Discord Server for artists and developers. (and Daz stuff)


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Dec 20, 2016
If you've been bitten by the developing bug, as many of us have i have a good place for new or even seasoned developers. Its a discord server with its main purpose being centered around helping devs start their project and along the way. We have someone willing to offer help with code. Also we have some talented 3d artists (and shared content).
Rules of the Discord: (Read these before you join please)

01. Opinions may differ, but one should always treat each member with dignity and respect, as you wish to be treated!
02. You can ask for help, ask ONCE. If no one comes to assist you, mention @staff .
03. NO unsolicited Private Messages to any members.
04. Don't spam ANY channels with relentless meaningless posts.... Well, go nuts in shit-posts if you want.
05. Content and Art channels are not meant for chatting.
06. Bot commands should only be used in Bot channels.
07. DO NOT IGNORE, nor disrespect or block STAFF! If a member has a problem with staff, you can either use or PM @AldoRaine or @Kinney .
08. NO content containing minors in any sexual context (including nudity of any kind) is allowed to be posted in any of our channels!!! This includes Loli and Shota content!
09. NO Bestiality and NO graphical depiction of violent rape!

Invites will be sent, only upon pm'ing a request to @KinneyX23

If you want to join, please follow the link below:

(There's no need to write a PM for a limited time only!)


Studio Errilhl

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Oct 16, 2017
I would like to join in - not very seasoned as of yet, but learning - probably would be on the receiving end for a bit, though...
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Jan 23, 2018
I’d like to join this as well, i could use more knowledge and give what i can as well


Love Ninja
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Jan 23, 2018
Just saw this, is it still possible to join?