[RPGM] New Beijing [Day 3] [Banished]

Jun 27, 2018
For me, the gameplay needs to be rebalanced. The scenes for me were broken, for example, when I tried going back to class for the second time, up a floor and eating lunch, no one was there (I had to guess where to click to eat). Another problem came when I went to class on the second floor but the scene was broken in repeat movement for the teacher. And when I tried to sit down, nothing happened. Until I went home and took a nap (I guessed because nothing else was working), which led me to being resetted back to the beginning, (The GPA scene, when the MC's were dropped) but instead of clicking on the GPA, I just ran to the second floor but encountered a different scene. Then it course corrected itself up till the assembly.

(As a side, when asked to come to the computer lab, nothing happened for me, is there a scene?)

As for what I personally think about this game. The story is intriguing, be it a forced expedition to learn about the world in the story (I personally don't care for the story, it dragged on and I for one want to make bad or good choices to see where it leads me, like Harshille; this is just how I view it, this shouldn't discredit what is being envisioned here, I just came for the "content").
As for what I have seen inside the game, there is one scene I personally disliked ( the hand eeeeh).

But other than that I do hope for the best for this game and eagerly await for more content (Foot Fetish ones).
Dec 6, 2018
Well, it's seemingly in a super alpha state. Harshville is riddled with just as many bugs if you don't proceed in the direct intended way. I like the building of the story over Harshville. In Harshville, everything was short and spontaneous. Can't really get into anything...

While I don't care for the hand scene, if anything, the reason why I'd personally dislike it is because it's kind of a sudden jump from the slow build-up. It makes me feel like it'd be more reasonable for a rich girl to say: fuck this school, china is crazy, I'm telling my parents to send me to Europe; as opposed to feeling pressured to stay and deal with it because of whatever commitment she'd feel in 2 days.
Jul 27, 2017
Yeah, it's a little janky, I got stuck behind a girl once who refused to go into the classroom and I had to reload. As for it being slow, I don't mind it, it's just the first few episodes that have to set up the world and the characters.

Also, I liked the hand scene. Leave the hand scene alone.
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Jun 27, 2018
Yeah this game is super alpha guys. I also want to make it more linear than Harshville to tell a good story, but can't really resist giving you guys the freedom to move around and explore. This makes things more complicated for me since I need to assume players won't be doing what I want them to do, where in Harshville that's not too much of an issue.

> It makes me feel like it'd be more reasonable for a rich girl to say: fuck this school, china is crazy, I'm telling my parents to send me to Europe

I need to make it more clear that the world is basically falling apart outside of China in this timeline.

Some of the nastier bugs are already fixed on my local build but I have another Harshville update to do so it'll be a while ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Jun 28, 2017
Banished could skip the 3d renders, they're not good enough to make the experience better over simply using your imagination. The most of the game/portraits are 2d and have no resemblance to the 3dcg objects which bad for immersion. I'm not sure the "survival" elements like hunger add anything positive either.
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