0D15AB681EC02A18D121EC49E2F3F
SHA-256: CE1391ADF62182E864B2AE2C384AC41460FA6ABE800453D2D3284496F9F3FC2F
SHA-384: 545E8CCABF57636E9B043E2E64EB84ECACADA93807C0EBF2D7414067B3635474E20A54D43DF3AE2A029DCEBCEDC83C4B


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Apr 15, 2018
Hey boom visited ur blog but the newer versions of milfy city are not out decided to download the skunked version of the game and port it myself. actually i don't know a lot about techish stuff so...
to port a game to android i just need to decompile the rpa files present in the game then using rapt tool recompile it for android(also resizing the text in gui)
If this is it then what are the recommended settings for this procedure can u make a detailed tutorial on this please . Btw just copying and pasting this text on as many threads as possible to get a fast repply from you


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Jun 17, 2018
Boom, love your android ports... Check out Research Into Corruption... Dr.Smith...


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Dec 13, 2017
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1.35(latest your port its 1.33)

Kiryuu x zero

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May 14, 2018
Can you please try port these games?

I'm really into these rpgs albeit I don't know how to port, so I just wait here hoping someone can port them.
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Jul 4, 2017
Can you please try port these games?

I'm really into these rpgs albeit I don't know how to port, so I just wait here hoping someone can port them.

You're welcome!
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