Gary Bertrand

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Sep 30, 2017
The official (I think) says...

Requirement(s): Week 3+, Viewed stalls 4+ times, spoken to Natasha before
Time: Morning
Location: New Lark Mall>Full Moon
Peep on the “Out of order” stall in Full Moon clothing store in the morning after the requirements have been met. You must have peeped on people in the other stalls at least five times before.

With Naira's PC I seem to remember always having that dialog option available, it's an excuse to get in to her room when she's not there.
allso to go in her room to fix pc is at neer lvl 20+ if i remember close to end of her quests when you need to find her diary


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Nov 24, 2017
Sigh... I checked in a couple times a day this weekend hoping for an update, but no love. :oops:

Here's hoping for a release by next weekend. :geek:


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May 2, 2017
I thought there was more, but all I can find now are (no Naira on her own). I had a page bookmarked but they don't seem to be there anymore.
That's a shame. It's the same case with Kaede from Ecchi Sensei. Would really love to see some fan sig for her and Naira.

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