Compulsive Gambler
Jun 2, 2017

Kaoru was a stalwart young man dedicated to zest, justice, passion and awesomeness...
He defended the weak and challenged the strong and hated villains.
One day while trying to save a child from the street, he was struck by a vehicle...
And woke up in a girl's body. "What the..."

Her massive breasts, perky cute ponytail and ripe peach ass made Kaoru a sex magnet.
Now Kaoru is discovering his femininity side from the outside in...

Thread Updated: 2019-01-10
Release Date: 2012-04-20 (Japanese) / 2018-04-13 (English)
Title: Jishou Kouha no Ore ga Onna ni Nattara Omoi no Hoka Sugee Bitch Datta (*/∇\*) Kya ~Enkou kara Niku Benki made~
Original Title: 自称硬派のオレが女になったら思いのほかすげぇビッチだった(*/∇\*)キャッ~援交から肉便器まで~
Publisher: (Japanese) / (which is still SakuraGame nonetheless)
Censored: Yep (mosaic)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (machine translation)
Lenght: Very short (<2 hours)
Voices: Japanese
Gender Bending, Corruption Of Characters, ADV, Naked Sprites, Genderbent Sex, Nukige, High Sexual Content, Ahegao, Bondage, Group Sex of One Female and Several Males, Vibrators, Sex in Public Places, Exhibitionism, Blowjob, Fingering, Drunk Sex, Sex in Classroom, Gaping, Standing Sex, Censored, Japanese Game, 2dcg

1. Extract and run.

Extra information:
Long story short, this is not even the complete game. This is just the first part of it, that's why is labelled as "partial" on VNDB but rest assured that this first part is completely translated. Enjoy it because most likely we will never see the second part as "sequel".

Read the Extra information before complaining about anything, everything, would you?

Win: - - -



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Jan 21, 2018
Oh god, I really hope this is well done. Quality VNs with gender-switching as their main theme are rare as hell.

Long story short, this is not even the complete game. This is just the first part of it
Well, never mind then.

Also, Steam reviews mark this as "not-a-game" with barely any choices and a really shitty translation on top of that. I guess I'll still check it out, but this really crushed my hopes for this.
"Terrible translation and only a fraction of the original game's content. Not worth the buy."

"I actually got this game/visual novel, because it said I would get to decide certain choices. That never came up. Instead, it's played out exactly like the hentai it is molded after, and allows no choices what-so-ever, so I question the "you decide" line for this game. Because it's basically lying to players. So, save yourself the four bucks of getting it, and just avoid it altogether. "


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Oct 26, 2017
WHOOO..oww... This sounded right up my ally, but too bad it isn't completed. I really got hooked on the genre with X-change, but with the last one not even translated and not seeing any other translated Japanese TF games in ages, I really hope this one will..
I'll try it out, thanks. ^^


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May 4, 2017
Will test. Screenshots seem nice. But after reading the extra information I got my hopes down as hell... (wait, wut?)


Compulsive Gambler
Jun 2, 2017
Ah yeah, didn't click the "All" instead of "Summary". But either way, I don't think there's something here since it's just half of the game.. so I might as well delete even the "multiple endings" tag.


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Sep 1, 2017
ps: a lil' error in ya title: it's "bitch" not "girl" => glory of the self-styled diehard bitch
Kind of a weird mistake, considering that he has it right in the main image.

Anyways, thanks. Even if it's in an eternal "to be continued" state there'll probably be some parts I enjoy.
Jan 10, 2019
This is a game? Seriously? There is no choice. I thought I could choose what to do and what not to do. And this is essentially a book with a plot without the possibility to choose.


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Apr 6, 2018
While I'm not into transformation, damn, what is it with people having no idea what a VN is?
The review is someone being upset that there's no sex after two minutes of skipping, and in the thread someone complains that there's no choices (though I assume the japanese version might have choices as to what ending to get).
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